Hit the Patio, Daddio! - Darby's Public House, Kitsilano

Hit the Patio, Daddio! - Darby's Public House, Kitsilano

In a quest to find the best patios in Vancouver, we took a trip to Darby’s Public House in Kits. The view from the patio is beautiful (clear-blue, sky-view – get your shades out), the food is delicious (the place to go for burgers and fries, and they’ll do it veg-style for you too!), and the Drinks taste like sunshine (orange, pineapple, raspberry blend cocktails and over 40 different kinds of beer). Quote from my dinner guest:

“Thumbs Up. Oh my good Lord!”

This local Pub is a happening place that gives you the true feeling of the Lighthearted, laid-back, West Coast vibe. They are also one of the few restaurants in the city participating in Meal Share. I had the privilege of interviewing Manager, Brendan Bonfield, to find out what makes Darby’s so lively. Here’s a little Q and A for you:

About Darby’s

Jen: “What is the story behind Darby’s?”

Brendan: “Darby’s Public House opened in 1981. I started working for the owner, Terry Lightheart, in 2005, and have continued to do so in various positions ever since. Terry wanted Darby’s to be a neighborhood public house that was a place for the community to meet and hang out. He wanted it to be open and accessible to all people, and it has been since it opened.”

Jen: “What is Darby’s most proud of?”

Brendan: “Darby’s is a place that welcomes everyone whether you’re in a 3-piece suit or in board shorts and a tank top; everyone is welcome and treated equally. We are also proud of our work, supporting as many local suppliers as possible; We try to source as local as possible for most of our food and drinks. We also give back to the community through various charities, such as Meal Share. Terry has always mandated that we give back to the community that supports us.”

About Meal Share

Jen: “What is the most rewarding thing about participating in Meal Share?”

Brendan: “Meal Share is fantastic because it allows us to help and support those most in need, both locally and internationally.  It’s a unique opportunity for us to include our customers in giving back to those in need.”

Jen: “How did you become involved in Meal Share? Why do you think this is an important cause for people to support in Vancity?”

Brendan: “We were one of the first restaurants to get involved with Meal Share. After going over what the organization was all about and what their plan was to help our community, through feeding those that need help, we were instantly [intrigued]. People should support Meal Share… because it is easy for the public to take part. You go to your favorite participating establishment, and enjoy some great meals with some friends…There is no [additional] cost to the customer, and they can [show] support…by doing exactly what they came to do anyway - drink and eat. Also, the percentage of donation dollars going to actual program support is higher than many organizations we have looked at.”

Jen: “What do you hope to accomplish by participating in Meal Share?”

Brendan: “…We hope to…help the organization provide meals to those…in need, and to bring more attention to the fact that not everybody is so lucky to be able to dine out, and many struggle just to find a meal.”

Jen: “What do you think makes Darby’s stand out from other Pubs in Vancouver?”

Brendan: “Darby’s is an iconic Vancouver pub that has been in Kitsilano for over 30 years.  We are the meeting place in [Kits] for people of all ages and walks of life. We feature a menu focused on locally sourced comfort, created by Chef AJ Jackson. We also have [Kits’] best selection of craft beer on tap. We rotate our beers on a regular basis so our customers always have new, interesting and fresh beer on tap.  The [rooftop] patio…is one of the best in Vancouver…”

About the Neighborhood

Jen: “What do you think is so unique about Kits? What makes it different from other areas of Van?”

Brendan: “Kits is one of the nicest places to live, in the best city in the world! I grew up in Kits and live on Vancouver’s Westside. Kits is different because we have the mellow atmosphere, but are still so close to downtown. We also have the nicest beaches in the Lower Mainland and some of the best bars and food in the city.

Jen: “Tell a story about the most fun night you had while working here. What are your best nights?”

Brendan: “The most fun night at Darby’s…. I have had lots of amazing nights with some great people at Darby’s. One of my favorite things we do at Darby’s is our Rare Brews & BBQ event, we host in May every year. We feature 20 + local breweries and feature unique/rare beers... Our Chef AJ Jackson creates some amazing BBQ and everyone has a blast.”

Jen: “Tell our readers something they might not know about Darby’s?”

Brendan: “…We are named after a Sheep Dog.”

Ok, it’s Me talking to you  now: See? You need to go check out Darby’s and add it to your Leisure List


Adios from the Patios!

Published by Jennica B.

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