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Thursday, July 24, 1958   Vol. C682



East Farewell- It was an unusual scene on Main Street and Lakeshore Drive on Tuesday. A herd of horses alternately walked, pranced and maybe cantered down the roads as if they belonged there.  They stopped traffic, they stopped the trollies and they stopped everyone on the sidewalks. About twenty horses of different size came down Main Street and as if in a parade turned onto Lakeshore Drive and headed to the Lakefront Plaza. Luckily, local residents Fern and Annie Doyle were walking down Main Street at the time. They own one of the three horse ranches that are located around the lake. Fern was able to get the horses into a group and then hop on one and Annie was able to lead the others onto Lakefront Plaza and get them into a fairly calm group. Fern circled around the herd and kept them calm and kind of corralled. After many inquiries it was discovered that the horses belonged to the Swinging Gate Ranch, about a mile outside of town. The owners, Bob and Diane Taylor were contacted and they were unaware of their horse breakout. They immediately came down to the Plaza on two other horses and identified the errant horses. Once all the horses were identified and the police certified that the Taylor’s were indeed the owners the herd was “driven” back up Lakeshore Drive and out Main Street led by a police car with lights on followed the Taylors with help from the Doyle’s. It was quite the spectacle, almost a parade, a police car, 15 horses, four riders and a barking dog, Baxter, followed by a police car with lights ablaze made their way up Main Street and out of town. When the whole group got back to the Swinging Gate the horses were put back in their stable.

            The Taylor’s were asked if they knew how the horses got out and they said they didn’t have a clue but they were embarrassed to say the least. “We may have to think about changing the name of the ranch, now,” said a visibly chagrined Bob Taylor.. 

               The police also said that the cost of cleanup for the herd would be sent to the Taylors once it has been tabulated.

The Doyle’s corral the herd on Lakefront Plaza



Cedar Creek- The Travelers started a new winning streak with a solid win over the Cedar Creek Bulls, 5-1. This game could have been played in one inning, the sixth. That was the only inning either team scored. The Travelers went hitless until the fourth and the Bulls drew blanks until the fifth. In the sixth the Travelers started off with a sharp single up the middle by Joey Brown. Then Archibald’s sacrifice bunt moved Brown to second. Billy Sweet came up and drove a fast ball off the wall, scoring Brown and ending up at second, standing. Pitcher, Billy Green, was able to lay down a near perfect bunt that Bull’s third baseman, Victor Helms, could not make to grab after slipping on his takeoff. Francis came up and hit a clean single up the middle moving Green to second and Sweet over to third. The bases were loaded and Dunham came to the plate. Helms took him to a 3-2 count and then Dunham reached out for an out of the strike zone curve and miraculously hit a golf shot to right. That scored Sweet, Green and Francis and he ended up on second. Bobby Watson then hit a shot right at first baseman, Chris Arnold who was knocked over but managed to corral the ball and tag first, but Dunham went to third. Johnny Cloos was not going to left out of this hit fest and he singled to right scoring Dunham. Tony Dimero ended all the fun by striking out.

            The Bulls came up in the bottom of the sixth and Billy Green, who had done a fine job up till then walked Arnold right off. Then he hit Smith. Helms came up and Green struck him out. Leadoff batter, Gene Richards, was able to lay down a sacrifice bunt and move Arnold over to third. Bull’s top slugger came to the plate, Frankie Douglas, Traveler’s manager, Sam Fowler, didn’t take any chances and had Green walk him. Men on first and third, Danny Dunphy came to bat. Green threw two straight strikes and then two balls. Green loaded up and threw a fastball that Dunphy was able send a blooper over Archibald’s head and score Arnold. Green was able to regroup and force Bradford to hit into a double play ending the inning.

            That was all the excitement there was in the game. For the rest of the game the Travelers had three more hits no runs and no errors. The Bulls had four more hits, no runs and no errors. The ninth inning was a three up, three down for both sides. It wasn’t a pretty win but it kept the Travelers on the win side and on their way out of the cellar. They come home next week to face the Youngstown Steelers. The game is an evening game and starts at 7:00 at Travelers Park.  



President Eisenhower sternly rebukes Soviet Premier Khrushchev’s “extravagantly expressed fear” of general war, rejected his demand for a five –power summit meeting on the Middle East, but suggested Khrushchev could speak for the Soviet Union before the U.N. Security Council if he wants to.

Gov. Orval Faubus receives overwhelming endorsement of his rigid stand against integration by winning an avalanche of votes to a third-term nomination in Arkansas’ democratic primary, which is equivalent to election.

Sen. William Langer R-ND urges Congress to prohibit baseball teams from showing their games over pay-as-you-see television.

New postal rates go into effect this week:

First class letters – 4 cents an ounce

Post and postal cards –3 cents each

Air mail (not exceeding 8 ounces) – 7 cents an announce

Air post and postal cards – 5 cents each.

Third class mail (including unsealed printed greeting cards – 3 cents first 2 ounces 1 ½ cents each additional ounce.

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