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Thursday, September 17, 1959   Vol. C742



East Farewell- The 1959-1960 school year started Wednesday, September 9th. All regional schools opened with a schoolwide assembly where the principals for each school gave a welcoming address to the student body. The schools that saw the most change were the elementary school and the middle school. The high school received a full makeover last year and only saw cosmetic and maintenance improvements. The elementary school was officially renamed the Sidney and Louis Lendel Elementary School after one of the town’s founders. Sid and Lou Lendel first developed and incorporated East Farewell back in 1902 while they were working for the Mighty Keystone Railroad. Part of the plan that the Lendel brothers had for East Farewell was a school right off the center of town that would be within easy walking distance by the students “in order to help them grow into, understand and become part of the town.” Over the years the size of the student body outgrew the school and a high school had to be built to take grades 9 through 12. Finally in 1940 and junior high school was built to take grades 6, 7 & 8. This year the elementary underwent a complete remodel and expansion. A new third floor was added and all new windows were added as well as improved electrical and water systems. The beautiful, recently refurbished Sidney & Louis Lendel Elementary School opened its doors to 340 excited young learners on Wednesday. Principal Leonard welcomed the students as they came through the front door and then again at the opening assembly. For some it was their first time at school and there were some tears and apprehensive stares but there were also many caring and competent teachers to sooth the first day jitters.

            The new schoolers were getting started and just around the corner the high schoolers were starting the beginning of the end as seniors. The Class of 1960 all started their senior year with great enthusiasm. In a prearranged entrance the entire class marched into the auditorium together in double file, marched down the center aisle, split to each side and took their seats. It was a very impressive spectacle and all the underclassmen were indeed impressed. Being the first class of the new decade expectations for them are high. The “space age” is beginning to unfold and they are on the cusp of these very exciting developments in the world and the universe. Regional High School principal, Andrea Highsman, opened the school with a short welcoming address that highlighted upcoming events in the year like the school play and the many, many sports contests throughout the year. She gave a nod to the newly formed Science Club and expressed great interest in their pursuit into rocketry and radio communication. All the students cheered when she introduced the coaches for the football, baseball, girls’ softball, and basketball and track teams. She also mentioned that the football Cougars will be hosting their first game on September 26th, which brought even more shouts and “Go Cougars, Go” cheers. After the assembly the students exited to their respective homerooms and began the school year.

Sidney & Louis Lendel Elementary School




East Farewell – The Travelers may be a little late to catch fire but it is always well received by the fans. The Travelers came home after a disappointing 4-4 road trip and face the league leading Corning Glass Works on Saturday night and were able to shut down CGW 10-1 in pitching gem by Travelers ace, Joe Nagy. The fans will always remember Nagy’s perfect game that ended the season a year ago. While this was not perfect game caliber, it was a three hitter and Nagy struck out 9 and only walked three. That will do for the Travelers fans. CGW sent their leading strikeout artist to the mound, Phil Graven, but he was not as sharp as he normally is and was knocked out in the seventh and replaced by rookie, Ralph Reynolds, who was able to finish the game but let in some late runs.

            The Travelers got to Graven early scoring 2 runs in the second and then the flood gates opened in the fifth when the Travelers were almost able to hit around their lineup and score 6 runs including a grand slam by the great Johnnie Cloos. The Travelers scored 2 more, one in the seventh and one in the eighth. CGW was able to get to Nagy only once in the sixth when they put together two of their three hits and coupled with a rare walk they were able to score their only run. Right after CGW third baseman, Bill Doyle crossed the plate Nagy went on a strikeout streak that was not only the last out of the sixth but also the seventh and two in the eighth.

            The sudden resurgence of the Travelers offense may be too little too late to recapture the lead in the standings. Even with the big win against CGW they are still a game back behind CGW and Bedford with only two games left. The Travelers would have to win both their games and both CGW and Bedford would have to lose their games to throw the standings into a tie. The Travelers face Mountain View and Slate Mountain at home while the Bedford Bears face the Bear Creek Cubs and the Albany Senators with CGW facing Monticello Cedar Creek. Bedford and CGW have had very good luck against those opponents this year so the road ahead for the Travelers is difficult, at best.

            Next week the Travelers host Mountain View and their ace, Joe ”Freight” Trane, on Saturday in the Ballpark beginning at 1:05PM.




The U.S. launched the Vanguard III, giving a lift to sagging U.S. prestige in space exploration. The Air Force discloses that a camera in the nose cone of an Atlas intercontinental missile has photographed one-sixth of the earth from a record altitude of 700 miles. The pictures were made with 16mm film during a 5,100-mile flight of an Atlas over the Atlantic missile range last year. Stills and movies taken from the flight are being made available to the public for the first time this week.

Teamsters in debt for the first time - Looks like controversial president James Hoffa has run it into a deficit of $44,497.79 for the first six months of this year.

Soviet Premier Khrushchev offered “general and complete disarmament” by all nations over a four-year period, in stages prescribed by a vaguely defined “international control body comprising all states”

He also visited Hollywood and attended a performance of “Can Can” on the 20th -Century-Fox lot. From Los Angeles, he trekked to San Francisco and visited with U.S. union chiefs.

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