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Thursday, June 6, 1957   Vol. C623



East Farewell - The Memorial Day parade was a great event as it honored the soldiers that had fallen in all the wars and celebrated the survivors from the First World War, the Second World War and the Korean War as they marched and were escorted in fine autos down the parade route. WWI veteran, Tommy Flynn at 61 years old is the town’s oldest living veteran was driven down the parade route in a brand new convertible Cadillac courtesy of Green’s Motors. Sam Green, owner of Green’s Motors, also supplied Cadillac’s for Tom Conally, Town Council president, Faith O’Hara, parade queen and local hero Sid Lagosi. The cars were interspersed between the marching bands, the fire trucks, police cars and even the SPCA group of dogs that were a huge hit with all the spectators and were available for adoption after the parade.

            The parade started off with the Regional High School Marching Band leading the way and setting the tone. Their spirited versions of the John Phillip Sousa March classics were very well executed and their marching was almost military. The packed sidelines cheered and clapped along with the band, led by Band Major Dave Bass, as they ran through fabulous versions of the Stars and Stripes Forever, Semper Fidelis (the Marine Corps March), Liberty Bell and appropriately, High School Cadets.  They led the parade from the High School parking lot down Main Street turned onto Lake Shore drive and ended on the Lake Front Plaza. 

            Along with the band the parade had lots of other marchers. The local Fire Department marched beside two trucks. The Police had a large group marching along with several motorcycles and as mentioned earlier the ASPCA had about 10 dogs ranging from very small terriers to very large collies and retrievers that “marched” the entire route with a couple of water breaks and the terriers being carried at the end.

            This year there was a much larger ceremony on the Lake Front Plaza and the single bugler played taps at the War Memorial above the Plaza. High School senior Thomas Gordon played a stirring rendition after there was a wreath of flowers placed at the Memorial. Gordon is also a member of the High School ROTC program and plans to attend West Point in the fall. The restaurants in town all set up al-fresco dining for after the ceremony and it seemed almost everyone who watched the parade filtered onto the Plaza and enjoyed the fare. In the afternoon the Fun Pier opened for the unofficial start of the summer. Most people enjoyed the pleasant weather spending the afternoon on the Plaza or the Pier and then drifted over to the ballpark to watch the Travelers take on the Cougars in an evening game.


Regional High School Marching Band 1957




East Farewell – The wonderful Memorial Day in town was not fulfilled with a win by the Travelers in their evening game with the Cougars. They were bested by the Cats, 4-1 on Saturday. Many fans came to the game expecting a good game against one of the best pitchers in the league. What they got was a dazzling strikeout display that was just two strikeouts shy of a league record. Cougar’s ace, Steve ‘Cat’ Caterno struck out 17 Travelers and only let four hits, one a home run and no walks get recorded by the Travelers in a surprise Memorial Day performance.

             Caterno started by striking out by striking out the first six Travelers. It wasn’t until the fifth inning that Johnny Cloos was able to connect with one of the rare mistakes Caterno made by offering Cloos a low outside fastball that Cloos connected with and hit it out of the park. Fans thought, mistakenly, that the tide had turned. Caterno came back and struck out both Dimero and Brown to close down the side. On the Travelers’ side pitcher Joey Alfred did not pitch a bad game but in comparison it looked weak.  Alfred was able go the first three innings before the Cougars were able to get a hit. In the fourth Belford squeaked out a single that was followed by a double by Young and another single by Reynolds scoring both Belford and Young. Alfred was able to regroup and get out of the inning without any more damage but was tagged for a run in the seventh and again in the ninth.

            Caterno has an extremely good record in the league but this game was exceptional. By the seventh inning most fans were aware of the superior performance that he was putting on and begrudgingly started to cheer for him or at least not boo him. Traveler fans are known around the league for their great understanding and appreciation of the game. The Travelers head out on the road next week to visit the Bedford Bears and another pitching ace, ‘Howling’ Frank Fowler. The game begins at 1:30 in Bedford.



President Eisenhower is reported resting comfortably at the White House following a “mild stomach upset’ which forced him to cancel all appointments for several days.

The first test of the Atlas intercontinental Atlas missile goes awry at take-off with an explosion just after it launched.

Disneyland adds the Monsanto House of the Future - a forerunner of the dwelling the typical American family of four may be living in 10 years from now.

Late February 1953 - The newspaper France-Soir says Joseph Stalin suffered his fatal stroke while in a fit of rage over Politburo opposition to a plan he had to deport all Jews from Russia. Secret Police Chief Lavrenty Beria, the paper said, danced around the stricken dictator’s body, laughing and crying, “We are free, finally!”

Ted Williams becomes the first player in American League history to hit three homers in one game, twice in one season.

Bandleader Jimmy Dorsey passed away, less than seven months after the death of his brother Tommy was 51 when he accidentally choked to death in his sleep last November 26 at his Connecticut home. It seemed like yesterday when their “Stage Show” on CBS-TV featured Elvis Presley.  Jackie Gleason has arranged a special radio program in tribute to Jimmy Dorsey who died of cancer. Guest will include Paul Whiteman, Count Basie, Danny Kaye and Bob Crosby.

Ozzie Nelson says he’s entirely in favor of his son Ricky being a pop singer: “Some parents have a tendency to criticize something like rock ‘n’ roll that is peculiar to modern teenagers without taking the trouble to find out what it’s all about. Each generation thinks that the generation that comes after it has more independence. If parents would only stop to try to realize what the kids are doing, there would be a warmer understanding. I’m not against rock ‘n’ roll. When I heard it, I take the position that maybe I can find something about it that I can enjoy. For the most part, I’ve found that it has simplified chords and a good beat.”


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