1-O-1-O is Your New Maxim: Ten Ten Tapas, Patio by the Sea

1-O-1-O is Your New Maxim: Ten Ten Tapas, Patio by the Sea

Sep 9, 2016, 2:19:38 AM Viral

There is a secret place in Winnipeg, only known to a select few, that inspired a maxim that we used to chant on our way to the bar – “One-Oh One-Ohh” Ok, and sometimes just for the sake of amusing ourselves. I’m not from Winnipeg, but a small town in Ontario where we have a tradition. As soon as you turn 18, everyone takes a trip to Winnipeg because the drinking age is lower. It’s like turning 19 early; We were mature for our ages.

So, now I live out here on the West Coast (a.k.a the Best Coast), and to my wonderment I found the perfect place, exclusively for drinks and tapas, right along the Waterfront. The walk there from Beach Avenue has a taste of adventure and mystery, just like our time spent exploring the good places to go for drinks, back in the day. From Beach Avenue, you cross the street, and walk down a little path, toward a small set of stairs, then veer off to the left to find it; the intrigue builds as you happen upon it, especially at night, in the dark. When you walk in, the drinks are, literally, everywhere - Wine bottles line the walls, and the bar is alluring. The name of the place is Ten Ten Tapas, and you can find it at One-Oh One-Oh, Beach Avenue.


This is a great place to go check out now, before the cooler weather comes and the patio is closed. They have a great cocktail menu, so you won’t run out of options, even if you make this your new regular spot for drinks and tapas. Our waiter’s name was Claude. You should go see him; Il sáppelle Claude. He let us be the first to try out the new drink menu. It wasn’t even out yet! We highly recommend the frozen Mojito because it makes your stories more interesting. A good tip is to add in a bottle of San Pellegrino because it serves as a good, little spacer - different from a chaser because it’s only water - which makes your drinks, as well as your night, last longer. Dinner water is an underrated small luxury. You also want to check out the options for vegetarian and pescatarian food because there are all kinds of good veggie tapas here. There are even chick peas hidden underneath the calamari, and you can order all Ten of the main Tapas for a discount price, if you want to.

If you have friends in from out of town, think of this as your opportunity to show them what the West Coast is all about. They will be impressed with the beautiful views of the False Creek waterfront, warm weather, good drinks and good company. If you’re lucky, you might even be serenaded; Ten Ten has live music, and you can check out their schedule online. I suggest you do like we did, and make One-Oh One-Oh your new maxim. See how long it takes you to try every drink on the menu, or order a bottle off the wine wall, and make Ten Ten Tapas your new Luxury treat.

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1-0-1-0  The Wine Wall on the Sea Wall

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