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Thursday, September 12, 1957   Vol. C637



East Farewell - All Regional School District schools opened for the 1957-58 school year on Monday and everyone got right into the swing of things. For the youngest it was the scariest day of the year as they let go of their mother’s hand and head into class for the first time. For the seniors it was the beginning of the biggest year of their lives, so far. For all the other students it was getting back together with friends and excitement of learning new things. The teachers were excited, too. The school system added teachers in grades 2, 3, 7 & 8 to cover the expanded enrollment. The senior class this year is the largest in school history with a total of 199 up a whopping 26 from last year. The senior class size it expected to increase each year for the foreseeable future so the record will probably be short lived.

            The beginning of classes can only mean the football season is soon to follow. The Cougars will take the field for their fall campaign beginning in three weeks against their arch-rival, Slate Mountain. This year the team will be made up of mostly underclassmen since legendary seniors, Mitch “Merc” McMaster, Davey Wilson, Will “Tank” Brown and Pat McKean all graduated after leading the team to its second league title in four years. Quarterback, Bill Dolan, now a senior thinks this year’s team has a lot going for it. “We have some seniors this year, Billy Reilly is in the backfield with me and I have Richie McGee out there on tight end. We also have some up and coming underclassmen who I think will really be OK once we get started.”

            This year the students are being offered a variety of new classes. In the mathematics department a senior class in trigonometry is being offered for the first time to the highest performing students. In the English department a new course in poetry and poetic history is being offered to a select group of talented and expressive students. Finally, in the Science Department a course in advance physics will be offered to college bound seniors. All the students attended a welcome ceremony in each school to officially open the school year and start the academic year off right.

1957 6th Grade Regional Junior High School Class



Youngstown – The Travelers are going to make a run for the title as the season winds down and they started in Youngstown. The Youngstown Steelers are finishing a rebuilding year this season and have been hard pressed to find wins. Saturday was no exception. The Travelers came into town with bats a-swinging and handed the Steelers their 23rd loss with a strong win, 8-4. The Travelers did not waste any time in getting the scoring started with two runs in the first thanks to a leadoff double by Ralph Francis followed by a sacrifice bunt by Dunham to move him over to third. Bobby Watson then poked a single into center to bring Francis home.  Johnny Cloos was able to move Watson over to second on a very long sacrifice fly to right. The drive backed right fielder, Juan Diego right up to the fence and he was able to make a leaping catch to keep the ball in the park and keep Watson on the base path. But Tony Dimero picked right up where Cloos left off and punched a hit into right in front of Diego, scoring Watson. After the first Steelers pitcher, Eddy Jordan, was able to settle down and get through the next three innings without any trouble. On the Steelers offensive side they were able to get the fans into the game in the fourth with three doubles and a two run blast by Leo Williams to put the Steelers in the lead, 4-2. The lead only lasted for two innings though, in the bottom of the sixth the Travelers got back on track and were able to tie the game and in the eighth they broke it open with a grand slam by Billy Sweet. It was Sweet’s first career slam and he rounded the bases with his arms raised. Even the local crowd applauded, begrudgingly but applauded never the less.

            With the win the Travelers moved closer to the first place Slate Mountain, as the Miners lost their game on Saturday. If the Travelers win the rest of their games and the Miners lose two out of three the Travelers will tie the Miners for the league championship. Next week will pretty much decide the season as the Travelers visit Slate Mountain in an evening game that will begin at 7:05 in Slate Mountain Park. If the Travelers win the season goes on to the next week, if they lose the Miners clinch the title. Either way the Travelers will finish the season at home facing Erie in the evening.




President Eisenhower bluntly warns the Soviet Union not to “push Syria into any acts of aggression against her neighbors.”  U.S. Globemasters and Flying Boxcars begin an airlift of arms to Jordan to buttress the Arab kingdom against any threat from Syria’s leftist-commanded army.

President Eisenhower signs the civil rights bill against a background of actual or threatened violence over school integration in southern cities. The civil rights bill - first if its kind to be passed by Congress since Reconstruction days – is mainly designed to protect voting rights. But in some aspects, it deals with discrimination against Negroes and minority groups in general.  The Eisenhower administration pledges swift action to carry out a Federal court order aimed at achieving school integration in Little Rock. The administration made the pledge shortly after a Federal judge in Little Rock ordered the filing of a petition to block Arkansas Gov. Orval E. Faubus use of State troops to bar Negro pupils from Central High School.  Gov. Orval Faubus declares, “I sincerely hope no one gets shot” if federal authorities try to crash through the National Guard lines he set up at integration-torn Central High School.

White men on anti-integration patrol at a Birmingham high school maul a Negro minister when he attempted to enroll several Negro children. The Rev. F.L. Shuttlesworth suffered cuts and bruises but apparently no severe injuries when slugged by what his wife Ruby said were chains and brass knuckles.

Armed National Guardsmen pull back from gates of the governor’s mansion long enough for Gov. Orval Faubus to be summoned to court in 10 days and answer charges he is obstructing racial integration.

Gov Faubus asks President Eisenhower for a personal meeting on the Little Rock integration dispute and the President agreed to see him later this week.

Nelson D. Rockefeller makes an offer to help build the Dodgers a new stadium in downtown Brooklyn. The move is taking many by surprise, but LA says it has not lost the fight to move the team there.

The two musicians who have been with Elvis Presley since he began his singing career four years ago have quit in a pay dispute. Bill Black and Scotty Moore said Presley has been paying them $100 a week at home and $200 on the road plus $1000 Christmas bonus. They said they had to pay their own expenses on the road. “Elvis is the star and we know it,” said Moore. “I didn’t expect to get rich on this and I certainly don’t begrudge him any of his success. But I did expect to make a good living for my family.” (Black went to form the Bill Black combo and would have a number of hit records).


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