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Thursday, August 7, 1958   Vol. C684



East Farewell - The 3rd annual Swim Across The Lake had a close call on Saturday that has prompted changes in the rules, eligibility and monitoring. The very popular event has grown each year and this year there were over 125 entrants and a record 80 racers started at the cannon’s boom. Race founder’s Hugh Reston and Frank Dunlap were once again in the driver’s seat for this event. They supervised all the prerace advertising, established the four different signup spots throughout town, and took care of manning those spots. They also organized the setup of the swim lanes and organizing the flotilla of spectator and first-aid boats that lined the lanes. This year those boats played a very important part of the race when the youngest swimmer, Joey Sewell, began to struggle about half way across the lake. First-aid boat #4 manned by registered life guards Hal Feldman and Steve Ross quickly steered to the edge of the lane where Ross leapt into the water and grabbed the flailing Sewell. Feldman brought the small boat right into the lane and hauled Sewell in helped by Ross. Once in the boat Feldman was able to administer mouth to mouth resuscitation while Ross headed the boat back to shore where Sewell was attended to by Dr. Cashman and the onsite medical team also recruited by Dunlap and Reston. Sewell was treated and released to his family.

            The race was not affected by Ross and Feldman’s heroics only two other swimmers were close to Sewell when got into trouble. The rest of the group was spread across the lake. Once again Raleigh Beach was the finish line and Frank Logan, president of N.U.D.E., was on the beach, surprisingly, wearing a bathing suit and greeting the swimmers. The beach is owned by the N.U.D.E. organization, a local nudist group that has a retreat five miles down the road. Mr. Logan is not only the president of N.U.D.E. he is also the de-facto community interaction representative for the organization. He represents the organization when interaction with the “outside community is needed.

            The large group of swimmers this year made for a very crowded field but in the end one winner. The 2.7 miles were covered by David Wilson, 22, a college student and member of the school’s swim team. Wilson is a summer resident and his family has been coming to Lake Charles for many years. He has swum in every race but this is the first time he even came in in the first ten. He made the crossing in a record 1 hour 29 minutes. He broke Robbie Jenkins record by a minute. The female winner was Joan Early last year’s runner up. She finished with a personal best of 1 hour 32 minutes. Race founders Dunlap and Reston finish very respectfully at fifth and eighth (Dunlap, Reston). Out of the 80 racers that started 62 finished, crowding Raleigh Beach to capacity and causing Mr. Logan to try to herd the group onto the road back to the Lakefront Plaza and away from any inquiring eyes.  The participants eventually made their way back to the Lakefront Plaza and there was an informal ceremony where ribbons were awarded for first second and third place.

            Young Sewell’s predicament brought about some proposed changes to the requirements for entry to the race Reston and Dunlap announced on the Lakefront Plaza after the ceremony. The exact changes have yet to be defined but the age is going to be raised and a swimming requirement will be put in place. Both Dunlap and Reston were extremely relieved the young Sewell was not seriously injured and were very thankful to both Mr. Ross and Mr. Feldman for their quick thinking and fast action.

            Next year’s race may have a different look but it is expected to be just as much fun. If trends continue there will have to be even wider lanes and a larger ending beach.

Raleigh Beach is full at the end of the race




East Farewell – The Travelers extended their winning streak on Saturday when they brought the high flying Erie Eagles down to earth with a 5-1 thumping. The score could have been worse for the Eagles but after the Travelers scored their fifth run in the fifth the Eagles put in reliever Joe Galliano who was able to stop the run scoring machine. Galliano was able to pitch four scoreless innings and allowed only three hits.

            The Travelers were able to do all their damage in the first five innings with big blasts by Johnny Cloos and Dale Dunham. Both homers were multiple run drives and accounted for all the Traveler’s runs. The Travelers were able to capitalize on several singles and work the offense to set themselves up for their big hitters. The defense was also outstanding. They were able to turn three double plays and keep the Eagles off base, stymieing any possible offensive threat.

            The home stand has been good for the Travelers, winning all three games played during the home stand. They have one more home game before they start an extended road trip though the late mid-season. Next week the Travelers will host the Monticello Vikings beginning at 1:30 in the ballpark. The Vikings are starting to show strong signs of improvement after their disastrous debut season and are now right in the middle of the pack in league standings.   



The White House discloses that the Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine has crossed the top of the world, traveling below the arctic icecap. The sub cruised arctic some 400 feet below the surface. The feat was disclosed at a White House ceremony where President Eisenhower awarded the ship’s commander, Comdr. William Anderson, the nation’s highest peacetime decoration.

President George Meany calls on “honest and decent” elements in the teamsters Union to rebel against Union Chief James R. Hoffa and throw him out of office. At the same time, Meany condemned any alliances between AFL-CIO member organizations and the Teamsters.

The U.S. court of appeals overturns the conviction and orders a judgment of acquittal for playwright Arthur Miller, husband of Marilyn Monroe. The case grew out of Miller’s refused to tell the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1956, the names of Communist writers with whom he acknowledged attending meetings in 1947. Marilyn Monroe celebrated with a champagne breakfast and a long telephone call to her mate.

The House approves a bill to raise the Social Security checks of 11,800 beneficiaries by 7%.

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