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My name is Jeffrey J. San Gabriel, and I'm a passionate skeptic.  I enjoy life, but am not satisfied with accepting what the world tells me.  I ask a lot of questions, then ask more questions after hearing the easy answers, then sometimes ask even more questions after that!  While I enjoy learning, the best part is actually the journey to discovering the truth, no matter how difficult or messy it may be.

I'm not one to ever hold back my honest thoughts and opinions.  But I try not to be too blunt; instead, I want to speak and act with compassion and humility.  I know I'm not perfect, nor do I have all the answers.  Instead, I try to encourage others to seek the truth for themselves, to fight through their pain on the journey to joy.

When I'm not writing, I keep busy following my San Francisco Giants, reading and collecting books, playing poker, entertaining my cats, and trying to eat healthy and exercise more.  

If you enjoy my writing, please follow me here and on my personal blog, 80 Is Enough.

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