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Thursday, September 11, 1958   Vol. C689



East Farewell – The Regional School District opened all schools for the 1958-1959 school year on Monday. The high school seniors walked confidently into their last year and the youngest let go off their Mother’s hand and entered the halls of learning for the first time. Enrollment is up again this year, the third year in a row enrollment increased by over 2%. The senior class broke the 200 mark with 203 seniors in this year’s class. The enrollment is expected to increase each year for at least the next two years. Unlike last year there were no new classes added to any grade but class size has been increased to a new limit of 20 students per class.

            Students will be offered some new classes this year. The science department is offering a senior class in astronomy this year and the elementary schools have revamped their reading programs. All grades have received new textbooks and the gymnasium has a new floor.

            The teachers had a reception last week where the newest teachers were introduced and the older teachers were able to share their summer experiences with each other over a wonderful luncheon under a huge tent on the football field. This year the school district hired three new teachers, Miss Molly Shannon, Miss Beth Reynolds and Mr. David O’Malley. They will be teaching second grade, fifth grade and high school biology, respectively. Each is in their third year of teaching and expressed great excitement in beginning their new careers. They were welcomed by district superintendent, William Baxter.

            Classes open right on time on Monday morning and the students got right to work after they found their classes and greeted their friends again. It was a promising start to a new academic school year.


Miss Molly Shannon’s 3rd grade class 1959



Bedford – The Travelers continued their blazing rampage around the league on Saturday. The latest victim was the Bedford Bears and their pitching ace, “Howlin’” Frank Fowler. The Travelers were able to tag Fowler for 5 runs while their own pitcher, Joey Alfred only let in two runs. Fowler, who is no relation to Travelers manager Sam Fowler, earned his nickname by letting out a howl after each of his strikeouts. On Saturday he was not howling very much, he only registered five strikeouts throughout the whole game. That is half of his normal of 10. He holds the league record of 17 from back in 1955. The Travelers were able to get 13 hits off Fowler who was not as sharp as usual. “I don’t know what was up with him today, but he was not on. His stuff was just a little off and we were able to really take advantage of the,” said Traveler’s star Johnnie Cloos after the game.

            Cloos was able to add to his sizzling stats by going four for four with two singles, a double and a homerun to bring his average up to a dizzying .396. Tony Dimero was not far behind Cloos with a three for four day including a two run homer. Bobby Watson also sparkled on offense by hitting two doubles and scoring three runs.

            The Travelers defense was sharp, too. There were two double plays and two outs caught stealing with pinpoint fireballs from catcher, Joey Brown to second baseman, Artie Archibald. Alfred was able to keep the Bears off the base path by striking out four and only allowing seven hits throughout the game.

            The Travelers move on to Coring next week and will probably face their ace Bill “Smoke” Black. The Travelers will try to extend their winning streak to eight when they CGW in an evening game that will begin at 7:30PM in Corning.



The Supreme Court convenes once more on a special session on a nationally momentous issue - the speed of school integration at Little Rock.

The Supreme Court unanimously orders Little Rock Central High School to admit Negro students again this year. Gov. Orval Faubus asserts “violence and disorder would occur” and orders the Little Rock high schools not to open on schedule next Monday in spite of the decree of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Nikita Khrushchev sends a warning to President Eisenhower that Russia would regard an attack on Red China as an attack on the Soviet Union.

President Eisenhower pledges there will be no “Munich” in the Western Pacific. He warned the Chinese Communists to stop their gunfire in the Formosa Strait or risk war with the United States.

The Soviet government announces it has found the destroyed and burned wreckage of an American plane on its soil and protests what it calls U.S. violation of its borders. The bodies of six crewmen were found in the wreckage.

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