Ace Hire Car: The Highest Standard in Auto-Travel

Travel in Luxury with Ace Hire Car! We love this limousine service in our city, for changing the way that we think about travel. This is definitely the company that you want to book again and again for those over-exhausted, over-indulged, over-celebrated trips, on your way back home from the airport, bascially when you're all partied, hardied out: ‘Somebody please come pick me up and drive me home, already!’ Because who wants to spend another hour in a cab, trying to maintain your enthusiasm, after a long day of travelling? We love this company because of their lightening fast response time - No more waiting around, or worrying about being late, when you’re trying to get to where you’re going. The best part is, you can book at any hour of the night because they are open 24/7.

How did we not know about this before?

Based out of Richmond, the company operates on the mission of “providing first-class, chauffeured transportation, with value-based pricing and skillful, customer service" - Ace-some. Due to its coincidently convenient location, right near the airport, we think you have sufficient reason to make this your preferred method of travel, when coming back from the airport. Why snap back to reality in immediate fashion? Even better, you can take an entire trip by limo, a great idea for those of you travelling in groups. They do extended travel trips to Whistler, Bellingham (this is the Airport that hooks you up with Vegas), and they’ll even take you all the way to Seattle (there’s more casinos there too).

Arrive in Style – Take Your Pick!


Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo - 4.6L V8 Engine

This is the more practical approach to travelling, that seats up to 6 passengers.  Features include, mood lighting, TVs and a stereo system, for you to enjoy from the back of the car, cozied up to practical, bench seating.


Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limo3.5L V6 Engine

The Lincoln Navigator, Stretch Limo, is very roomy inside, and seats up to 14 passengers. This one includes an in-car limo-bar. Complete with an entertainment system, and track lighting, along the ceiling of the limo, you will travel in comfort with cushioned, plush seating. This one’s great, if you are travelling with a larger group.


Ford Expedition5.4L V8 Engine

This type of Limo is probably the most practical kind, a truck based limo/SUV that is built for off road expeditions, in addition to all of your regular travel adventures. It’s great, in case you are going on an off-road Safari, to see some rich lions and fancy zebras. Really though, this one is practically perfect for those travelling with groups of friends, or family. Featuring more traditional, practical, style seating, you can travel with up to eight passengers in these SUVs.


Ford Excursion – 6.8L V10 Engine

We love this one, for its ultra-classy, sophisticated interior, with a visually stimulating style. The Ford Excursion comes complete with the works, including a premium, entertainment system, LCD Monitors and Neon lights. Featuring, super, soft, plush, wrap around seating, this one has everything you need, including a Champagne Bar - Bring friends! It seats up to 16 passengers.

For Exceptional, Expedient Service, there is only one number you need to remember:

1-855-602-LIMO and you can book it online too:


Ace Hire Car is located at:

12331 Mcneely Drive, in Richmond, BC

Book in 24/7, or win free limo service, in our holiday, gift, guide giveaways @VanLuxLeisure


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