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Thursday, July 25, 1957   Vol. C630



East Farewell – The oppressive summer heat is equally suffered by humans and wildlife alike. All around Lake Charles people are trying to find relief by bathing in the lake, from the wee children in their parent arms to the elderly with their prewar swimwear everyone joins in the fun. Not to be excluded all forms of wildlife also join in the fun. Countless deer have been sighted at the water’s edge and just as many smaller animals including beavers and squirrels are merrily splashing in the shallows. Last week a new member of the ‘bathing club’ showed up for the first time. A large black bear showed up on the edge of the lake by the public beach. The beach was filled with bathers but the bear did not seem interested in any of them. He only seemed interested in cooling off. Mothers urgently gathered up their children and the lifeguards cleared swimmers out of the water. The bear remained oblivious to all the commotion and stayed about 50 yards away.  The police were notified but there was not much they could do, they weren’t going to shoot the bear and they certainly weren’t going to try to capture it. There was some talk of shooting guns in the air and scaring it off but more patient heads prevailed and no shots were fired. It was decided to watch and wait. Some of beachgoers started to raise a bit of a ruckus but kept a safe distance from the bear, much to the bear’s consternation. He did look over at the crowd some say he shook his head, but that cannot be confirmed, and after about 15 minutes had had enough. It managed to catch a large fish and eat it in three bites seemed to rinse off its paws, dunk its head lumber ashore and retreat back into the woods. Luckily one of the beachgoers had a small camera and was able to snap some photos. After the bear disappeared, people ventures over to the area where the bear was and eventually calmed down and the summer frivolity resumed.

            Spotting wildlife is not unusual around the lake and in the surrounding areas but to see an animal that large that close to the town is unusual. For the most part the bears, wolves and panthers stay well back in the woods and only hunters or occasional campers ever encounter them. The only other time a large black bear came into town was last June when a large bear, possibly the same one, wandered around the fountains on the Lakefront Plaza. That event was a bit more disconcerting because the bear was well away from the woods and in a very popular area. Luckily, just as the beach occurrence, the ‘Fountain Visit’ did not have any unfortunate outcomes. Being surrounded by forest East Farewell should expect to see its fair share of wildlife. “They have been here much longer than we have,” said the amateur photographer and beachgoer, Walt Cousins, “We should just let them be, they probably have other things on their minds.”

            The summer heat continues to hold the town and the entire east coast in a sweltering grip but luckily for the folks in East Farewell there is a wonderfully cool and refreshing lake and the end of almost every street. The weatherman has no relief in the forecast and with the Music, Arts and Country Fair coming next week there is some amount concern that the heat will hold the crowds back.

Bear take a seat on the beach

Photo by Walt Cousins



Monticello – The Travelers got a rude surprise on Saturday when they met the seemingly hapless Vikings. They were upset 6-2 with the Vikings showing an offense that has not been seen all season. The Travelers have not been able to score more than two runs in the past two games and have lost both. Traveler’s pitcher, Joey Alfred, was not sharp and could not keep the Vikings off base. The Vikings amassed 15 hits and five walks. They did not have any big blasts like last week’s Eagles grand slam but they did take advantage of the runners they put on base. The Vikings were able to score almost 75% of the runners they put on base. The one Travelers highlight was a two run blast from Johnny Cloos in the eighth but it was too little too late.

            The upset came at the best possible time for the Vikings and possibly the worst for the Travelers. Until this game the Vikings had only won three games and have not score more than five runs in any game. Even though it is their inaugural season, their fans patience was beginning to wear thin. This win soothed a lot a anxious feelings in the Vikings bleachers and now they may feel they are hitting their stride.

            The Travelers have lost two in a row and have not looked very strong in either game. “We need to regroup and get back to basics,” said manager Sam Fowler, “These guys are much better than the last two games, much better. We have two more games on the road so I am going to get these guys moving and see if we can salvage a split on this road trip.”

            That may not be as easy a task as it sounds because the Travelers visit Slate Mountain on Saturday. The Miners will likely put their ace Tony “Michael” Angelo on the mound and he has been almost unstoppable this year going 5-1 so far. The Travelers will likely try to match Angelo with their own ace, perfect game pitcher, Joe Nagy. The evening game begins at 7:05PM in Slate Mountain Park.



President Eisenhower’s civil rights bill is stripped in the Senate of all its enforcement powers except those covering voting rights. It was a solid victory for southern senators who have argued for weeks that the bill as it came from the House would permit the Federal government to force racial integration of the schools in their states and impose other social changes.  (Most of section 3 eliminated). Section 3 would have empowered the Attorney General on his own initiative to seek federal court injunctions against all kinds of civil rights violations or threat of violations. Persons flouting the injunctions could be charged with contempt of court and tried by federal judges without a jury.

The machinery to make James R. Hoffa president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is set in motion. Two hundred union officials from the East, South and Midwest meet in Chicago to begin a draft movement for the 44-year-old head of the Central states Conference of Teamsters. Mr. Hoffa is fresh from his acquittal of charges that he bribed a senate investigator. He’s made no secret of his readiness to run.

President of Guatemala slain - A palace guard identified as a Communist assassinates President Carlos Castillo Armas with two shots from his sentry rifle in a darkened palace hallway and then committed suicide.  President Eisenhower described the death of President Carlos Castillo Armas of Guatemala as a “great loss to Guatemala and the free world.

The Jacksonville Journal quotes Emil (Buzzie) Bavasi, VP of the Brooklyn Dodgers as saying the club would move to Los Angeles for the 1958 season. In Manhattan, a spokesman for Mayor Robert Wagner said; “The city is doing everything possible to see if something can be done to keep them here but evidently, they don’t want to say, so let them go.”

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