Bacchus Glitz, Up with a Twist

Bacchus Glitz, Up with a Twist

Sep 17, 2016, 1:11:51 AM Viral

Take a trip to the “Heart and Soul of Vancouver,” and you will find a ‘wonderful discovery’ and a ‘supreme experience.’ At 845 Hornby St., inside the Wedgewood Hotel & Spa, you will find Bacchus Lounge. This Vancouver - Lux & Leisure discovery is beautiful and classy, with a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. Even the cieling is gorgeous!

Bacchus, pronounced “Back’-Iss,” is the God of wine and the provider of happiness; This lounge is located in the Art Gallery area of Vancouver, and the name Bacchus refers to a visual work of art - A statue created in the Renaissance Era. The statue is slightly humorous and suggestive, representing a precarious character. He stands with his head tilted forward, displaying very relaxed posture: loosened shoulders, a swerve in his back and curiously bent knees, holding an oversized goblet of wine. Basically, he’s had a few drinks. So take in the beautiful surroundings and the entire, upscale look and feel of the lounge, but also give yourself permission to just let it all go and completely relax.

P.S. It’s a fun place to be.

The best part of Bacchus Lounge is the live entertainment that happens Monday-Friday at 5pm and Saturday-Sunday at 6pm. In case you weren’t aware, Vancouver has its very own Piano Lounge! Everyone needs to go experience this daily delight. This is a great place to go for drinks, and the pianists are highly experienced. Yes, the piano man will even take your requests, and can play anything you want. It’s like a live jukebox, just for you, fancy pants - Fancy Pants is also a type of red wine, just so you know.

I will give you a quick rundown of what to expect, assuming you are new to this type of sweet, sounding experience. Etiquette suggests that you tip the piano man, and submit your requests on slips of paper, so as not to interrupt the performance. It’s a good idea to have song requests ready before heading over to the lounge because it’s easy to get caught up in the merriment of the music; It’s magnificent! Then, as the bartender serves the drinks, the crowd just listens and socializes. Easy enough - just eat, drink and be merry. You’re used to that…

Here are some thoughts to stimulate your ideas for requests, “Jukebox Hero:”

-“Hotel California” (The Eagles)

-“Old Time Rock N Roll” (Bob Seger)

-“You’ve lost that loving feeling” (Sing along, Righteous Brother!)

You can also make requests by artist (e.g. Elton John, Billy Joel) or get more creative with your suggestions (e.g. Madonna, Lady Gaga, Guns N Roses). Whatever you want, make it your own experience. “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s was playing when I walked in. Coming in from the rain outside, my heart felt warm.

Bacchus has really creative and inventive drinks. Go lightly, and I guarantee you will find something at this lounge that you’ve never tried before. I had something green. It was St. Patrick’s Day (please refer to photo for recap). The drinks are delicious and Bacchus is accommodating of those who are not drinking alcohol. Think Pink for virgin cocktails with hints of peach, lemon, pineapple and banana flavors. Of course, they have lots of swanky food options, but they also have appies that are fun for the whole table (e.g. frites, sautéed veggies, risotto and gnocchi), which all just happen to be vegetarian - how thoughtful!

So do like Bacchus did and revel in all that Vancouver has to offer. Trust me; It’s healthy to go out and spoil yourself once in a while. You can celebrate like a Roman God(dess), complete with music, food and drink, at the Piano Lounge for a Luxurious changes of pace. Use your imagination, try something new and surround yourself in Bacchus Bliss.

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