Bellingham Leisure Stays for Vancouver to Vegas Vacays

Bellingham Leisure Stays for Vancouver to Vegas Vacays

Nov 22, 2016, 12:04:06 AM Viral

Be the perfect role model of a working class, West Coastie, and partake in frequent trips to nearby vacation destinations. A short trip to Washington, just over the border, on the US side – Bellingham, to be exact - is where you can score the sweetest, luxury, travel Perks. We’re fans of a few close-by destinations, and you can also do Vegas for around $100, any time of year. That's one-way - Who even cares about coming back? Right now, there is a promo on, where you can get flights for as low as $39 - Get out of town! Literally, get out of here; we don’t know why you’re still reading and not booking.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself.



Yeahygas! – That’s why we love Vancouver, and all that it has to offer. In a city like this, everyone can afford to have luxury in their lives, and it’s good for you to include it too - Work Hard. Play Hard. We love Vegas because it has everything you need in a vacation; it’s the best of all worlds – as if you combined every vacay you’ve ever been on, and put all the good stuff into one place. Here are some reminders of why we love it so much, and why you should too:

  • Great Entertainment
  • Awesome Weather - All year round
  • Good Food
  • Beaches – Even if they’re man made, they’re still just as fun
  • Poolside Drinks
  • FREE Drinks
  • Shopping
  • Beautiful Architecture and Artwork (all over the place)
  • GAMES! Games where you can win money and get paid to play. Stop it.

It’s the vacation that has it all.


We're all about gambling because it’s definitely ok, if it’s only once in a while, or even more frequently for those of you repeat winners. We support everyone who doesn’t have gambling problems, and we’re here to help you.


Positive Effects of Gambling

Improve Your Mood – We are all about finding things to keep you happy. When you play, and especially if you win, you get a surge of energy and a fabulous feeling of exhilaration.

Win Money – It’s always more fun when you win. Take a trip to Vegas, and you might surprise yourself. Vegas is the best, Get-Rich-Quick Pitch you’ve ever heard, and at the very least, you'll return with some amusing stories to tell. It’s always a fun one.

Enhance Your Self-Esteem – Increase your self-esteem by running around town like a big spender. We condone it. Celebrate your big wins, in style, by finding impressive places to invest your time - Treat your friends; you're rich!

Socialize – Have fun and meet new people, while taking it all in. Vegas is a bright, lively, exciting atmosphere, great for large parties and groups of friends. The ambiance of this place inspires mixing and mingling, while uplifting your mood; It’s a great trip to entertain for days.

De-Stress – In moderation, these types of vacays will relieve stress, and make you forget about everything else that’s going on in your life. We highly recommend it for weekends, following particularly hard work weeks. Everyone needs breaks, and this is the Champagne-Sip of the Vancouver-Quick-Trips.


Here’s the way to do it, if you’re flying out of Bellingham.

We have a secret, little rendezvous place that will make the trip easier on you, and we especially recommend it for stays on the way back from your vacay. Located one and a half hours from Vancouver, and just ten minutes from the Airport, is the charming, relaxing Baymont Inn & Suites. This little, leisure find is a great way to do Vegas because you can stop on the way over (e.g. on an evening after work) or rest on the way back (because if you’re doing Vegas right, you shouldn’t be driving anytime soon). We like it because they give you free Airport Shuttle (aka a trusty driver) and Free Breakfast (no dry-hammer).

For the price of this hotel, you really can’t go wrong, and it makes perfect sense to use it to prolong your trip. You can usually stay here for less than $100/night, so if you’re travelling with friends, it makes no sense to be driving back home exhausted and tired. Rates will even go for around $65, if you're lucky. You will like it here; It’s nice. The Baymont Inn has a really, cozy feel to it, and you get all the added benefits, included with your stay. We are particularly fond of the free, in-room coffee, express, hassle-free checkout (bill slides right underneath your door), park and fly, large rooms and kitchenettes. There’s also an outdoor pool, in case you’re not over Vegas yet.

We know, it’s hard to leave.

An added bonus with this one, is that they have meeting and event rooms at the hotel. Accommodations for up to 25 guests, can be arranged. So, it's a great place to meet with your friends to hold conferences about your betting strategies, or host a final recap on the overall, Vegas affair.

A good idea for a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party.

You can find this one at 125 E. Kellogg Rd. in Bellingham, WA 98226, and this is where you go, when you're travelling to Vegas from Vancouver. They will escort you home from the Airport, right back to your comfy hotel room, so you can get some sleep, before driving home again. Wake up to your free breakfast in the morning, drinks some coffee, and then travel home, safe and sound. What more do you need?

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Keep this one on the Leisure List - A vacation from your Vegas Vacation.

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