Traveling Safely: Overcoming the Fear of Mankind

Humans are curious creatures– complete enigmas really. We long for attention yet we fear too much. We desire companionship but become nervous when a relationships become too intimate. Are needs paradox one another– and our fears do as well.

Two of the most common fears among people are that of loneliness and the fear of being harmed by someone else. We fear one another yet we crave one another all at once. We will walk down a street alone feeling sadness, yet quiver at the sight of someone unknown in the distance. Our nerves and our emotions are at a constant battle and this internal fight becomes even more apparent while traveling alone.

So what can you do about it? How can you balance the urge to meet new people with while remaining vigilant of those around you?

Simple, you let your emotions win.

People can be dangerous. One person can most certainly harm someone else. When your mom tells you that there are dangerous people out there she is telling the truth. However, when your mom tells you that if you walk the streets alone at night you will get kidnapped and murdered, she is exaggerating.

When traveling alone one must be vigilant, one must be cautious. But one must not allow this vigilance to interfere with his ability to meet and connect with others. Despite the the cynical viewpoint of Hobbes that you probably learned about in high school, I believe that humans are not inherently bad. I believe that assuming the worst of humans restricts you from meeting incredible people and having incredible experiences. I believe that you should fight the fear of loneliness by exchanging stories and lessons with others. And I believe that in order to fight the fear of danger you need to do the same.

Mankind is powerful, mankind is strong, mankind is ubiquitous. It is true that humans are capable of doing so much. After all, you should know this, you are one.


Published by Jenna Finnis


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