Brock House Wedding Show: The Dress Ceremony

In follow up to the Brock House Wedding Show interlude, we cordially invite you to the Dress Ceremony, recap. Photographer Anthony Maw did justice to the beautiful artwork and visually stimulating decor at the annual event. Local designers made the afternoon ceremony all the more charming with gorgeous gowns to set the tone for a love filled day. We are particualarly fond of the Bouquet of Inspiration, behind the "brides" who modelled wishful wedding dresses. Single girls become empowered at an event like this - Step up and take the initiative to find everything you want for planning your wedding right now! Enough about waiting for the perfect 'catch;' Did you see the bouquets? Ladies, take your picks.

Looks like you're the next one getting married!

And if you are one of the lucky ones who already found love, you get treated to those darling, Gift Bags, that every girl wants to have. With over $250 worth of goodies, waiting to be found, we can find resonance (brides, singles, models) in every, little luxury an event like this brings. The grass is green on both sides of the congregation.


Brock House Wedding Show is a very, upbeat, positive and happy event for everyone to attend, complete with busy brides and frolicking flower girls - A celebration of love, lace, jewels and layers upon layers of luxurious fabrics.


Lace Gowns, Bridal Showcase

Lacy looks bring a formal feeling of romance to bridal gowns, creating timeless dress styles that date back to the 15th and 16th Century, Renaissance Era. Delicate lace patterns were traditionally created by weaving in threads of silver and gold tones, giving an irredescent look and sheen to gowns. Modern day designers are updating looks with neutral, colored threads, and accentuating dresses with silver and gold toned accessories, instead. 

This corded, lace bayboll bottice preserves the look of innocence in solid, white fabric, while a thin, silver toned belt, ties it all together. Elegance is an understatement, for today's bride.


Lace appliques showcase, the look of shimmering strands, with accents to draw the eye upward, highlighting the bride's beautiful glow. A sheer top paired with a strapless dress, conceals the bride's shoulders, for a more traditonal look with modern updates. It's customary for a bride to cover her shoulders, inside of the Church.


Complete with a shimmering, silk ribbon to tie the knot


Lace overlays, add elegance and texture to bridal gowns,  with tiers of joyful ruffles, that move gracefully, with the bride's every step.


Overlays are also used to enhance clean lines, and simplistic styles, to add that special something to sleeker shapes.


Netted lace, extending through the end of this gown creates a beautiful train. Traditionally, trains were used to signify the bride's position in terms of social status. Fashion forward brides are all about creating a dramatic entrance, and a lace train is the perfect, finishing touch for pretty pictures; Leave the positioning to the photographer.


Trends in bridal design are featuring more sexy sillohuetes, and adding in romantic lace can help you pull off the right intensity for this type of look. All over lace with a plunging neckline, allows a bride to showcase her sexy side, while still maintaining elegance and class, by keeping her shoulders covered.


Here is the look again, with a midriff bearing gown - a skirt and lace, crop-top ensemble. This is a hard look to get just right; however, the lace pattern creates a look of purity and innocence. Oversized details are also a trend that we are seeing on the runway, and a little bit of skin pairs beauitufully with and exaggerated, bell skirt and full train, in luxurious silk.


Jewelled Gowns, Bridal Showcase

Jewlled wedding dresses are a dazzling trend on the runway for 2017. We are seeing them adorned atop sheer gowns, covering the bride in all the right places. Those sexy sillohuettes that we mentioned earlier are being seen more often. Beading and jewels can really enhance a wedding gown, adding sparkle and shimmer to the bride, as she enters the room. For the wedding ceremony, jewelled dresses give a heavenly hint of an angelic quality, and when the ballroom lights are turned down low (i.e. after dinner), the jewels on the bride's dress become the icing on the cake!


A subtle, sprinkling of jewels, on these wink to pink doll gowns, glisten like Limited Edition, Barbie's Dream Dresses.



Jewels give a gown a fairytale feeling, making the bride shimmer like a chandelier accent or dazzle like the celebratory lights of Chrismtas. They really help to set the mood and feeling for a wedding.


Fashionable Fabrics, Bridal Showcase

There are a variety of fabrics to choose from, when it comes to finding the perfect, wedding dress, and the Brock House Fashion Show, had plenty of designs with a wide array of fabrics to showcase every look. We have so many photos, we can't even begin to show you them all. This really is an event, that you have to go and check out for yourself. Fabric choices help to bring a style to life, and they are important to the bride, both in how she feels, while wearing her perfect dress on her perfect day, as well as highlighting her personality, showing her off, while she works the room. A bride should be radiant and gracious, and her appearance should contribute to her endearing and welcoming presence.


This year's looks included dresses designed with embroidered

and embellished fabrics.


Beautiful Silks and Polyester


with equally, fashionable underlays


graced the Brock House.


We saw tulled skirts


                                  and beautiful, brocade fabrics with embellishments, adding femine, finishing touches.








Corsets are also being shown on the runway, and we love this modest look, paired with a beauty full, ruffled skirt.



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