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Thursday, June 4, 1959   Vol. C727



East Farewell – The 8th annual “Race Around the Lake” took place on Saturday and was the highlight of a fun filled Memorial Day weekend. The race has gained an unusual place in local history for the wacky way the race unfolds. It was first envisioned as a real, bona-fide bicycle race it turned into a weird, funny and outrageous spectacle that had a bike race inside. In the first race a contestant entered well after the race started because he overslept, he didn’t come close to winning but he inadvertently spawned a crazy tradition of people entering the race at any given place usually riding a homemade contraption that sometimes resemble a bike. They will ride along for as long as their device holds up or in some cases when other entrants push him off the course. Several different machines have made it into the race’s historical log. Ralph Jenkins entered with a sail assisted tricycle in 1957, he lasted about a lap. Dr. Brian Quantry tried to enter a battery assisted two wheeler last year but the judges drew the line on power assisted machines, the machine only made it a half lap anyway. Wayne Winchell brought probably the most outrageous contraption to the race back in 1956. It was a two wheeler with butterfly wings attached. He said the wings were to help accelerate and by maneuvering them he would be able to control turns better. The contraption was pushed off the course and into the lake by other participants because it was blocking the roadway and its enormous wingspan was stopping people from passing. All the wackiness, pranks and good-hearted competitive hijinks just add to the lore and love of the race.

            This year’s race, the official side that is, was won by Franz Zimmerman, an Austrian immigrant who just opened “The Great Outdoors” a camping, hunting and sports shop on Main Street. He has raced before and is very physically fit. Even so, he was unable to break the 1 hour 30 minute record set last year by David Doyle from Bedford.  Zimmerman’s time was 1 hour 47 minutes. The race is not sanctioned by any group or organization so the official time is not of much importance except to the race itself. Also, with all the distractions that occur during the race no one can honestly be expected to compare it to any other race anywhere.

            The greatest oddball machine this year was a reappearance of Winchell’s “Butterfly bike”. It was new, improved but apparently not much more reliable. Winchell joined in as the race past his workshop in the first lap. He fluttered furiously and actually gained a good amount of speed. He cruised along holding his own for about a lap when he hit a rough spot along the North Shore road and one of his rear wheels feel off. He valiantly tried to proceed with only two wheels using his wings to keep him up but he ran out of steam and couldn’t keep up the pedaling. He managed to make it to a boat ramp and rolled himself into the lake.  He was fished out by local spectators and with a shrug of his shoulders he was heard to say, “Well, maybe next year”

            The race wrapped up by 4:00 and a brief winning ceremony was held and Mr. Zimmerman was presented with a gold medal. Second place went to last year’s winner David Doyle and third place was taken by Grace Wilson, a Regional High senior and track star. On the oddball side there were only two contraptions that crossed the finish line, Dr. Quantry and his lounge chair mounted pedal vehicle. He was able to lay stretched out on his chair and pedal along. He had a bit of difficulty steering but he was able to navigate the course for two laps. The other weird bike to cross was a high wheeler ridden by another Regional High student, Mark Dietz, a junior who built his vehicle in the school shop.

            All the frivolity ended around 5:00 and around sunset there was a Memorial Service held on the Lakefront Plaza in remembrance of the fallen. It was a solemn service where the names of all the towns members who had made the ultimate sacrifice were read as Regional High Senior, Burt O’Malley played taps on the edge of the lake. It was a beautiful and meaningful event that capped off a wonderful day.

Dr. Quantry pedals past crowd on Lake Shore Drive



Bear Creek – The Travelers pounced on the Bear Creek Cubs, 7-2 on Saturday. The Travelers are starting to heat up as they won their second win in a row and looked more confident and seemed to be having fun on the field. The Cubs came to play and started off scoring a run in the first as Travelers pitcher, Joe Nagy who looked a sloppy in the early innings. Nagy was able to buckle down after the second inning and hold the Cubs to only three more hits. Unfortunately, one was a homerun by “Big” Bob Francisco, the Cubs leading hitter.

            The Travelers were able to save Nagy by jumping on Cubs pitcher, Gino Marnelli, for two runs in the third, two runs in the fifth, two runs in the sixth and a final blow by Johnny Cloos in the ninth. Swift Billy Sweet was able to steal another base and is starting to turn some heads in the league as he has stolen at least one base in the two games and has seven in the last five games. At this pace he will challenge the league record of 15 set back in 1952 by legendary base thief, Ronnie Dash (his real name). The Cubs could not seem to stop Sweet but it seems no other team has figured him out yet, either.

            The Travelers continue their seemingly endless road trip for one more game. Next week they travel to Ondita to face the Cougars and their ace, Sam “Cat” Caterno. It is an evening game and begins at 7:30PM.



A 100-ton Atlas ICBM explodes in flight two minutes after launching from Cape Canaveral, in the fifth straight failure of the nation’s most advanced intercontinental weapon. It was a bitter disappointment to the nation’s missile scientists trying to develop a reliable 5,000 mile-range ballistic missile to put in the hands of troops. Russia claims to possess operational ICBM’s.

East German Communists threaten a total blockade of Red-encircled West Berlin if West Germany goes through with its plans to hold elections for a new president. The Reds also hint at a possible boost in the already heavy cash tolls on land and water traffic between West Berlin and the West, suggesting a possible attempt to strangle the city by economic measures rather than an outright blockade.  Soviet Premier Khrushchev says, “If no agreement is reached at the Geneva conference of foreign ministers, agreements will undoubtedly be reached at a summit conference”

Cuban police announce they have smashed a counter- revolutionary plot against the government of Premier Castro. Police squads arrest 12 former Batista men in raids on five hideouts and seized arms, ammunition, uniforms and other war materials an official announcement said.

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