5 Reality checks derived from ‘How to get away with murder’

5 Reality checks derived from ‘How to get away with murder’

Nov 24, 2016, 8:30:06 AM Entertainment

I’ve been watching this popular series for a long while now, and with its recent dramatic mid-season finale (don’t worry, no spoilers here), I thought it might be timely to recap on some of the themes so true to heart that we see them happening daily around us. Apart from issues of race, sexuality and alcoholism, let’s see if you agree on my take below:

1.            We try to ‘fake it till we make it’ but we never really succeed

The turmoil in Season 1 affected all the characters very deeply, but every single one of them tried to mask it and even put on a front, not just in front of strangers but in front of one another too. Though it is definitely unlikely that we commit such grave crimes, we - as everyday individuals - likewise try hard to bury our guilt and feelings of injustice. Unfortunately, this often eats us up, making us even more messed up than before.

2.            So we numb ourselves to suppress certain emotions

Be it alcohol or sex or just staying jaded (like Bonnie), we all have our own ways of numbing ourselves from experiencing negative emotions. Ironically, we turn to vices as a convenient way out. However, these are all temporary solutions and they don’t work all the time. 

3.            Or we distract ourselves with new and benign people

Every character in the show had a partner who was initially pure at heart (or at least I think they were), but were eventually polluted and pulled over to the dark side. We tend to think that perhaps his/her kindness could help us become better people, but most of the time, our negativity becomes too overwhelming for others to resist. The result? Everyone becomes equally tainted.

4.            We could blame others to make ourselves feel better

Throughout the few seasons, it is obvious that characters like Michaela and Connor often prefer to put the blame on others, even though they were quite as involved in the incidents. While most of the time we do acknowledge that we have a part to play in certain events, it just feels better to "drag others down" with us to go through the pain together. Sounds malicious, but frighteningly true. Misery loves company indeed.

5.            But deep down, we are all messed up, one way or another.

Everyone has their own personal struggles to deal with – some just do it better than others. But like how Annalise always digs out the truth from her clients, all that is needed is to be entirely truthful to yourself and to your next-of-kin. Of course, it’s easier said than done – everyone has secrets!

So what do we do to help ourselves? Well, maybe we should continue the series and see what advice the show might give us in the later episodes.



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