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Thursday, July 3, 1958   Vol. C679



East Farewell – The strange, strange case of the missing trolley car has been solved. The trolley car was reported missing from the East Farewell Transit Authority railyard on Monday, June 5th. It was found in tact on the abandoned Iron Works spur on June 10th. There was no indication of intended theft or salvage and the car was actually able to be powered back to the yard under its own power since the spur is connected to the main transit system through a disabled switch. Police have been searching for clues and following various leads as to why and how the car ended up where it ended up. Several different theories came out as to the mystery running from and intended strip and sale deal gone bad to an outrageous prank played by unknown perpetrators.

As it turns out, the second theory, outrageous prank, seems to have been the correct theory. On Wednesday Detective Frank O’Hara announced the police had received a confession from the entire Regional High Senior Motor Club. Club monitor, Luther McKenzie, insists he knew nothing of the plot and the police have said they do not consider him a suspect. Club president and recent Regional High graduate, Sam Wendell, came forth with a statement from the entire club admitting they had snuck into the train yard and completely disassembled the car that was stored on the far end of the yard. The car was not currently in service and was scheduled for repair. After disassembling the car the club members transported the parts to the spur line and reassembled the car there. In reality the car was in better shape after it was reassembled because it worked as if it would be able to be put in service on the line. Wendell said in his statement the action was more of a challenge than a prank and said many of the members had spoken about the intricacies of the trolley car system during meetings. Many members rode the system daily and were enthralled with the workings of the car itself.

“It wasn’t really all that hard to take the car apart. Most of the guys had the tools and almost everyone knew how to work on it. Johnson (Joseph Johnson, graduate club member) somehow got a schematic for the car and after that it was a piece of cake to break it down and build it back up. The hard part was transporting all the parts over to the spur line. We thought we might roll the trucks along the track but decided to take them apart too because we didn’t want to leave a trail,” said Wendell when interviewed after the statement release.

After much consideration and deliberation the police and the Transit Authority have decided to merely fine the club members for trespassing and moving transit property from the yard. Since there was no robbery, destruction of property or malicious intent involved the department decided that a $25 fine to each member of the club would be sufficient punishment. The Transit Authority will not pursue further penalties mostly because the cost of repairing the car would have run into the thousands of dollars and the club members did it for free. The only expense the Transit Authority may have incurred is the cost of repairing the disabled switch on the spur line to get the car back to the yard. It has been said but not verified that the club members also contributed in repairing the disabled switch again saving the Transit Authority money.

The Motor Club seems to have pulled off one of the most outrageous year-end pranks in the history of East Farewell. While the Police Department, the Regional High School administration, and almost every adult in town have spoken out against the prank there have been reports that in private the snickers and downright admiration have been frequent and all encompassing. While publicly the Motor Club has been denounced and reprimanded in private many people hold them in very high esteem. 

The Police Department has publicly stated they will not tolerate another prank of this magnitude. They said the amount of time spent on the investigation and the resources that were tied up will be totaled up and charged to the members of the club at a future date. Privately, they are hoping that youthful ingenuity and hubris that was shown by the Motor Club will not be repeated in the near future.



East Farewell – The Travelers are experiencing their first extended losing streak in two seasons as they sunk to the bottom of the league standings after losing to Mountain View on Saturday, 7 to 2. Even though Explorers pitching ace, Joe “Freight” Trane did not pitch their super slugger, Bobby “Hammer” Taxen was more than enough for the Travelers to handle. Taxen drove in five of the seven runs by hitting two home runs in four at bats. Traveler’s pitcher, Joe Nagy was not on his game giving up 13 hits and walking 5. The Travelers defense committed three errors to boot.

            The game started off strong for the Travelers after Nagy was able to keep the Explorers scoreless in the first, letting only Taxen get a hit. Then in the bottom of the first Francis started things off with a single followed by a short double by Dunham moving Francis to third. Watson struck out but Johnny Cloos was able to smash a good solid double into the right field corner scoring both Francis and Dunham. Things were looking good for the Travelers. Dimero then walked and Joey Brown hit into an inning ending double play. That was as good as it got for the Travelers Saturday. They were only able to get three more hits the rest of the game and they never had more than two men on base in any inning.

            The Exploders’, on the other hand, had a man on base every inning and in most cases two or three. After the first inning the Explorers came alive were able to score three in the third thanks to Taxen’s first homer, two in fifth on a five hit inning and then two more in the eighth with Taxen’s second homer.

            This loss puts the Travelers in the very unusual position of last place in the league standings. They have only occupied this place once before in their history, way back in 1950 in their second season. They have never stayed in last place for more than three weeks and this new position is technically a tie with the Monticello Vikings but the Travelers are not happy.

            Next week the Travelers stay home and host Slate Mountain for yet another tough game with the Miners and their ace, Tony “Michael” Angelo. The game is an afternoon game at Travelers Ball Park. The Travelers expect to have a full house with fans from both sides due to the 4th of July celebration in town that weekend.



Premier Khrushchev ridicules what he called the West’s “orange-size” earth satellites and defied the West’s system of atomic and rocket bases in a Leningrad speech. He told a mass rally of steel workers, the West is “playing with fire and trying to frighten the Soviet Union with its bases. Such tactics are extremely dangerous.” They are similar to the efforts of someone trying to warm his hands by setting fire to his neighbor’s house… The imperialists still hope somehow to frighten the Socialist camp with atomic weapons and rocket bases. It is time they understood how useless such calculations are. Our Sputniks proclaim what heights are attained by the world of Socialism. These achievements can be seen without the large telescopes needed to see the orange-size Sputniks of the United States.”

Arthur Bergh, president of the National Association of dance and Affiliated Artists says rock ‘n’ roll is on the way out and that youth is turning to “Modified Swing.” a more conservative dance involving rock ‘n’ roll steps but eliminating the hypnotically ritualized body movements which have reminded worried anthropologists, among others, of a Watusi ramble. New variations of the Cha Cha Cha, an amalgam of mambo, rhumba and fox trot still are #1 in national ballroom popularity after three years.

In Hollywood a fire roared through a Goldwyn sound stage, reducing it to rubble. The fire destroyed a lavish “Porgy and Bess” set as well as costumes, electrical equipment and a collection of props.

Birthdays Today; 1567-Samuel de Champlain-explorer, 1886-Raymond A. Spruance-admiral/fleet commander, 1906-George Sanders-actor, 1958-Elizabeth Ann Carroll-great person.

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