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Thursday, September 4, 1958   Vol. C688



East Farewell – The 13th annual Music & Arts Fair opened on Thursday night with a surprise fireworks display after the opening ceremony by the Regional High School Jazz Band led by the now legendary Ben Grant. The Jazz Band is fairly big for and jazz band with 17 pieces but they are very talented and Grant brings out the best in each student. They started with the national anthem which has become the de-facto traditional opening number of the Fair. Last year the committee added an extra full day, Friday, to the Fair and the Fair officially opened on Thursday night. Once again the Fair opened on Thursday night with a full slate of music. Almost all the acts from last year appeared again this year and the committee added four new acts, a crooner from Ondita, Dale Rooney, a country band, The Nashville Ramblers and a young quartet playing the youth sound, The Rebels. The first act after the opening was one of East Farewell’s favorites, Charlie Green and his country band. The consummate professional, Green led his band through most of his greatest hits and unveiled a new number, “I’m Lucky” a light and happy tune that kind of set the mood for the festival. The rest of the evening was filled with lots of music and many food vendors opened up small booths around the perimeter of the fairgrounds.

            Friday morning at 8:00AM the Midway was opened and the artists and local shopkeepers welcomed large crowds who welcomed the warm morning air and strolled up and down the Midway. On Friday night the center stage featured more great music. Slate Rock’s Michael Tiller crooned some lovely tunes in his distinctive style followed by Emory Davis who’s rhythm and blues got the whole group dancing. Finishing off the evening Jerry Tabor and his Swing Band brought his nationally famous style to the local stage.

            Bright and early Saturday morning the Farm Auction was held at the far end of the Fairgrounds. The auction is a holdover from the original Country Farm and Fair the preceded the Music & Arts Fair. The auction serves a real, business propose, it is an actual bovine auction. The event was so popular with the non-farmers that the committee has kept it on the agenda. Even though it begins at 6:30AM it draws a huge crowd, so large in fact that there were special seating set up and the show area was enlarged this year. Although some of the attendees were bleary-eyed they enjoyed themselves immensely.

            Beautiful summer weather blessed the Fair this year. Every day the August weather did not rise above a reasonable 70 degrees and the evenings did not drop below 58. The Saturday night lineup had the Gus Sloan Quintet laying down some slick jazz while the new group, the Rebels played to the younger crowd with the very upbeat rock and roll. Charlie Green came back with Michael Tiller for a wonderful set of country and popular music. Dale Rooney, another country singer kept the folks jumping with his Texas Two-step.

            Sunday saw a later start as the gates opened at 10:00AM. The whole day was given to the storytellers and poets who charmed and enlightened everyone. Poet Lucy Blair returned and was greeted with a standing ovation for her recitation of her musical poems and lute accompaniment. The evening and the Fair ended with an “all hands on deck” gathering of all the stars on stage to sing “Good Night Irene” The song has become the closing song for the Fair having closed it for the past four years.

            Many people stayed on into the next week extending their vacation and enjoying the town and the beauty of Lake Charles. The committee was already at work planning next year’s Fair. 

Jerry Tabor leads his Swing Band



Ondita – The Travelers continued their destruction of the Mid-Atlantic West League last week as they crushed the Ondita Cougars, 7-1. The Cougars ace, Sam “Cat” Caterno did not pitch due to illness and their second pitcher, Anthony DiAntonio, was not as sharp as he has been in the past. He let up two runs in the first with four hits but settled down and kept the Travelers off the board until the seventh. The game was anticipated to be a much closer game as the two teams were tied for first place in the league. Without Caterno the Cougars lost a little of their edge, and as it seems a lot off their emotional edge.

            The Travelers sent Billy Green to the mound and he was very strong throughout. He only let one run in and held the Cougars to only 5 hits. The Travelers defense helped Green by turning three double plays and a reach over the wall catch by Ralph Francis saved Green and the Travelers from a two run homer in the fourth.

            Francis stood out on both sides of the game on the offensive side he drove in three runs with a double in the third and a single in the eighth. Arty Archibald went three for three at the plate driving in the other four runs. The Travelers played with great confidence and looked like the first place team that they are. With the win the Travelers moved into sole possession of first place in the league. They are entertaining a  seven game winning streak and next week they are heading into Bedford and their ace, ’Howlin’ Frank Fowler. While the Bedford Bears are stuck in the middle of the standings Fowler is always a dangerous customer. The game begins at 3:30 Saturday afternoon at the Bedford Yard.



In Little Rock, Arkansas the school board put off opening of Central High School until Set. 15. It was a show of good faith for the U.S. Supreme Court. Meantime, Gov. Faubus says he would resist any attempt by the Federal government to force integration of Central High School through use of U.S. Marshals, Federal troops or any other means.

Radio Moscow reports that former Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin has been removed from the Soviet Communist Party Presidium. Bulganin was ousted last March 27 as Premier and replaced by Nikita Khrushchev, Communist party boss. Four days later, it was reported Bulganin had been made chairman of the state bank with cabinet rank, listed 44th among the 60 members of the new Council of Ministers. On Aug. 15, he was demoted again, named chairman of the Council of the national economy in the remote Northern Caucasus town of Stavropo.

The United States warns Red China this country will move in with “timely and effective” military force - including possible bombing of the Red Chinese mainland - if necessary to save the islands essential to Formosa’s defense. Red China orders general mobilization of its 600 million people and at the same time, calls on the United States to resume ambassadorial talks to keep peace in Formosa. The United States quickly accepted.

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