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Thursday, May 8, 1958   Vol. C671



East Farewell – The FBI and local authorities have been very busy investigating the biggest crime to hit East Farewell since the Flower Show scandal and have released some information on their findings so far. There have been some surprising revelations and some disturbing ones also. When investigating the McCarron family the local police said that they are not unknowns in the local criminal world. The three McCarron brothers, Ralph, Leonard and David, have all had run-ins with the both the East Farewell police as well as the Slate Mountain and the Youngstown departments. Most of their transgressions involved pretty theft, burglary, and shoplifting. The train robbery was way out of their league. Even their accomplices were not involved in any major crimes.  The police started looking into the disappearance of the boy’s mother, Selma McCarron. She seems to have disappeared shortly before the robbery and has not been seen since. The suspects are not being cooperative and many officials believe she was somehow involved. The police are tracking her last reported whereabouts and who she was in touch with. Some reports from the Mexican authorities say she may have been spotted near Tijuana in the arms of someone whose description matches the missing Lothario, Romando. Romando, as everyone in East Farewell knows, is the ne’er do well who sweet talked his way into naïve local sweetheart, Monica Shippensburg, who ended up giving him all the funds from the 1956 Flower Show. He absconded with the funds and has not been seen until the recent reports.

While police and the FBI continue to investigate the entire gang remains in the Bedford State Correctional Facility and are not cooperating. None of the money or valuables has been located but the authorities have repeatedly said they are moving forward with the investigation. For now the case seems to have more questions than answers.

Last known picture of Romando



Youngstown – The Travelers were able to get back on the winning side of the leger on Saturday when they won a convincing victory over the Youngstown Steelers, 6-2. The Travelers were able to take advantage of an excellent pitching performance by Joey Alfred and some smart base running. Alfred went through the first three innings allowing only one hit and one walk. He let in the first run in the fourth with a double by Hart and a long single by Jones. After that he settled down again and was able to go until the eighth when he let in the only other Steelers run with a single blast from Youngstown’s slugger, Mario Collardi. The Travelers, on the other and were able to tag Youngstown pitcher, Frank Nardi, for two runs in the second and three runs in the sixth, sealing the win with a solo homer by Johnny Cloos in the ninth. In the sixth the Travelers showed some very smart base running skills after Tony Dimero singled, he stole second and when Artie Archibald dribbled a “swinging” bunt towards first Dimero made it to third. Then Billy Sweet’s Texas leaguer sent Archibald to second and Dimero towards home. Centerfielder, Dino Scappelli, fielded the ball cleanly and tried to make a play at the plate but Dimero was able to slide under the tag. Alertly, Archibald scooted to third and Sweet motored to second. This set up Ralph Francis who singled to right driving in both Archibald and Sweet. The Travelers looked sharp on defense, too. They turned a double play in the fifth and Alfred was able to strand three runners throughout the game.

            The Travelers come home next week when they face the Erie Eagles in the evening beginning at 7:05 in the ball park.



The Supreme Court rules unanimously that “ordinary and necessary expenses” of operating an illegal bookmaking business may be deducted for Federal income tax purposes.

24 persons die in a flash fire in a textile building on Broadway in New York City, near Hudson Street. The blaze began when a textile-drying oven exploded. After the blaze was extinguished hours later, fireman actually found two persons alive in the burned building. One was a woman who had taken refuge in a metal box.  Water from streaming hoses kept the box cool, keeping her alive. The other – a man, hugging the floor, had shielded himself from the flames and smoke.

NTA (National Telefilms Associates Inc.) producer and distributor of films for television, buys station WATV (channel 13) in Newark, NJ and its radio stations - WAAT and WAAT-FM for $4.5 million. NTA owns one other television station, KMGM-TV in Minneapolis-St. Paul. The stations are being purchased from Atlantic Television Inc. (TV) and Bremer Broadcasting (radio). Stockholders of both are the same. NTA has plans to make channel 13 a flagship for some of its programming. (The station’s call letters were changed to WNTA-TV and radio.)

Leave It To Beaver” is a bona fide hit on CBS-TV. The show’s creators and producers are Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher, who came from doing the same thing in radio (Amos n Andy) and others. One fan letter seems to sum up the appeal of the program - “It’s just like home ... you must be hiding behind our sofa!” Joe Connelly says he has six children and most of the episodes are based “on what our own kids do or our friends’ kids.” Bob Mosher says some of the ideas come from their own childhood experiences.  “Gather the family to see and enjoy the show hailed by critics as ‘honest and real and irresistibly funny.’”


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