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Thursday, August 28, 1958   Vol. C687



East Farewell- The sixth annual Lakefront Bar-B-Que cook-off took place over the weekend. This year 17 “big” grillers, including two new down south, joined with 25 “small” grillers on beautiful Lakefront Plaza under a clear August afternoon. Within fifteen minutes the beautiful, clear afternoon had turned into a smoky, sweet smelling, wonderful haze that was enjoyed by the many, many B-B-Q aficionados. The main show was the “big” grillers who set up entire booths with picnic tables and seats along with “fixin’ bars” with fixings and utensils. They also took on bigger challenges, one out of state griller, Big Davey from Fayetteville, North Carolina, worked a whole pig on a spit. He actually started the cooking 12 hours earlier and was really just smoking and finishing it off when the cook-off started. Another “big” griller was local and last year’s winner, Al Davis from the Lost Oasis. This year he added to his now famous baby back ribs with his Uncle Ray’s secret family recipe sauce by smoking brisket. The “small” grillers were more varied in their menus. The only official products being judged were ribs, pork, brisket and chicken but many of the “small” grillers threw on burgers, steaks and in three different cases some fish. No matter what the dish the grills were hot and smoky and the smells were fabulous.

            The Plaza was filled with cooks, helpers and folks just hanging around hoping for some tasty treats sort of like the way the dog begs at the kitchen table and it was said that some even tried the sad-eyed look to get some scraps. Unfortunately, this year the Travelers were out of town. Almost every year the Travelers are guest judges and all around local celebrities that mingle with the crowd, sample the fare and judge the competition. They were sorely missed this year. The judges were picked from other local business and civic positions.  This year judges were local chef, Lara Driscoll, war vet and local businessman, Ralph Dimaio and the ever-present and always available Town Council President Tom Conally.

            The judging started promptly at 4:15. The judges told the grillers to start bringing their creations up to the judging table. The order presentation was decided earlier by lottery. The first presenter was previous winner Jimmy Drake who brought his famous, award winning short ribs that were spicy hot and caramelized on a bed of greens and corn. In between each griller the judges would confer with each other and take some time to cleanse their palates by drinking some water and wiping their fingers. The visiting southern grillers provided a lot of spice with their ribs varying between rubs and sauces all were very well received by the judges. The “big” grillers presented much more elaborate dishes, probably due to their greater experience, but the “small” grillers showed a certain local flair and “nothing to lose” attitude with their presentations.  

            The final judging and final decisions did not come until almost 6:00PM due to the long list of entrants and the judges need to take a small break in the middle for personal reasons. They had to get up and walk off some of the wonderful fare. This year’s winner was declared at 6:03PM by a unanimous vote, recent Regional High graduate Missy Waller took home first place with her baby back ribs drenched in sauce. She also entered her renowned brisket that won second place last year. This year her ribs wowed the judges who may have been somewhat partial to the local sauce as opposed to the out of town rubs and sauces. Miss Waller has opened a restaurant on Lakeshore Drive just this summer and it has been very popular. Jimmy Drake came in second with his well-known ribs and third place went out of towner, Big Davey, for his roasted pig. “Ya-all have a real friendly town here. Everyone I talked to was real nice and they all were askin’ about my set up and the kind of wood I was usin’, they really wanted to know, too,” said Big Davey when asked for his thoughts about his visit “up north”.

            All the grillers stayed long into the evening and the crowds all hung around, too. Many people had brought small tables and chairs to lounge around the Plaza and enjoy all the wonderful food. A whole group of on lookers descended on the plaza after dark, many had come from the beaches and many others were just heading into town for Saturday night in East Farewell but all were looking for some last samplings as the grillers broke down and most gave away their cooked products for free.  

Big Davey works on his big grill



Bear Creek – The Travelers rolled into Bear Creek riding on a five game winning streak. Although several players had expressed dismay that they were missing the East Farewell Bar-B-Que Cookoff they took it in stride and shutout the Cubs 5-0 on a beautiful summer night. The Cubs were missing their biggest slugger, Nick Doyle, due to a cut hand. The Cubs missed his bat as they were unable to generate any real offense, only getting 4 hits off an excellent Joe Nagy. Nagy’s superior performance probably had more to do with the win than the absence of Doyle. He threw four perfect innings and three that had only five batters, very impressive indeed.

            On the other side the Travelers have been hitting the ball very well. They got a total of 11 hits, 1 homerun, a triple, four doubles and five singles. Johnny Cloos was able to forget about his missing the rib judging to clobber a low outside fastball out of the park. The Travelers defense was able to shut down the Cubs offense even further by turning two double plays, too.

            The Travelers travel to Ondita to face the Cougars and their pitching ace, Sam “Cat” Caterno. The Cougars are currently tied with the Travelers in the league standings so this could be a very decisive game. It starts at 1:30PM at the Ondita Ballpark.



The Arkansas Legislature gives Gov. Orval Faubus power to close the state’s schools against enforced racial integration. The legislators acted even as President Eisenhower warned that the consequences would be terrible. The Supreme Court put off a decision on the school integration dispute until a further hearing September 11.

The Soviet Union says it will give Communist China “the necessary moral and material aid to the just struggle” for the “liberation” of Formosa from the Chinese Nationalists. Meanwhile - eight ships of the U.S. 7th Fleet carrying a Marine landing force of about 1600 men have been ordered to sea over the next few days from Singapore. Their destination was not disclosed.

The United States warns Red China this country will move in with “timely and effective” military force - including possible bombing of the Red Chinese mainland - if necessary to save the islands essential to Formosa’s defense. 

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