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Thursday, September 26, 1957   Vol. C639



East Farewell – The search for last week’s train robbers has been expanded to a state wide search. Ironically, hard fought battle to place an interchange on the new state spanning turnpike has worked against the police by giving the robbers a quick exit to almost any place in the state or for that matter, the entire country. The State Police have gotten involved and due to the fact that the crime was committed on an interstate rail line the FBI is now getting involved. The brash robbery took place last week on the Philadelphia to Chicago Liberty Bell Special. The Special was stopped just outside East Farewell by a signal that forced the train to stop. The signal function is being investigated because there was no apparent reason for the warning.

            The robbers are not thought to be local as many eyewitnesses said they all seemed to talk with a heavy foreign accent. This may have been a diversion but the authorities are not dismissing anything. “We are looking at everything. We are sure that when we analyze all the evidence we will get to the bottom of this, that is for sure,” said Chief Inspector William Burger from the Philadelphia office of the Mighty Keystone Railroad.

            The town is buzzing over the robbery and many people have their own ideas about who is responsible. Some people have even put forth the idea that the notorious villain and gigolo, “Romando”, from the Flower Show/ Monica Shippensport scandal has come back to town. Others have said that the way they completely vanished shows they were obviously aliens from outer space and still others have pointed to the foreign accents to show they were obviously backed the evil communists from Russia. “No one knows who did that. They could be anyone, anyone at all,” said local boarding house owner Mrs. Mallard, “We are all speculating and some people have come up with some crazy ideas.”

            Since the FBI has started their investigation there has be little information given out to the people or the press. Even the local police have not been able to release any information. The mystery will continue and the stories will continue to grow until the FBI discovers who is responsible and where they went. 



Erie-The Travelers finished the season with a strong win over the Erie Eagles, 6-1 on Saturday. The win seals a solid second place finish in the league standings which was expected but not good enough for the players. “We really should have taken at least part of the championship, we just didn’t play well enough last week against the Miners. We really need to get back on track next year and bring home another title. The town deserves it,” said Johnny Cloos after the game.

            The Eagles have been struggling since they lost their best hitter, Frank Vetter and their “iron man” catcher, Joe Rolls in a freak accident during a promotional event. Without the leadership the team has not been able to put any offense on the field and their defense has been lackluster at best. The Travelers took full advantage of the Eagles woes and began with two runs in the first and then turned pitcher Billy Green loose. He was able to keep the Eagles hitless for the first four innings. The Eagles finally were able to get one run in the fifth with a walk, a steal and a long single by right fielder, Reggie Richmond. Richmond’s hit was the only real contact the Eagles were able to bring to the field. They were able to generate three more hits throughout the rest of the game but that was nowhere near the punch needed to slow down the Travelers. After the first innings the Travelers were able to get at least one hit in every inning but the eighth. They scored two more runs in the fourth with back to back to back doubles by Archibald, Francis and Dunham. Then in the fifth Johnny Cloos finished the season with a two run drive out of the park. He ended up second in the league in homers with 25 just behind Slate Mountain’s slugger, Lou Fannelli who had 27.

            The season wound up in Erie and the Travelers will look to next year to improve their league standings. They will have some players up for contract negotiations and some new, younger players may be added to the roster next year. It will be an exciting off season.

            Next week East Farewell will shift sports gears and host the opening of the Regional High School Cougars football season when they battle their arch-rival the Slate Mountain Miners. This year the Cougars will are rebuilding after losing many players to graduation. Running back Davey Wilson, fullback, Will “Tank” Brown, wide receiver, the legendary Mitch “Merc” McMaster, and defensive end Pat McKean all graduated from the league championship team. They will be replaced by fullback Robbie Blackman, running back Joey Neil, wide receiver Max O’Hara and defensive end, Daniel Green all are sophomores. A new center, Lewis Tiller, will help quarterback Bill Dolan who is a senior this year.  The game will begin at 1:30 on the Regional High football field on Saturday.



President Eisenhower signs a history-making proclamation clearing the way for possible use of Federal troops to quash any further school integration violence at Little Rock, Ark. Later on, he orderd U.S. troops into the area to prevent mob rule “under the leadership of demagogies extremists opposed to school integration.” The Army flies 1000 battle-ready troops into Little Rock and prepares to activate all Arkansas’ National Guard to enforce Federal school integration following orders from the President.

Paratroopers with lowered bayonets take nine Negro students into Central High School in Little Rock and then stand guard over their classrooms. One man was bayoneted and a second was clubbed with a rifle butt in a show of force.

James R. Hoffa - vice-president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is indicted on five counts of perjury by a Federal rackets grand jury. The indictment charged Hoffa, a candidate for the presidency of the Teamsters to succeed Dave Beck, lied to the grand jury during its probe into alleged wire tapping of Teamsters Union headquarters in Detroit.

In Sports - Goodbye Giants, Goodbye New York - After 74 years, The New York Giants play their last game at the Polo Grounds and in New York. Thousands hit the field and chased the team to the clubhouse. They also carried-away anything in site. Within a half-hour after their 9-1 loss to Pittsburgh, fans had ripped up the regular and warm-up home plates, the wooden base beneath the main plate, the pitcher’s rubber, two of the bases and the foam rubber sheathing protecting outfielders who crashed into the center field fences. The Giants now head to their new home turf - San Francisco.

What about the Brooklyn Dodgers? ... Reports as of this week say that pressure on owner Walter O’Malley to keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn is being applied from all sides in New York.  National League club owners meet in New York next Monday before the World Series, and unless O’Malley and Los Angeles officials close the Dodger deal by midnight Sunday, he will have to ask the league for an extension of time to continue negotiations. The National League granted O’Malley and New York Giants owner Horace Stoneham permission to move to California at a meeting May 27. The Giants have the green light to move, but as of this week, not the Dodgers. Los Angeles seems to by dilly-dallying. O’Malley wants to buy a 300-acre tract in Chevez-Ravine, not far from downtown Los Angeles to build a new stadium. Also, there seems to be some issues with the Pacific League. Los Angles Mayor Poulson announced this week that the Brooklyn Dodgers are coming to Los Angeles, that he had been personally assured that 10 members of the City Council will vote favorably on a proposed ordinance and contract which would bring the Dodgers to Los Angeles when the legislation comes up for final consideration next Monday... stay tuned!


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