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Thursday, September 5, 1957   Vol. C636



East Farewell – In the waning weeks of the summer East Farewell is in full swing of summer even as some people reluctantly look towards the end and are already making plans for next year. After the Music and Arts Fair wound up many visitors left for home while town folk tried to enjoy the last great weeks of what many are calling a fabulous summer. The Fun Pier announced last week that they would be staying open a week longer. They will stay open a week after Labor Day. They usually would hold a big Labor Day Farewell celebration to close out the summer but this year owner, Abe Lendel, who is one of East Farewell’s founder Sid’s son. Abe inherited the Fun Pier when Sid passed in 1955. Abe and his wife, Fiona completed the restoration of the Fun Pier after it was severely damaged in the winter storm of 1952. Father Sid started in 1953 with Abe’s help. After Sid passed Abe took over and while the Pier was up and running Abe added some new rides and made sure the repairs were completed on time and above standards.

            The extended time for the Fun Pier seems to have trickled over to the shops in town and life guard schedules. The one place that has not been affected is the opening day for Regional High Schools. Opening day is Monday, September 9th. While the students will be enjoying the first week of classes the remaining vacationers will be riding the Tilt-O-Whirl and catching the last summer sun on the beach.

Fun Pier at night



East Farewell – Bill “Smoke” Black came into to town with the Corning Glass Works to face the Travelers on Saturday night. A win for the Travelers would move them into a tie for second place in the league with CGW. “Smoke” is leading the league in strikeouts and did not let up Saturday night. He was able to retire an impressive 10 Travelers through strikeouts further extending his lead in that category. But “Smoke’s” fastball was not enough to close down the Travelers as the CGW defense let up four costly errors that accounted for four runs and enough for the Travelers to prevail 5-4.

            CGW scored first with a leadoff homer in the second by Coring slugger, Josh Rinngle. In the bottom of the second after striking out the first two Travelers the error bug raised its head and Joey Brown was able to reach first on a botched throw by shortstop Juan Rodriguez. Brown moved to third on a single by Archibald and they were both brought in by a double by Billy Sweet. Black finally struck out pitcher Billy Green to end the inning. Corning was able to touch Green for two runs in the fifth with three straight doubles by Franks, Cassidy and O’Mara and one more in the eighth with three singles by Cassidy, O’Mara and Rodriguez. But the Travelers were able to profit from CGW’s errors again with misplayed fly, dropped by left fielder, Dave Fuller, scoring two runs and finally a rare passed ball by catcher, Gerry Anderson letting Dimero score for the final Travelers run.

            The win put the Travelers in a tie for second place with CGW as the season starts to wind down. Slate Mountain seems to have an insurmountable lead, leading by four games but they have to play both CGW and the Travelers in the last two weeks of the season. The Travelers will face Slate Mountain in two weeks and close out their season against Erie in three weeks. Next week the Travelers visit Youngstown. The game begins at 1:30 at Youngstown Field.



President Eisenhower “sorrowfully” terms inflation the nation’s major internal problem but rejects the concept of federal controls to combat it. He also said tax cuts could not be justified now.

Gov. Orval Faubus of Arkansas telegraphed President Eisenhower that he was informed Federal agents planned to take him into custody. Just before Faubus’ news conference, Mayor Woodrow Mann of Little Rock criticized the Governor for using the guard. He said Faubus created tensions where none existed and that Little Rock police had no cases of interracial violence reported after almost a week of sensational developments. President Eisenhower tells Gov. Faubus that he will use every legal means at his command to uphold the Federal Constitution in the Little Rock school integration controversy.

A trading stamp craze has hit some 33 million U.S. households - or two out of every three in the country. Seven out of 10 people say that the stores where they regularly shop give trading stamps with purchases.

A new era is launched, as premium cable TV now exists. The service is called “Telemovie.” The movie version of “The Pajama Game” starring Doris Day is the first film to be piped into cabled homes at Bartlesville, OK. The movie was seen on channel 3. Channel 5 viewers could watch Tyrone Power in “River Gambler.” Channel 3 will be used for first-run attractions with 13 changes a month and channel 5 will show re-runs of popular films of the last few years. The programs were transmitted by cable hooked directly into each subscriber’s home. The subscriber is billed $9.50 per month. The response has been good. The operation is owned by Video Theatres, with headquarters in Oklahoma City. One woman said she and her husband had not been to a movie in four years “because we couldn’t afford it.”

Asked if they could now afford Telemovies, she said, “Oh, we haven’t decided to keep it.” Another woman reported she had a house full of people and “reception is wonderful.”  The company was swamped with calls because some viewers didn’t get their installations on time.

At the movies -

Love in the Afternoon - Audrey Hepburn, Gary Copper, Maurice Chevalier

An Affair To Remember - Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr

Jeanne Eagles - Kim Novak, Jeff Chandler

The Pajama Game - Doris Day, John Ratite, Carol Haney

The Delicate Delinquent - Jerry Lewis

The Last Bridge - Maria Schell

The Sun Also Rises - Tyrone Power, Ava Gardner, Mel Ferrer, Errol Flynn


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