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Thursday, September 18, 1958   Vol. C690



East Farewell- Recently there have been several disturbing accounts of phantom sightings, mysterious object movements and unexplained sounds reported by quite a wide array of people from all over town. East Farewell does not have any history of supernatural activity or any real historical events that would possibly generate paranormal experiences. That being said, there have been tales of alien landings and at least one account of aliens actually being seen out near Lincoln Point on Lake Charles. Lately, though, there have been several, unrelated reports of ghosts and strange occurrences happening all around town. It started about a month ago in the middle of the summer season. The moon was full and brilliant, the night was clear and warm and people were sitting the porch of Mrs. Mallard’s boarding house. One of the sitters, Larry Reinhart, said he saw a strange shape out near the edge of the lake. Others looked on and confirmed they saw what seemed to be a man with a fishing pole walking straight out onto the water and continue across the lake until he vaporized about 200 yards out. “It was the strangest thing I ever saw,” said Reinhart during an interview after the fact.

            Mrs. Mallard, owner of the boarding house was quick to point out that there have never been any accounts of ghosts or spirits in or around her house. “I want to make it perfectly clear, there are no ghosts in my house. Never were, never will be. My daughter, Natalie and I have been living here for over 20 years we have never seen or heard anything strange around here. Even my dear departed husband, Manny, God bless his soul, hasn’t returned although I am sure he would want to. He loved this place and if anyone would want to come back here it would be him.”

            Other strange occurrences have been reported around town this summer, too. A strange musical interlude was heard lofting across Main Street and the Lakefront Plaza very late on a Sunday night in late July, there are no explanations for that one. Another ghostly figure was seen out on the lake by several people on the Lakefront Plaza on a Tuesday night in mid-August, again no explanation.  All these sightings, while unanswered have not gone unnoticed. The police have alerted all officers and members of the traffic squads to be on alert for other possible sightings. “We really don’t know what is going on here,” said Police Chief, Sam O’Mara, “but we are staying on top of it. Since there has been no reported contact other than sightings we really can’t do anything except keep an eye out.”

            No matter what is going on with the netherworld around East Farewell the locals have taken it all in stride and even have showed a humorous side with some restaurants posting “Ghost Free” signs outside. The statements of ghost sightings have not in any way diminished the flood of summer visitors to town. It seems the visiting population has stayed longer this year with many still renting well into the fall season prompting the Lakefront Pier to extend their season for two weeks.

The Lakefront Pier 1958



Corning - The Travelers caught a break over the weekend when they did not have to face Corning’s ace, Bill “Smoke” Black, who is leading the league with the lowest ERA and the most strikeouts. CGW sent Joe Rollins to the mound on Saturday night and the Travelers were glad to see him. While Rollins record is not too shabby, he is 8 and 7 for the year with a 3.4 ERA, but he was not sharp on Saturday night. He gave up a stunning 21 hits including a record breaking 4 home runs for Travelers slugger, Johnny Cloos.

            The Travelers extended their winning streak to eight games with the 7-3 win on Saturday and have a firm hold on first place in the league standings. All but one of their wins have been on the road and the streak is the longest on the road streak since the 1952 season when the Travelers played all their games on the road because they did not have a home stadium and had to play home games on the High School field.

            Johnny Cloos was clearly the star in this game. Not only did he go four for four, but all his hits were homeruns. Four consecutive homeruns in one game by the same player has never happened before in the 30 year history of the league. Each blast was longer than the last, the final one clearing the centerfield stands and sailing out of the park. “This had to be one of the best days of my career,” said Cloos after the game, “I was really seeing the ball and I think I was really in time with the pitches. Oh yea, that catch felt really good, too.” 

Cloos also drove in all of the Travelers seven runs. To cap off the record breaking game for him he made a run stealing catch with an over the wall reach to catch one of CGW’s few long drives. The only offense CGW could generate was in the sixth inning when Travelers pitcher, Joe Nagy, showed a rare loss of control and served up five hits in one inning. CGW was able to score their three runs and bring the Corning crowd back into the game. Nagy was able to regain his composure and finish the game with no more runs scored and only two more hits.

The Travelers continue on the road for two more games and next week they visit Mountain View with their pitching ace, Joe “Freight” Trane and slugger Bobby “Hammer” Taxen. This may be the Travelers biggest challenge to their recent winning streak. The Explorers are on a winning streak of their own with three games in row to show for it. The game is another evening game and begins at 7:05 in Mountain Views beautiful ballpark.



Sixty-one Little Rock attorneys sign a public statement declaring their belief that Little Rock’s closed high schools cannot legally be opened on a private segregated basis. This was a reference to an integration program which last week was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.  A group of students at one of Little Rock’s closed high schools adopt a resolution saying they want to return to school, even if qualified Negro students are admitted.

The Little Rock School Board decided to televise six hours of lessons a day to 3480 Little Rock High School students who can’t attend regular classes because Gov. Faubus closed their schools in the integration crisis. Three commercial television stations, which will donate two hours daily, many get some classes started by Saturday. The full television instruction program will begin Monday.

Near Elizabeth, NJ a commuter train ripped through danger signals and an automatic roadblock, hits an open drawbridge and its forward cars plunged 50 feet into Newark Bay. 40 persons are dead. Later, it’s determined that the engineer suffered a fatal heart attack. One of the dead was former New York Yankee George Stimweiss, whose body was found in the second car.

At Cape Canaveral an Atlas missile blows-up with a violent roar 90 seconds after launching on what reportedly was the first inter-continental range attempt but later an Atlas Intercontinental Ballistic Missile racks up a bulls-eye after blasting across the Atlantic on a 3000-mile space flight.

American forces with missiles, fighter jets and transport planes pour into Formosa in a major buildup to defend the island against possible Communist attack. Premier Khrushchev warns President Eisenhower to withdraw U.S. forces from Formosa immediately or risk their forceful expulsion by Communist China. President Eisenhower denounces Soviet Premier Khrushchev’s latest note as abusive and intemperate. The President fired a note back tagged “rejected”.

 Rebel leader Fidel Castro calls on Cuban labor leaders to meet at his headquarters in the Sierra Maestra Mountains of Oriente Province for a convention Oct. 28 to 31. The convention will discuss a general strike which the rebels hope to bring about in another effort to overthrow President Batista’s government.

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