Champagne Problems: Don’t Complain, Drink Champagne

Champagne Problems: Don’t Complain, Drink Champagne

Feb 26, 2018, 2:16:19 AM Life and Styles

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1. The grapes that contribute to the lovely, sparkling flavor of Champagne come from which region?

a) Spain

b) France

c) Italy




Answer: b) France – Champagne is a Province in the Northeast Region of France, and there are five, separate areas where wine is produced. The regions are located, just East of Paris, and each one is known for producing a different type of Champagne, due to the grapes that grow in each place.




2. What was the first brand of Champagne ever created?

a) Dom Perignon

b) Ace of Spades

c) Blanquette De Limoux




Answer: c) Blanquette De Limoux is considered the primary Champagne of France, which led to the popularization of the regions that are now renowned for Champagne production. Blanquette De Limoux is a sweeter type of Champagne, now considered a “dessert wine.”




3. What is the significance of Ace of Spades?

a) It is an exquisite taste, that runs at a price range of approximately $400

b) It is derived from a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pino Meunier Wines

c) It is the highest card in the deck




Answer: All of the above – Ace of Spades is a newer brand of Champagne, and it is a popular choice for bottle service in restaurants and upscale night-clubs. We also like that it’s named after the highest card in the deck, and you might want to give it a try, if you’re on a winning streak at the Casinos in Vegas.




4. Champagne sales achieved a record high in which of the following years?

a) 2016

b) 2007

c) 1992




Answer: b) 2007 – The year 2007 saw a record high in the number of sales of Champagne by the bottle.




5. How many bottles of Champagne were sold in the year of the record high?


a) 338.7 Million Bottles

b) 402.5 Million Bottles

c) 576.7 Million Bottles




Answer: a) 338.7 Million Bottles were sold in 2007, setting a record for the highest number of bottles sold in a given year. Good News, we are all doing a great job as Champagne Enthusiasts!




6. What does the term Brut refer to?

a) The sweetness of the Champagne

b) The bubbliness of the Champagne

c) The dryness of the Champagne




Answer: c) The dryness of the Champagne – Brut means that there is minimal sugar added in the production of the Champagne (i.e. less than 12 grams). Sugar is responsible for not only the sweet flavor that is added in to Champagne, but also the quantity of bubbles packed into the bottle. The dryness or sweetness of the Champagne is a personal preference, but for those who drink Champagne over wine, most often, sweeter and bubblier is usually best.

7.  After Brut, in order of sweetness, what term refers to the sweetest tasting Champagnes?

a) Demi Sec

b) Brut Nature

c) Doux



Answer: c) Doux has about 2 Teaspoons of sugar per glass. Demi Sec ranges between one to two Teaspoons of sugar per glass, and Brut Nature has almost no sugar added. As stated, previously, the amount of sugar in your glass is equivalent to the level of bubbliness of your Champagne – and some might argue, your mood too.






One for the Ladies! – and guys too, if you’re counting…

8.  Which type of Champagne has the most calories?

a) Doux

b) Brut

c) Dry




Answer: a) Doux – The sweeter blends of Champagne, such as Doux – Toast: “As sweet as can be, just like me” - for example, have over 30 calories per glass. Dry, is next in line with about 10 – 20 calories per glass, and Brut varieties are the driest of Champagnes, starting at 0 – 7 calories per glass, and even fewer. They range in sweetness from Brut, to Extra Brut (5 calories max.), and Brut Nature, with just 0 – 2 calories per glass. However, we have a go big or go home mentality when it comes to Champagne - the best drink for celebrating - We recommend going for the bubbliest of the bubblies. Cheers, to drinks under 50 calories!




9. Why was Champagne traditionally referred to as “The Devil’s Wine?”

a) The sweetness causes immense hangovers, “Oh Mon Dieu.”

b) The bottles used to spontaneously combust, due to the bubbliness of the sparkling quality of the wine

c) Due to the light, sweet taste, people often become “over-served” if drinking only Champagne




Answer: b) The small amounts of sugar added into the bottles at the end of the bottling process, just before capping, would cause etching in the glass, and they would often burst open, and shatter, while sitting, stable, atop the shelf.





10. What is the best method for preparing Champagne?

a) Pour into Champagne flutes, at room temperature

b) Display Champagne flutes artistically on a table, and open the bottle for self-service

c) Chill at approximately 20 – 25 degrees, below room temperature



Answer: c) Ice buckets are created specifically for chilling Champagne, and leave enough room to fill ice around a single bottle. The correct temperature at which to chill Champagne before serving is 45 – 48 Degrees, and it is served to guests in Champagne flutes – Chilled only.



