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Thursday, August 20, 1959   Vol. C738



East Farewell – The water ski jump on the lake has been in place as long as anyone can remember. Looking back in the records it was found that it was built back in 1932 by the sons of the original East Farewell builders, the Lendel brothers, Sid and Lou.  The Lendel brothers had sold all of East Farewell to the Mighty Keystone Railroad in 1929 after suffering severe financial setbacks but their sons, Abe, Ralph and Charles were able to hold on to some properties around the lake and had the jump built to help promote attractions to Lake Charles. The water ski jump was a rare thing back in 1932, having been only invented in 1928, and the placement on the lake drew a lot of attention. At the time there were only a handful of boats on the lake that were powerful enough to pull a skier let alone pull them up and over the jump. There were plenty of flops and bailouts over the years but many people who grew up on the lake jumped over the 8 foot high ramp. Last year the ramp was closed for repairs and reinforcement but once the work started it was clear that the whole thing had to be replaced, too many runs over it and too many lake freezes and thaws took their toll on the ramp. It was ruled no longer safe by the Lake Safety Commission. The project was put out to bid but only on builder bid on the project, Lake Home Builders owned by East Farewell longtime resident, Norm Daily.  He was able to tear down the old ramp, set new supports on the lake’s bed and construct and new ramp in only 3 months. The new ramp is 8 feet six inches high and coated with a plastic top to make it less resistive and better suited to the elements. This new ramp is also removable for winter storage. The new ramp was opened to the public the week before the July 4th holiday and has been used every day since them barring rainouts and overly windy days.

            The popularity of the jump has never been a question but as the number of motorboats on the lake grew and the number of skiers also grew it became clear that there had to be some sort of order put in place to prevent crashes and accidents. So in 1958 a monitoring station was set up on a pier beside Lakeshore Beach where boaters could stop and “schedule” a jump. This more a mere formality and courtesy than a rigid law and there have been no complaints about the procedure. Part of Daily’s reconstruction was to outfit the ramp with a flag system that can be controlled from the monitoring station that will fly a red or green flag to alert boaters and give them the ok to proceed with their jump.

            Most of the jumpers seem to be younger but there have been some older, more experienced jumpers in the past few weeks. “We come to the Lake every year, we’ve been coming for almost ten years now and I grew up with that ski jump. Now this new one is just so much better, I used to be able to jump about 20 feet now I can make at least 25 feet, close to 30. This is great!” exclaimed local vacationer and ski jump aficionado, Sam Walker.

            There is a lot of talk between local water skiers that there should be some form of contest to crown a “King Jumper” All the talk is still just in the preliminary stages but the way things proceed in East Farewell, it won’t be long before we see a water ski jump championship on Lake Charles.

Fans watch Sam Walker go off jump



Albany – The Travelers five game winning streak came to an abrupt end on Saturday when they ran into a hitting machine called The Albany Senators. The Senators smacked a season record of six home runs against an unexpectedly weak Billy Green, in their 11-1 win. The Senators started off quickly, scoring 2 runs in the first and 3 more in the second. The Travelers were unable to get their own offense started as they were held in check by Senators ace pitcher, Chris “Cadillac” Carr, who threw an almost flawless game. He struck out 12 and only allowed three hits and no walks. The only bright spot for the Travelers was a right field homer by Johnny Cloos in the seventh. The Senators six homers were spread out but their slugger, Ralph O’Hara, had a personal record of three, two back to back. Bailey, Amari and Feldman were the other contributors to the jackpot. The Senators also were able to manufacture three runs. They hit Green for a total of 16 hits in seven innings after which he was mercifully relived by young Hank Dunlap who was able to finish the game but gave up two more runs. “This was the worst showing of the year for us,” said manager Fowler bitterly after the game, “We are going to have to regroup and get back on tract, immediately.”

            That may be harder than it seems because the Travelers stay on the road next week and visit another red hot team, the Bear Creek Cubs, who have made an incredible turn around in the last month and have won their last six games. The game is a late afternoon game and begins at 4:05PM in Bear Creek Park.



Crowds line the route from Bonn’s Wahn Airport to greet and get a glimpse of President Eisenhower. He was met at the airport by Chancellor Adenauer and U.S. Ambassador David Bruce and a half million Londoners give President Eisenhower a stirring welcome as he arrives from West Germany.

In Minneapolis, Vice President Nixon told the American Legion that President Eisenhower will not be “taken in or bluffed’ by Nikita Khrushchev during the Soviet Premier’s visit to the United States next month. The Vice President declared the enthusiastic reception President Eisenhower is getting on his current trip to Europe undoubtedly will strengthen his hand when he meets with Premier Khrushchev in Washington next month.

Nikita Khrushchev declares he is going to the United States next month with a ‘burning desire” to do his bit to relieve international tensions. He will be bringing his family along.

Chinese Communists have massed thousands of troops along India’s northeast frontier where they attacked and occupied a chunk of Indian territory last week.

The Dalai Lama announces that he has decided to seek the verdict of the United Nations on Communist Chinese aggression against Tibet. The 23-year-old monk ruler of the Tibetan people is now in exile in India.

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