Charidise is your Own, Happy Paradise

Charidise is your Own, Happy Paradise

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Charidise is our choice for summertime treats. Treat yourself to this busy, downtown Toronto Café for cool drinks, creative confections and light meals, perfect for summer. Because if you can’t be on vacation in paradise, then by all means – Charidise!

This is a great place to meet with friends or colleagues for lunch, or after work refreshments. You can also stop in while you’re out exploring downtown Toronto. Keep an eye out, and see if you can find it –We recommend you make a point of doing so. They are open day and night and their cuisine is light, but culturally rich. This Taiwanese restaurant will satisfy your cravings for healthy goodness – Thai Food - without leaving you with the tired, heavy feeling of eating a full-course meal. They serve all healthy ingredients with loads of veggies, and unique, fresh tastes that are both “delicious and traditional” – nutritional too!

They do cheese burgers and the like too, if you feel like going for the usual, but the authentic, Thai food is what sold us.


Specialties at Charidise include the following lighter, food fare options:



Healthy options for rice are cooked with liquid (i.e. water) heat – no frying. The tasty part is the add-ins they have, like lean protein sources and options for vegetarians. Everything here is good for you, and they have Shrimp, Salmon, Chicken and Curry - Food menus that are naturally healthy prevent you from decision-making worry.


They aren’t really a place known for having 'just salad' when you want to eat well. However, they do have a couple of choices, just in case you are still thinking inside the box; A few trips to Charidise will change that for you. We suggest sharing a few things, rather than making salad the main focus of your table. All salads are made with Romaine lettuce, and they have Red Cabbage, Walnuts and Avocado to liven it up.


They do Thai Noodles here too, if you want an alternative to rice, with Terryaki and Curry flavors, and all of the same additions for protein, like they have on their Rice Menu.

Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian options combine the two choices of either Rice or Noodles, and they have mixed veggie add-ins, like mushrooms and curry, so you can make a healthy selection in a hurry. We appreciate places like these who make it effortless to share dinner with friends, without having to be a choosy or “no fun” dinner date.

They even have desserts that are unique and specific to the type of cuisine they do – Try something new.

Options include interesting choices that you’ve probably never even heard of, and they’re good for you too! Satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts that give you even more choices; the more you’re there, the more you’ll share.



Sago is a type of tapioca extract, like the little dots you find in bubble tea. Charidise makes dessert with them, so you feel like you’re having a sweet treat. Instead of boiling them into your tea, you get them in a dish, served like ice-cream, without the animal by-products or added fat. They have flavor add-ins, to sweeten the pot. Here are the winners:

-Mixed Fruit



-Red Bean

-Aloe Vera

And they also have something called Honey Toast - We didn’t know what that was either. Honey Toast is almost exactly as it sounds, but it gets an upgrade to a dessert because of all of the add-ins they serve it with. It’s like building your own sundae, on top of a thicker slice of bread (think Sweet-Bread), covered in sugar and honey. The taste is a bit like sponge toffee, but the texture is softer. - Share!  Charidise gives you options that make it hard not to. Here’s are some of the choices they give you:


Cotton Candy

-Swiss Chocolate, Melted Caramel, Bananas and Strawberries



-Crème Anglais (A Sweet, Vanilla Cream Sauce, like Custard), Cream Cheese, Strawberry Glaze, Strawberries, Blueberries and Macaroons on top – Ok, so this option isn’t so healthy, but that’s why we encourage sharing - Bring Friends!


Black Forrest

-Crème Anglais, Cream Cheese, Marshmallows, Dark Chocolate Drizzle and Cherries on top - This one is healthier. You don’t have to share.



All of the delicious options for Japanese, Thai Food, are good and healthy. These are nice choices for summer, that you can sit outside on a patio with, or take them back to your workplace for luncheons with friends or colleagues, also nice to sit outside with.


We are especially big fans of their Iced drinks because this is the perfect thing to have in hand while out exploring the city on hot, summer days - or cooler, summer evenings – the earlier ones where the shops are still open, and you can have a look around. Window shopping counts.


They have everything here:


-Healthy Drinks

-Frozen Yogurt & Fruit Smoothies

-Iced Tea Lattes

-Iced Fruit Teas

-Fruit Slush



Our absolute favorite, Charidise drinks for summer are their Sparkling Blends. Try these to add to your bubbly, summer spirit, when it’s too early in the work day for alcohol, or if you don’t like to drink and imbibe:




Mix these with ice, and you are upbeat and happy for hours. A tip, if you are out walking around and you start to feel headachy and tired, fruity-sweet drinks like these will pick you back up and help you from getting run down – the alcohol free ones, full sugar - Try it.

We highly recommend stopping by and giving their drinks a try. You can add toppings here too, like flavor-jellies and tapioca. If you are heading out with friends, stop in for a nutritious meal, and do as the name suggests - Share. It’s a must try for summer.


Charidise is located at:

27 Baldwin St. in downtown Toronto

and they are open from 11 AM – 12 AM


The best part of it all, is that Charidise is Sharing with our readers! One lucky winner will be treated to go in and get a taste of what goes on in this Thai Resto-Lounge. It's a little something like this...

If this existed in Toronto. Create your own Charidise, and may your thoughts manifest your reality.


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