East Farewell News 6/26/1958

East Farewell News 6/26/1958

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Thursday, June 26, 1958   Vol. C678



East Farewell - the 8th annual Bicycle Race around the Lake rolled off last Saturday with much fanfare and quite a bit of frivolity as a record 90 contestants started frivolity the race. As with all previous races more riders entered the race in an unofficial mode. To differentiate the official from the not so official contestants a special tag was issued to the official contestants. This year the race was officially won by a new comer, David Doyle, from Bedford. Doyle won in a record time of one hour and 30 minutes, shaving two minutes off last year’s record one by young Bobby Watkins. Doyle’s bicycle was a new, imported British racing bike made by Raleigh that had 10 speeds and high pressure tires. After the race the bike drew great attention from many of the participants and spectators because of its sleek lightweight design and stylish colors. “It looks like it’s going fast even when it’s standing still,” said last year’s winner Bobby Watkins after the race. Watkins, by the way, came in third behind regional high school senior, Julianne Wilson.

The “oddball” entries were also worthy of much attention after the race. The ones that finished in tact that is. One of the newest models this year was a tricycle with oversized back wheels and a very high gear ratio that made it possible to pedal a little and move a lot. One interesting oddball that was eliminated from even the unofficial group was a contraption built by East farewell’s own resident inventor, professor Brian Quantry, who fashioned a two wheeler with and electric engine powered by a car battery that was hooked up to the front wheel. While Quantry’s machine was ingenious and very fast it was somewhat unmanageable due to the weight of the battery and he crashed it during the fifth lap. By that time though, officials had made the decision to disqualify him because they felt he was riding a motor vehicle not a bicycle which is not allowed.

            The bike race has become a very popular event for the early summer crowds. They have taken to not only lining the streets but also setting up stations in front of some of their houses where riders can pick up water or in some cases they have set up a sprinkler for the riders to ride through to cool off. Many of the oddball contestants will actually pull over and chat with the spectators partaking in a snack or drink. Many people have come from out of town to support their favorite rider who may have been from their hometown. Main Street was lined with many spectators and used as the final runway to the finish line at the Lakefront Plaza.

After Mr. Doyle crossed the finish line he was greeted by his long-term girlfriend, Amy, and a host of Bedford residents and friends. He was quickly hustled to the grandstand set up overlooking Lake Charles. As the other racers finished they were also ushered over to the grandstand and after most of the official contestants had finished there was a ceremony and Doyle was given a winning metal as well as second and third place finishers, Wilson and Watkins, who received silver and bronze medals. None of the oddball contestants were celebrated by the official committee but a group of unofficial officials parodied the metal ceremony by giving bike handlebar grips attached to pieces of inner tube to the most creative and most unusual entrants. Prof. Quantry did not receive an award. “Maybe next year,” he laughed as he waved to the assembly on the lakefront Plaza, “maybe next year.”

David Doyle on his Raleigh Racer



Corning – The Travelers went in to beautiful Corning baseball park last Saturday hoping to build on their win from last week but met with a smoke screen provided by ace CGW pitcher, Bill “Smoke” Black. He was able to mystify the Travelers for five innings with his amazing fastball and confounding curveball. The Travelers best hitters like Johnny Cloos and Tony Dimero looked both helpless and confused as Black relentlessly drove his fastball across the plate. It seemed at times that the fastball was actually picking up speed as the game went on. Black’s well-placed curve turned the Traveler’s sluggers into swinging turnstiles. CGW won the game, 5 to 1.

The Travelers were unable to even get on base until the fifth inning. Finally, with one out in the fifth Artie Archibald was able to connect with a Black curve that hung a little too long and drive the ball into center. Billy Sweet came up next and was able to move Archibald to third on a bunt. Pitcher Billy Green came up and surprisingly was able to punch a single between first and second bringing in Archibald. After that hit Black had seen enough, he buckled down and struck out the side leaving Sweet and Green on base.

Meanwhile, CGW was having a field day on the base path. They scored twice in the first inning and then had at least one man on base every inning until the sixth inning. They were able to steal five bases, one an inning, and keep the Travelers defense on high alert the entire game. In the seventh-inning CGW slugger, Frank Herndon, was able to drive in the other three runs with a long homer over the right field fence.

The Travelers will come home next week and face another difficult component in the Mountain View Explorers. There pitching ace, Joe “Freight” Trane may not be available but the leading home run slugger, Bobby “Hammer” Taxen will be in the lineup. The Explorers are currently in second place in the league standings and the Travelers will have their work cut out for them. The game begins at 1:30 in the Traveler’s ballpark.



A freighter and an oil tanker collide under the Manhattan Bridge, touching off an explosion and sending flames high over the bridge. At least 33 are injured with 17 missing.

A U.S Air Force plane with nine men aboard is forced down by Soviet fighter planes inside Soviet territory. The plane burned and the crew has been seized. The United States demands the prompt release of nine American fliers held by the Russians on a charge of violating their frontier.

For several hours in Moscow, hundreds of Muscovites hurled stones, bricks, sticks, chunks of iron incendiary rage and bottles at the West Germany embassy here smashing every window in sight and staining the area with red ink. The United States accuses the Russian government of stage-managing the demonstration against the U.S. embassy in Moscow. The resulting situation said the State Department “is bound to increase international tension.”

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