Barcelo Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa: Lujo Ocio

Barcelo Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa: Lujo Ocio

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Lujo is the Spanish word for luxury, Ocio is the Spanish word for leisure, and Barcelo Asia Gardens is an award winning luxury resort, located in Spain, featuring Asian-Inspired style. Known to host everyone, including celebrity guests, the Asia Gardens Hotel is a great place to book a vacation or plan a trip away, when you want to experience Lux & Leisure, combined with multiculturalism, all in one setting.

The resort features an open-concept lobby, surrounded by nature, with relaxing water views everywhere! Complete with beautiful ponds and bridges to cross over, a number of pools with plenty of lounge seating and a vast array of foliage, the naturallistic environement creates a beautiful backdrop of color. This accommodation, situated in the heart of nature’s abundance, really feels like God’s canvas; it’s immaculate.

With the holiday season, quickly approaching, it’s a great time to book a vacation - a trip away for Christmas or New Year. A stay at this resort is a speical gift. Prices range from approximately $466 USD (416 Euros) to $2811 USD (2509 Euros), and you can find a package for Christmas Promo and an invitation to a Garden Party for New Year’s Eve.


My Barcelo

We recommend joining the loyalty program to enhance your stay with the following Free Perks!

* Save an extra 10% off hotel reservations

* Receive extras included with every reservation

* Find luxuries that will be added to your room

* Be treated to free gifts, valued at 5% of your rate

* Added Bonus: Book 30 days in advance, and you can save an additional 15%

Oh Look! - A 5 Star List


5 Star Rooms

There are a variety of rooms to choose from at the resort, and the options are designed to suit all of the guests who wish to stay here, so you can find your perfect fit, for a stay that meets (or exceeds) all of your expectations. Available options range from more basic rooms to the most elaborate suites, with a complete set of choices in between.


Deluxe Rooms

The most affordable rooms are anything but standard, at the Asia Gardens Hotel. We think you will be impressed. Pretty, quiet and quaint, with luxurious, white linens, your deluxe room includes a terrace, overlooking a tree-filled forest.

Modern décor, like an above counter hand-basin and King size bed, dressed in 300 thread-count linens, will leave you feeling well rested. The sheets are made of cotton, to keep you cool while sleeping, and you will awaken to a host of luxury lav-amenities.

All rooms come complete with big screen, LED, HDTVs and free Wifi.

Little Extras: If you are booking in for special occasions, or giving the gift of luxury travel, book the “bouquet of flowers” room, and be greeted with a beautiful bouquet, upon arrival. This is also good etiquette if you are booking on behalf of guests – An extra special, courteous, touch.


The Presidential Suite

The most luxurious of rooms here is the Presidential Suite. Complete with chandeliers, high ceilings and spacious, open views, you can spend time relaxing outdoors, overlooking nature on the full size balcony, with views of the vast, expansive Sea, by day. Re-energize with much needed rest in your canopy-draped bed, and wrap yourself in luxury linens, at night – the perfect close to a leisurely day. Suites also include a full living area, off the walk-out balcony, and full bath, complete with Jacuzzi jets and complementary cosmetics. An added bonus is the fully stocked, in-suite bar to help you take the edge off; you have everything you need here! – What Stress?


Feast your eyes on this - There are 9 Restaurants on Site!

A Buffet – Eat as much Mediterranean and International Food as you like.

A Restaurant with a Million-Dollar View – Situated in an open, outdoor atmosphere, overlooking the beautiful hotel pool and garden landscapes, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with lunch service.

An Exclusive Asian Restaurant – Classy and exclusive, only open on certain nights, the Asian restaurant includes an outdoor dining patio as well as indoor seating.

A Gourmet Restaurant with Pond View (Adults Only) – This is a great place for date nights, and the resort will host children for dinner, separately, while couples spend an evening together. This is a must-do place to go for dinner, for the most exquisite tastes and artistic presentations.

A Champagne Sushi Bar – The single girls’ favorite! A great place to be for light food and drinks in an equally light-hearted atmosphere; you will still fit into your bikini after you’re done. Bachelorettes, the resort thought of you!


