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Thursday, July 17, 1958   Vol. C681



East Farewell – Lake Charles was covered with sails on Saturday as the 3rd annual Sailboat Race took over the lake for the afternoon. This year was limited to 25 entrants. The limit was put on after last year’s race when there were 20 entrants and the “race committee” decided that the lake could only handle five more boats. The “race committee” is a semi-formal group of past entrants, winners and losers, who appointed themselves the official organizers of the race. They handle every aspect of the event mainly because no one else would do it. The 25 entry limit was not a capricious decision; it actually was determined by the Lake Safety Standards that were put into place 10 years ago when the town and the lake were experiencing unprecedented growth. The Standards limit the number of boats over 15 feet. The “committee” felt that more than 25 boats in the race would surpass that limit.

            The race started at 1:00 with the now traditional blast of the Starter’s cannon fired from the Lakefront Plaza. The field was crowded at first but it thinned out quickly as the breeze shifted and the more experienced sailors were able to literally sail away. The beautiful summer afternoon with temperatures in the mid-70s and a mild breeze made for an almost leisurely race. There were no speed records to be set this year. As the boats slid by the Lakefront Plaza the assembled spectators cheered and waved. Many of the spectators were taking their summer vacation and had been in town since last week when they came for the fireworks. Almost every dock had a party on it and as the boats sailed by greetings were exchanged.

            This year the field was made up of eighteen of last year’s entrants and seven newcomers. A group of stalwart sailors seems to have emerged as the perennial contestants in this event. Along with the original racers, Ward James and last year’s winner, Earl Dorman, Hank Bell and his daughter, Jill, recent Regional graduate Jimmy Thompson, out of towners Dave Doyle from Slate Mountain and Dave Walker from Bedford and Bill O’Malley and Frank Furness who are summer residents make up the “Lake George Navy” a self-named group of core entrants to the race. The new entrants filled out the card and three Lake George residents, Vick Hale, Walter O’Keeffe and Cindy Taylor have already expressed interest in joining the “Navy”.

            The race took longer than the last year because of the calmer winds but no one seemed to care. The sailors were tested to their limits to negotiate the course and complete it. On the far end of the course there was a trouble around Dunn’s cove where the wind completely died and several boats came to a complete stop. Those boats had to revert to paddling out of the cove and pick up the breeze further down the shore. The race may have run longer but that meant the fun lasted longer, too. After the first two laps the field had spread out substantially with Hank Bell out front followed by newcomer Cindy Taylor making a run, Dorman in third and James in fourth. Hank Bell and his daughter, Jill crossed the finish line win a two boat lengths. Cindy Taylor came in second but the real excitement came as Dorman and James jockeyed for third place. Right as they came around the last turn Dorman swung wide and Ward was able to slip by inside him. Although he did not win Ward Tylor was able to achieve the one thing he had set out to do three years ago and that was beat Earl Dorman. The rest of the field drifted past the finish line, Jake Smart, Sam Sweeny, Kathy O’Malley, Charles Hertz, Will Getz, David Wells, Arthur Dolan, Billy Green, Arthur and Charlie Scott, Winnie Baylor, Sanford Chase, Mike Fink, Sammy Post and Chris Craft.

After the race everyone gathered on the Lakefront Plaza and the trophy was awarded. The ceremony carried on into a gala party with both entrants and spectators drinking and singing sailing songs and sea shanties and enjoying wonderful food supplied by the Lost Oasis restaurant. Local musicians provided the music, took requests and led the sing along.

Dorman & James come out of Dunn’s Cove with Smart trailing



Riverview – The Travelers stopped their month long skid into the league basement on Saturday with a strong win over the Riverview Anglers, 7-2. After last week’s disappointing loss to the Slate Mountain Miners the Travelers held a closed door meeting in their locker room to “discuss” their situation. While reporters were not invited and the team was close lipped afterwards some information leaked out and it seems that there were a lot of high emotions, shouting and pounding of lockers. The frustration overflowed and the air was cleared. A strategy was laid out by manager Sam Fowler and everyone went out for a beer.

            The strategy that Fowler laid out may never be known but the results were clearly evident on Saturday. The Travelers started of fast scoring three runs in the first inning with four hits. Ralph Francis started things off with a hit right off the bat, literally. Dunham sent him to second with a sacrifice, Watson followed with a single but Francis was held at third. Johnny Cloos singled scoring Francis and moving Watson to third. Dimero and Brown struck out and then Artie Archibald slammed a double scoring both Watson and Cloos. Billy Sweet finally ended the inning with a ground out to first. The damage was done and the slump had been broken. From then on the Travelers looked like the professional baseball team that they were two months ago.

            The Anglers were able to score one in the bottom of the first but Angler’s pitcher, Jim Clark, was rattled and he struggled throughout the game. He let up two more runs in the fifth and in the eighth Johnny Cloos found his swing again and blasted a two run homer out of the park. It was his first out of the park homerun in almost two months.

            The Anglers scored one more in the bottom of the eighth but for the most part Travelers pitcher, Danny Lane, was effective, striking out six and only allowing two runs and seven hits. The Travelers made no errors while the Anglers suffered two miscues.

            The Travelers stay on the road next week as they travel to Cedar Creek to take on the Bulls. The game starts at 1:30 in the Cedar Creek Ballpark.



Premier Khrushchev says hotheads holding important government posts in some countries are trying to start a new war. He named no names. His statements came after an anti-U.S. blast by the government newspaper Izvestia and accusations by the Communist party paper Pravda that the United States is guilty of meddling wire pulling and open aggression in the Middle East.

President Eisenhower tells Soviet Premier Khrushchev any U.N. meeting between them must be arranged and conducted strictly within Security Council rules. Earlier Khrushchev agreed conditionally to attend a summit meeting on the Mideast in the U.N. Security Council.  

America’s largest and most important satellite is hurled into orbit. Its job was to tell if deadly radiation in outer space will long delay man’s greatest adventure – a flight to the moon.

Prince Charles, heir apparent to the British throne, is named Prince of Wales by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Ivy League-Seven College Conference had for its theme a “snap the fingers and swing” contest. Students from Harvard, Yale, Penn, Radcliffe and Smith participated.

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