And one last round of trivia questions, to see you off, with merry-making musings - Last Call.


11. What is the handbag that was originally designed for wine enthusiasts to carry a single bottle of their favorite wines or champagnes to their neighbors’ homes?

a) La Trouvaille

b) Le Papillion

c) Le Petit Noe





Answer: c) Le Petite Noe is a charming, little handbag that was designed, specifically for this purpose. This thoughtfully designed, drawstring closure, handbag is shaped like a prism, with the opening cinching to cover a single bottle of the wine maker or party guest’s choosing.




12. Who designed this functional, collector’s fashion item, and handy work of art?

a) Louis Vuitton

b) Channel

c) Prada




Answer: a) Louis Vuitton – For Wine and Champagne enthusiasts, we recommend checking out this cute, perfectly designed style. It was created, specially, with you and the high-spirited party-goer in mind.




Break Open the Bubbly: The Top Three Quick-Fix List

Here are the answers to your Champagne Problems.


Dom Perignon – Vintage Champagne

One of the oldest choices for Champagne, this is among the best vintage brands. Dom Perignon is a very smooth tasting Champagne, with floral and fruity flavors, characterized by a drier taste - AKA a Brut Champagne. The taste is described as a rich, honeyed flavor with just the right hint of spice (e.g cinnamon, in case you need clarification because you don’t drink it often) and liquer.



Ace of Spades – Gold Champagne

Ace of Spades is a newer brand of Champagne, dating back to around 2006, and they do not make vintage bottles, to date. The bottles are a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier for much drier, but richer tastes, with fruit-filled sips of apple, cherry and citrus, and a subtle, creamy smoothness.



Moet Ice Rose Imperial – Sparkling Champagne

This is the brand’s signature style of Rose Champagne, also a Brut taste, though still including an appropriate blend of fruity flavors. We like the cheekiness of a Brut Champagne that splashes your glassses with a spot of grenadine, as this brand does. There are also hints of cherry and cranberry, in this rose infusion.

If all else fails, get some bambino bottles. We love Champagne for the ease and simplicity it offers. These kind of parties favors are made for nights just for you!

Score your responses, and find out how you rated. Here are the categories:

1. All questions answered correctly - EXPERT

2.  INTERMEDIATE (Score 8 - 10)

3. NOVICE (Score of 8 or Less)



You are a highly established authority in French, de-escalation tactics, and Champagne is not a problem for you - Neither are your “perceived” problems, or anyone else’s, for that matter. You have a thorough understanding of the Champagne making process, right down to the region where the grapes are grown, and you could probably create your own, unique brand of Champagne. Of course, you wouldn’t, knowing the history of the best of the best, including how to find the oldest, sweetest bottles. We are proud of your generous contribution to the sale of bottles in 2007, and we thank you for helping set the record high. You most likely have a very bubbly personality, a person who knows how to deal accordingly with stress, and would never be referred to as a brut(e), by your equally, good-hearted friends. Good for you! – We think you should pick up a Petit Noe, so you can come over and keep us company - When in doubt, get the bubbly out!



Great job! – We think you need to start drinking more – You missed a few! Don’t worry if you didn’t know about the fancy handbag; that just makes you look cuter, and helps you share your Champagne problems among friends. If you missed the questions about the regions where the grapes are grown, and the first type of Champagne ever made, we suggest you travel more! However, we like that you are dealing with your life events accordingly, and balancing the brut with the bubbly. Champagne, in the right amounts, is good for your mood, and keeps you social and fun-loving. You are doing a great job of managing your emotional well-being, and your wine drinking aptitude - Let’s have trivia nights!



We highly recommend you start celebrating more – You are experiencing Champagne Problems. Perhaps you prefer wine; Let us convert you. We strongly believe in celebrating life events and improving your mood by enjoying a glass of bubbly, every now and then. And if you’re new, why not do it regularly, to get a good feel for it? – You’re learning, and practice makes perfect. The bubbly quality of Champagne elevates your mood, and you can even try having a half a glass mixed with orange juice, right along with your breakfast, there, in the morning. We call this a Mimosa (a.k.a. a proactive approach to preventing problems that may surmount, later on in the day). Don’t worry about the questions, you’ll get the hang of it, sooner or later - Where’s my drink?




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