Dine Out Vancouver: Harold’s Bistro & Bar


Who do you think Harold’s Bistro and Bar is named after? Obviously it’s named after a guy name Harold, but who do you think Harold is?

Think about it…

Harold’s Bistro is located in the Airport area of Richmond, BC, and we absolutely love this area! If you aren’t familiar with Richmond, it is definitely a place to go visit. Days spent here are different than days downtown. This area is a great place to escape to, located just after the South Granville area of Vancouver, when you want a productive working atmosphere, or a quieter evening out – something different from Vancouver. A well kept, A+ secret, is the fact that it’s a really good place to stay on overnight business trips, just away from the ever buzzing city, when there’s work to do. On many occasions, we have visited this area for more reserved, albeit worthwhile nights. The entire area, lends itself to a thriving environment for work and study.

When you stay here, you will see and feel what the entire vibe means. The city of Richmond lives a slower paced lifestyle, with lots of daytime productivity; most places close down around 9pm. If you want to learn about where we like to go to shop, keep reading with us, for more great articles about all of the hidden luxuries in our City and surrounding area. For now, we bring you one of the best places to eat, in Richmond, Harold’s Bistro.

We think you should go try it out, and there is no better time to plan your visit than right now - Welcome, Dine Out Vancouver! 2017 always begins with one of our favourite events in the City, a festival celebrating all of the wonderful food, drink and artistic creations, prepared by our city’s finest chefs. Dine Out starts around the third week of January, and extends through February 5. With one final, week remaining, you will want to treat yourself to Harold’s Bistro. Schedule it into your week, and make a quick-trip to visit Richmond!

The Dine Out Menus are all prix-fixe, with full course meals, served for an established price. Get treated to a taste of luxury in a beautiful setting. We especially like Harold’s because they are another one of our picks for restaurants that don’t discriminate against vegetarians. We also like that their prix-fixe menus allow for choices, letting you make the decisions. Here is what you have to look forward to this week, at the Bistro & Bar:


-Duck with five-spiced, Asian inspired marinade, and salad

-Crab cakes with chipotle aioli, and fresh salsa


Main Course

-Slow Roasted, Short Ribs, served over pasta with Ragout

-Fried Shrimp in Wine Sauce, served over rice, with green beans

-Prosciutto Wrapped, Braised Chicken, served with cocktail potatoes and steamed vegetables



-Carmel Custard, served with biscotti and fresh berries

-Dark Chocolate Cake, served with fruit glaze and fresh berries


Oh, and if you’re lucky, you might meet Harold! In case you’re still wondering, Harold’s Bistro & Bar was named after a local guest, who is a regular at this welcoming establishment. Known to all of the staff, his friendly nature and reputation as an established regular, has earned him a title. Places like these, who truly value their guests, making you feel at home, wherever you go in our lovely City, always get our compliments. They are everything we love about Vancouver.

Harold’s Bistro & Bar is open daily from 6:30 am until 9 pm, and closes at 10 pm on the weekends. Hosting smaller parties to larger crowds, private events are available for up to 50 people, and there is a separate, party menu. Options for entertaining groups of guests include, appetizers, platters, buffet style and more, tasty options for prix-fixe dinners.


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A Five Star Pick for Dine Out Vancouver

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