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Thursday, August 14, 1958   Vol. C685



East Farewell – The summer event that had almost become a tradition has been cancelled this year. The nearly famous summer event that drew many fans and a whole lot of flies and ants, the hot dog eating contest, has been cancelled this year due to lack of sponsorship. Local meat packer, L. Myers and Sons and Nathan’s from New York City have sponsored the event for the past three years but this year Myers and Sons is experiencing some business setbacks and Nathan’s has decided to pull out and move their sponsorship to a contest that is starting in its hometown of Coney Island, New York. There had been some rumors that the Coney Island contest got the idea from the East Farewell event when they saw the huge success that was generated by the contest and decided to bring it back to Coney Island. There is little doubt that it will be a huge success there.

            Unfortunately for East Farewell, the pull out of Nathan’s and the financial woes of Myers spelled the end of a fun and unique summer event that had grown more in legend than in reality. Tales of the first three events are still being told around the local taverns and dinner tables. It seems the stories far exaggerate the real truths of the event. The crowds’ size has doubled and the number of entrants has blossomed from the 30 that was the cap for the last two years to 50 or more in some tales. The total amount of hotdogs consumed also grew, last year’s winner, Dave O’Hara ate 50 and the Bernie Wilson, 1955’s winner held the record at 51. Different accounts have the total at 75 and 85. Everyone has their own version, but the winners have repeatedly set the records straight.

            Town Council president, Tom Conally, made an announcement on Tuesday after the cancellation saying that there would be an effort to bring the contest back next summer but would not elaborate. Many townspeople had different suggestions on how to bring the contest back ranging from the town sponsoring the event to trying to find a new supplier of hot dogs. There is no consensus and for now the event will remain a happy footnote in the town’s history.

Dave O’Hara winning the 1956 contest



East Farewell – The Travelers were able to extend their winning streak with a solid win over the surging Monticello Vikings on Saturday, 6-2. The Vikings had been on their own winning streak up until last Saturday, they had won four in a row and nine out of their last ten games. They were holding onto a very respectable third place in the league. This is an enormous improvement over their disastrous inaugural season going an abysmal 13 – 47.

            The Travelers were able to get off to another great start, a common beginning throughout their current streak, by scoring 3 runs in the first and two in the third. Singles were the hit of choice for the Travelers in this game racking up eleven in the first six innings. The entire lineup joined in the fun with pitcher Danny Lane getting two singles, one in the second and one in the fifth, and driving in two runs. The other runs were all scored by singles working the base runners around. A rare statistic was achieved by the Travelers on Saturday, every member of the starting lineup had a hit and almost all were singles, very rare indeed.

            The Vikings were frustrated by an excellent performance by Lane. Allowing only seven hits and four walks he was able tame the big hitting Vikings and keep them to two runs both scored in the sixth. It was an unusual slump for the team that has been riding high scoring at least seven runs in the last ten games. “We couldn’t get started today. Lane had our number but we are not going to let this stop us, we are going to come back strong next week,” said Vikings manager Dave Murry after the game.

            The Travelers take to the road next week to start an extended road trip, harkening back to the early days of the team when they did not have a home stadium and played most of their games on the road (hence their name, Travelers). They will visit Albany and spend the next six weeks on the road. The game next week will be in the Senators Stadium beginning at 1:30PM.



Months of secret preparation reach a climax as America’s moon probe rocket appears ready for blast off on an unprecedented 220,000-mile journey through space… But wait, America’s first moon rocket explodes 77 seconds after blast off from Cape Canaveral. One British newspaper featured a beaming man on the moon with the caption: “Missed me! – by 222,190 miles 2800 feet”

The Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reverses a District Court judge and orders resumption of racial integration at Central High School in Little Rock. The decision comes just 16 days before the scheduled re-opening of the school where integration was troop- enforced last year. Later, President Eisenhower said he would enforce the new integration order.

The Navy launches atomic powered submarine Triton at Groton. It’s the mightiest submarine ever built. The Navy says the sub will roam “the distant corners of the earth.” She will be “a nuclear propelled, invisible, electronic brain hundreds of miles in advance of our atomic strike fleet always ready to guide and direct its atomic delivery forces

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