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Thursday, August 27, 1959   Vol. C739



East Farewell – The Student Summer stock program opened its second and final show on Friday. Romeo & Juliet and it will run through next Wednesday. The first shows were sold out but there are some tickets available for the remaining shows. The program has been overwhelmingly successful and lovingly embraced by both the student performers and the audience. Directed by Jeb Bernstein the classic Shakespeare play was presented in the classic way. “We thought we would keep it pretty straight,” said Playhouse owner, Julie Davidson, “the kids knew the story and Jeb was able to get them right into the action in a short, short time. The students were fantastic. They all learned their parts in about a week and they really embraced the story.”

            The play is one of Shakespeare’s most popular and most people know the story. The fact that it revolves around two young lovers made it a perfect show for the student summer stock program. The program is made up of mostly high school students. Some very talented high school students have been part of the program all summer. Originally, only two shows were scheduled for the summer program but after the quick release of Guys and Dolls in late June it was hoped that there would be enough time to put on three plays this summer. That was overly hopeful and as the summer rolled on it became apparent that the original schedule was more realistic.

            As with Guys and Dolls there were two casts who switched back and forth on different days. Both were fantastic and the youthful exuberance was present every time the curtain went up no matter whom was on stage that day. Romeo was played by Regional High School seniors, Eric Finnerin and David Carpenter and Juliet was played by Daisy Hall and Rita Sommers. Mercutio is played by Bruce Moss and Frankie Ray and Paris was played by Sammy O’Neil and Dennis Dale. The Nurse is played in both casts by the very capable Natalie Mallard and Lady Capulet is played by Erin Young and Wendy Thomas, Lady Montague is played by Dianne Doyle and Amanda Wilson. All are wonderful in their parts.

            A big part of the program is the behind the scenes work that takes place like scenery building and musical content. While with this show there was minimal music the scenery was very important and a whole crew of students built, painted and mounted many wonderful scenes for this show as well as created extravagant costumes . All through the summer a crew of about 15 would swing hammers and splash paint brushes around, sew and, bead and speckle costumes to create the atmosphere for the show. They also manned the scene changes and lighting for each show. After each show along with the cast the stage crew was called to the stage to take a bow along with and many times hand in hand with the cast.

            The Summer Stock Program has proved to be a huge success by all accounts and no one could be happier the Julie and Rick Davidson, owners of the Playhouse and Jeb Bernstein except perhaps the student themselves. The program will probably become a staple for local students for a long time to come.

1959 Student Summer Stock of Romeo & Juliet



Bear Creek – The Travelers were able to get out of Bear Creek without getting swiped by a red hot Bears team on Saturday because the Cubs seemed to have fallen asleep on the field. The Travelers scored 3 earned runs but capitalized on an unbelievable 7 errors by the Cubs. The Cubs haven’t committed more than two errors in a game all season and they had only five errors total until Saturday. They had no explanation for the rash of miscues and made no excuses. “We really stunk the place up tonight, that was embarrassing,” said Cubs catcher, Denny Devine after the game.

            The Travelers started off with legitimate power scoring two runs in the second and the Cubs were able to counter with one in the bottom of the second but then things fell apart for the Cubs. In the third Cub’s pitcher, Nelson Green, started to go wild. After walking Dunham he hit Bobby Watson and intentionally walked Cloos, loading the bases. Tony Dimero came to bat and Green took him to a 3-2 and let go one of the wildest pitch ever seen in Cubs Stadium. Catcher Devine made a stab at it but it was way out of his reach. He was left sprawled out behind home and the ball was rolling around the backstop. Both Green and third baseman, David Gorman tried to corral the ball but both Dunham and Watson scored and Cloos was on third and Dimero on first. Then Brown came up and drilled a long double into the corner in right clearing the bases. Green was able to get settled down and finish off the inning but he was in a 6-2 hole. The Travelers defense was as tight as the Cubs defense was loose and the Travelers pitcher, Danny Lane, was able to keep the Cubs off base for the next four innings.

            In the fifth and sixth innings the Cubs flubbed the ball four times, two bad throws to first, a dropped liner and a ham-handed play at shortstop, all these ended up with the Travelers scoring three more runs. By the seventh inning the score stood at 9-2 and the fans were getting restless. It looked like there was going to be a fan revolt if the Cubs didn’t straighten up. No revolt materialized but the Cubs could not get out of their own way. In the eighth and ninth they did not commit any more errors but an overly conservative defense let in one more to end the game 10-2 down.

            The Travelers move onto Ondita next week to face the Cougars and their ace Sam ‘Cat’ Caterno. Caterno is currently leading the league in wins with fifteen and the Travelers will have their work cut out for them. The Cougars have been building a strong record of 39-34 so far. They have not had any long winning streaks, their longest being four in a row in June but they have won two or three then lost one and then won two or three more to amass the impressive record. The game is an evening game in the wonderful Ondita ballpark with their new lights. The game begins at 7:05PM.



New York City police say they have brought in at least 200 teen-agers during a two-day roundup to clear the city streets of “punks.” The crackdown was ordered by local law authorities after four teen-agers were killed in the span of seven days in an outbreak of gang terrorism.

President Eisenhower and General Charles de Gaulle end a two-day meeting with a short communiqué that said they discussed all questions of interest to the United States and France in a “very friendly and cordial atmosphere.” The President completes his task to obtain maximum cooperation from the Atlantic alliance before his meeting with Premier Khrushchev.

The United States announces it will ask the U.N. Security Council to send a fact-finding subcommittee to Laos, where rebels are threatening the government.

For the first time - Hawaii’s first State Legislature opens. The newest state takes another step into membership to the Union.

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