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Thursday, July 18, 1957   Vol. C629



East Farewell – The crowds came for the fireworks display last week and it seems they stayed the week and during the week they jammed the Fun Pier and the public beach near the Lakefront Plaza. All around the lake people have been summering on their own docks and local beaches. Swimming in the cool water has been a pleasant respite from the higher than average temperatures and the bright sun has been blamed for several cases of extreme sunburn on young children.

            The sailboat race was an opportunity for the many boat owners to compete for bragging rights and this year there was a trophy presented to winner. Whether to have a trophy or not was the focus of considerable debate. The original creators of the race, Ward James and Earl Dornan did not want a trophy because the wanted the race to stay small and be limited to only five or six competitors, but after last year’s success when a total of fifteen boaters entered the race the smallness factor was never going to happen again. The other racers all wanted some way to recognize the winner and so a trophy was designed and fabricated by local artist Saul Stein. The trophy is a very nice silver cup with a sailboat in full sail on the top. This year the race was open to 20 entrants, up five from last year, and the race was lengthened by adding a lap and the viewing area was widened to cover the entire Lakefront Plaza and half the public beach next to it. The Fun Pier also roped off part of the end of the pier that overlooked the course.

            This year’s entrants varied in age and gender but they all had one thing in common, a desire to make their boat the fastest sailboat on the lake. Along with all of last year’s entrants five new boats were added. One of the new boats was a father-daughter team, Hank Bell and his daughter, Jill. The other newcomers were Dave Walker from Bedford,  Jimmy Thompson, a homegrown boy who will be a senior at Regional High next year, Dave Doyle from Slate Mountain, Bill O’Malley and Frank Furness both summer resident from East Farewell.

            The race enjoyed perfect summer weather with highs in the upper 80’s, clear and bright and a fairly brisk, changeable breeze. The entire group started off at 1:00 with a blast from a starter’s cannon mounted at the end of Lakefront Plaza. The beginning looked a bit crowed with all the boats bunched together for the start but they quickly spread out and the lake looked like a giant tablecloth ruffling in the wind as the many different sails moved gracefully across the water. They wove around the lake and as they passed different locations people would cheer and shout out the sailboats and the crews, in return, would wave and shout back.

            The race wound around the lake with the lead changing as fast as the wind direction. For the first two laps the lead was traded between Dornan, James, Bell and last year’s winner Jake Smart. As they came around for the final lap Smart looked like he was in position to win the race for the second year in a row but he took the last turn too wide and Dornan was able to slip by along with the Bells. In an exciting finish Earl Dornan slid across the finish line first followed by Smart and the Bells. The rest of the field in order of finish was; Billy Green, Walter and son Charlie Scott (they teamed up this year), Sanford Chase, Winnie Baylor, Arthur Dolan, Sam Sweeny, Sonny Fisk, Kathy O’Malley, Will Getz, Charles Hertz and David Wells whose boat overturned during the last turn and took several bystanders who jumped in the lake to help him right his boat.

            After the race everyone gathered on Lakefront Plaza for a makeshift ceremony with presentation of the first trophy. A gala party followed while impromptu there was some wonderful snacks supplied by the Lost Oasis restaurant and music by local musicians who just met on the Plaza and joined together and played requested tunes from the crowd.

The boats come around the last turn in the race



Erie – The Travelers traveled to Erie on Saturday and got clawed by the Eagles, 7-2. The game started well enough for the Travelers scoring two runs in the first two innings and getting runners on base in the third and fourth. That is where the fun for the Travelers ended. In both the third and the fourth the Travelers left their runners stranded while the Eagles were able to score one run in the fourth. Both teams sailed through the fifth, sixth and seventh with no hits and only two walks. But in the seventh after the Travelers went one, two, three the Eagles were able to load the bases on a leadoff single by Thomas, who then stole second, a walk by Dawson and then a passed ball by catcher, Joey Brown loaded the bases. The next batter, ironically for the Travelers was Eagle’s slugger, Beau Richardson, stepped up to the plate. Traveler’s pitcher, Billy Green, had been struggling and called Brown out the mound to discuss the situation. Richardson is leading the league in hits with men on base and they were probably discussing whether to walk him and give up a run or take their chances with Brown’s fastball. They chose to go with the latter and Brown took Richardson to a 3-2 count and delivered and well placed fastball on the edge of the plate that looked like a very hard to hit pitch. Richardson, who is known to have an excellent eye, reached out and tagged the ball towards right. The ball kept going and going. It was hit much harder than it looked or sounded at first but it kept going and ended up in the first row of the bleachers, a line drive grand slam. The other base runners greeted Richardson at home as he came in and the fans were on their feet. Green went on to retire the side with the next three batters, but the damage was done. The Travelers were unable to get any offense and went down with little fanfare.

            The Travelers stay on the road this week as they head down the road to visit Monticello and take on the Vikings. The Vikings are still trying to find their pace. Their debut year has not gone well for them so far. They have only manages three wins and have yet to score more the five runs in a game. The Travelers will try to regain their stride against the Vikings. The game starts at 1:05 in Monticello Park.



The Senate votes to take up President Eisenhower’s civil rights bill. Many expect a bitter North-South fight that may last all summer. The President opposes the idea of guaranteeing jury trials in contempt-of-court cases which might grow out of the legislation.

Backers of the civil rights bill offer an amendment designed to meet southern objections that school integration might be enforced at bayonet point. The civil rights bill will get a good talking on television over the next week as eight senators are slated to appear on network shows to discuss the measure.  NBC lists four who will debate the topic on a special next Thursday. They are Paul H. Douglas (D) Illinois; Jacob K. Javits (Republican) New York; John McClellan (D) Arkansas and Richard Russell (D) Georgia. The issue also comes up on other programs presented by NBC and ABC-TV.

Sen. Robert Kerr (D) Oklahoma (on the Senate floor) - on the subject of fiscal policy said President Eisenhower “hasn’t any brains.” He was asked to apologize since there were school children in the chamber. Kerr replied that he “meant every word I said in attacking the ability of the President to understand the fiscal policies of this administration. “I didn’t say the President has no brains at all. He is uninformed about the fiscal policies of this administration.”

Union Leader James R. Hoffa is acquitted of charges of conspiring and bribing to plant a spy within the Senate Rackets Committee.

In a Gallup Poll - 63% approve of the job President Eisenhower is doing with 23% disapproving and 14% no opinion.

Comics Bud Abbott and Lou Costello come to a friendly parting. Abbott plans to devote full time to his thoroughbred horses on his Ojai (California) ranch. Costello will continue as a “single” in movies, nightclub appearances and on television.


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