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Thursday, September 3, 1959   Vol. C740



East Farewell – The heat wave finally broke. Unfortunately, it brought rain storms that arrived right in time to disrupt the 4th annual golf tournament. While it didn’t completely wipe it out it make for some postponements and some soggy rounds. Nevertheless, the tournament went on and the fans came out, albeit with umbrellas and ponchos, there were even a couple of celebrities in the crowd. The schedule had to be thrown out when the opening ceremony had to be postponed due to a sudden downpour. Friday afternoon’s top round had to be pushed back to Friday evening and the second round moved to Saturday morning. Saturday saw another period of rain pushing the two rounds back to Saturday afternoon and evening. And Sunday’s round was pushed back to Sunday afternoon due to the wet conditions. All the changes and adjustments did cause a drop in turnout but those who attended were treated to a very good golf tournament played by very competitive and determined golfers.

            The changing weather did not scare away the regular celebrities that have made the tournament a scheduled event on their calendars. Bobby Jones, who had a big hand the course’s design, showed up early on Thursday night but he has been seen around the course throughout the year checking with the management and staff. His presence always causes excitement; after all he is one of the greatest golfers ever. Joining Jones were two other greats Sam Sneed and Ben Hogan and while they competed in the tournament they also held a putting clinic for 20 selected youths from the Regional High Golf Club. The Regional High Golf Club was formed two years ago after the Reese Links had been open for a year and there was a great deal of interest in the sport shown by students. Originally, it was only open to seniors but last year membership was extended to juniors and sophomores. The students were treated to a lesson of a lifetime on Saturday afternoon when two of golf’s greatest legends held a putting clinic and offered tips on improving the student’s game.

            The tournament was played on a soggy course and the greens were slow but the participants all made the most of the difficult situations. Besides Hogan and Sneed the other professional participants were Ken Venturi, Doug Ford and Tommy Bolt. Local pro Will Heart and local favorite, Art Fox were both in the lineup. The tournament is also a chance for local players to hobnob with famous pros. The rest of the participants were area locals from in town and the surrounding area.  After the first round Sneed was well in the lead at a -4 followed by Sneed and Bolt at -1 and Venturi even. By Sunday afternoon the slow greens had taken a toll on the overall scores and saw Sneed walk away with the pro winner at a respectable -3 followed by Venturi at -2, Bolt -1 and Hogan even. The local winner was Art Fox and second place went to a new comer, Bill Reenen from Cedar Creek. Fox was even and Reenen was +1.

            Once again there were comments about the playing of the tournament in mid-August while the rest of the PGA seems to be played in the spring. Once again Course Manager, Jim Gauge, defended the timing by saying that the professionals had all been asked about the timing and had agreed that they had no concerns. The locals were all glad to be able to play with golf royalty so they were not complaining. It is funny that the bad weather did not come into the conversation. This just goes to prove the old golfer’s adage, “A bad day on the golf course beats a good day anywhere else???”

Will Heart chips thru a puddle on the 9th green as Art Fox looks on



Ondita – Sam ‘Cat’ Caterno showed why he is the league leading game winner on Saturday night. He kept the Travelers off base and off the scoreboard as he struck out 12 and only let three hits get by him in the Cougars 5-0 thumping. The Travelers were unable to catch up to Cat’s fastball and they spent the evening watching his curve fall right into the strike zone without any answer. The only bright spot was the weather which was perfect. The Cougars got on the board in the fifth after four strong innings by Traveler’s Joe Nagy when Trey Diamond smacked a double, Winston Gentry was issued a rare walk and then Cougar slugger, Moose Herman, took Nagy deep after falling behind 0-2. That was all the Cougars would really need but they added one run in the seventh and one in the eighth the complete the beating. Caterno was gracious in the win saying he was very concerned throughout the game because “Those guys can erupt at any time. I know it has happened to me more than once. Thank goodness I was on top of my game tonight and I was able to keep them off base.”

            The Travelers will stay on the road next week and visit the Bedford Bears and Howlin’’ Frank Fowler who is riding his own winning streak of five games in a row. The Travelers will counter with Joey Alfred and try to regroup. The game begins in the afternoon at 1:05 in Bedford Ballpark.



Russia is up one again. Russia’s space rocket hits the surface of the moon marking the first time man has hurled an object to a heavenly body. It gives the soviets a wider lead in the race to conquer space. The United States congratulated the Russians on hitting the moon and called upon them to make available data from their lunar rocket flight to scientists of all countries. At the same time, Vice President Nixon urges Americans not to get overly “excited or hysterical” about the Russian feat.

The United States is taking the legal position that just planting flags on the moon will not give the Soviets or anyone else any claim to rule over that body. But John Raymond, deputy legal adviser to the state department said that the United States has “no views on how far you would have to go” to claim moon sovereignty, as yet. William Hyman, an international lawyer says the Russians may do otherwise: “Since consistency is not one of the Soviet’s virtues, it would not be surprising to hear them say that if the satellite made physical contact with the moon, they would then claim they had extended sovereignty to the lunar sphere. But this would be in violation of their own position taken in September, 1958”.

Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands visits New York and lunches with Mayor Robert Wagner.

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