A Barbeque/Grill Restaurant with Easy Access to the Pool – Bachelors, they thought of you too!


An Italian Restaurant Situated Around a Zen PoolBastah! - That’s Italian for "Stop it. Stop it Right Now!"


A Lounge with Snack Bar – This is the perfect place to meet with friends at night. Sit around a round table, cozy up with 4 chairs and a few drinks, tucked into a more intimate setting, laugh, tell stories, and take in more of the resort’s natural beauty in the gorgeous, garden area. It’s a customary ending and nighlty night-cap.

A Snack Bar – No lounge with this one. Casual and open daily, this is a great place to grab lunch in daytime, seated around yet another pool.

Mix your Lux with Your Leisure in the 7 Hotel Pools!

In addition to 4 heated pools, including one with Jacuzzi jets, as mentioned earlier on, the Asia Gardens Hotel has 7 pools in total, that will make you feel like you are vacationing in Asia.


The Infinity Pool - is an expansive, visual experience that appears to go on forever and ever. If you’ve never experienced one of these before, an infinity pool appears flat or level and merges into the surrounding landscape, with water flowing over its edges.


An Adults Only Pool – This area offers a quieter, splash free zone, for a more serene setting.


The Thai Spa Pool – The Spa pool is secluded and exclusive, only available to Spa guests.


The many pools are quite an attraction to the resort, and so is the astonishing nature that you will find yourself immersed in.


De-Stress in the Breath-Taking Tropical Gardens

Nature is the most natural stress-reliever you can ask for – so take it all in, you’ve come to the right place for relaxing and recharging; It’s the perfect holiday break. Lose yourself in a tropical oasis with a wide variety of trees, including the fruit-bearing kind. From bamboo trees to palm trees, there are over 50 different genera and the beauty of the resort is unparalleled.


We recommend experiencing all of this natural wonderment with an introverted mindset. Experience it in silence, take a mind-clearing walk through a forest of natural luxury, and reconnect with the Earth;  We don’t do enough of it. Appreciate everything that’s here, and appreciate the miracle of nature’s artwork. An Asian garden in the Mediterranean – you get the best of both worlds. What will they think of next?


Thoughtful Details

Champagne au Budoir – Bottles of champagne are served right to your room. 


5 Star Luxury Spa Treatments – Thai treatments, to be exact. A Thai massage lifts away any remaining stress with pressure and stretching, and offers the spiritual feel of ancient Asian technique. Book into the resort for a week to receive Thai Spa Credit.


Pool of Flowers – Book a deluxe suite, and you'll see for yourself what it’s all about.


Daily Activities – In case you can’t find enough to fill your time with, there are a plethora of Leisure activities on the resort for you to get involved in too, all Asian inspired like: Tea Ceremonies; Thai Chi; Quigong and Chi Kung. These will leave you feeling balanced and centered, and you should partake in each, so you can find out what the difference is between all of those names! If you weren’t already sold, they also have: Golf; Safari; Kayaking and Horse-Back Riding – You might want to book your days for stay generously.



There’s a Kids Club.


Yep - This is a kid-friendly resort that includes a park for your little ones.

Adorably structured-play ideas for kids include crafts, sports and educational games. P.S. If you are heading out to the adult only restaurant for a meal or two, the Kid’s Club doesn’t mind having children for Breakfast or Lunch, and after dinner they Feed Them to the Pirates!

Pirate Club runs until 11pm.


They really do have everything you need. It’s a family friendly environment with hours of entertainment for everyone – A Good Choice.

Did we miss anything?


Special Promotions

Oh yeah, Barcelos Asia Gardens Hotel has some incredible Last Minute Offers that you won’t want to miss. A flexible schedule is a luxury for leisure – Tell your boss. You need time off.

  • This month’s October Rate - Book 3 Nights for just $287 USD (256 Euros)
  • Book a Halloween Holiday in Advance – 3 Nights at the end of this month - $340 USD (304 Euros)

Promotions like these are ongoing, so it's good to have some felxibility in your scheule - spontanaeity's good too.


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