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Thursday, June 12, 1958   Vol. C676



East Farewell – The Regional High School held its 30th graduation ceremony on Friday June 6th. This year’s class was the largest to ever graduate from the school. The senior class had 204 classmates walk across the stage to receive their diplomas and a firm, congratulatory handshake from principle Sheers. This year had an unusual outcome in regard to the valedictorian position in the class. This year there were three valedictorians, James Dolan, Betsy Drinker and Mary Donahue. The “Three Ds” as they have been known as, have all exactly the same GPA (4.2) and they each had the same number of extra credits that is usually the tie breaker. They were all very active in their class and much liked by the rest of the class. In an unusual wrinkle in the graduation ceremony all three valedictorians presented a memorable speech to the rest of the class. Memorable because it was not three speeches but one speech delivered in three parts. One third was delivered by Mr. Dolan, then about one third the way through he paused and introduced Miss Donahue who delivered the second third then introduced Miss Drinker who finished the class speech. This was not three different speeches, this was one, continuous speech delivered in three parts by three different people, albeit smart and attractive people, but three different people. The speech was a well-crafted reminiscence the class’s group journey through the school years. Each person took a segment of the school years. It should be noted that most of the class had gone through the entire school experience together from first grade through senior year. Mr. Dolan started with a very humorous remembrance of the elementary years recalling most of the teachers and a surprising number of cute but embarrassing events that occurred and naming each student involved much to the chagrin of the participant. Miss Donahue took over and went through the junior high school years taking a more mature or maybe more adolescent, point of view. Memories of the school talent shows, school trips and some of the notorious art shows were sprinkled with inside jokes and outright laughs. Finally, Miss Drinker wrapped it all up with the senior high school years. She was able to tie all the memories together and neatly wrap the nostalgic journey with the most recent events like the big football games, the basketball championships, all the social events like the prom and the Christmas dance.

            After the wonderful and unusual speech the diploma presentation began and each student received his diploma. After the presentation the senior members of the band took their places one last time and the band played a short selection to conclude the program.. The band played on as the newly minted graduates stood in their seats and all tossed their caps in the air. Then with surprising order they filed out of the auditorium. Congratulations to all the graduates.

1958 Regional High School Graduating Class



East Farewell - The Ondita Cougars came into town on Saturday and behind their ace, Steve “Cat” Catania, no hit the Travelers and walked away with a big win, 3-0. This was the first time in two seasons the Travelers suffered a no hitter. Catania was flawless, striking out 11 and not letting any hitter reach first. The only slips were two walks in the seventh and eight but those Traveler runners were left stranded. The Cougars took advantage of a subpar performance by the usually reliable Joey Alfred and scored a quick two runs in the first inning and then one later in the sixth. The Travelers were completely stymied by Catania’s fastball and bewildered by his curve. “We couldn’t hit anything out there today, it was embarrassing,” said Travelers slugger Johnny Cloos, “We really let the fans down on this one. We are not going to let that happen again. I know Cat and I know he is a great pitcher but today he really made us look bad.”

            The Travelers will regroup and head to Bedford next week where they will face another ace pitcher, ‘Howlin’ Frank Fowler. The Bears are going to be another challenge for the Travelers as they are currently sitting in second place in the league standings. The game begins at 3:00PM in the Bedford Park.



General Charles de Gaulle agrees to become Premier of France “bringing a soldier’s discipline” to the long-paralyzed government.  His first official act was to ask the National Assembly for a free hand in running the country for the next six months.

A six day Cuban Army drive against rebel leader Fidel Castro’s troops gets bogged down in mud, reports say.

Dr. Walter Dornberger, once Hitler’s V-2 rocket head and now working in the US, tells the first national missile industry conference that the problem of getting a space ship back to earth has not been solved and that this is the key to space rule. “This problem of safe return has to be solved fast and first before we start on a project involving a manned trip to the moon or Mars.”

Several top business executives tell a senate group that the current recession is the worst of the post World War II economic slumps and said tax cuts should be considered if the recession continues or worsens.

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