Michael P Cullen: Do you Believe?

Michael P Cullen: Do you Believe?

Apr 1, 2018, 10:27:22 PM Entertainment

Michael P Cullen is "just a man in a suit and an old guitar." The Goth elements to his music and videos add whimsical wonder and a somber feeling of self-reflection, or a critic's look at life. His music has been described as 60's lounge-style and Gothic music, but without the jazzy overtones that we are used to hearing. He's more of an emotional cynic, singing about the heart and soul's most pondered questions - "Do you believe in love?"

The new track, titled by the above phrase, is a commute to the light at the end of the tunnel. The track alludes to a lonely existence, waiting for something meaningful, in the everlasting struggle of finding your way through. For those who keep searching, along the long and dreary road, sorrow and sadness can be transformed into love. The song is about the struggle for a happier life filled with love, while the music of Cullen is filled with despair. Hopefulness is implied, but only with the question he asks the listeners, "Do you believe in love?" which makes it difficult to see survival, in the melancholy mood of the music.


Similar Sounds

The music is reminiscent of Kings of Leon, without the Rock, and the ever popular edgy raw emotions and harder hitting lyrics that the group is known for. Alternative bands like this are more energetic and lively. The voice of Cullen is similar to Pete Yorn - A mellow tune with mysterious vocals that make you want to know more about the man behind the music, with all of the self-reflection and vulnerability of an emotion-filled artist, but missing the peaceful, calming, therapeutic effect that music can have on its listeners. We are still waiting for that something special that you hear with other, popular musicians; it's missing the soul and fighting spirit that we are used to hearing from famed favorites, coming up in their own struggle. Other musicians with similar sounds, have a joyful, positive outlook on life, that you can hear behind the music, but at first listen, we liked it, Michael P Cullen; You're not bad for new talent. 

We think that the music will develop over time, and more positive influences are needed to inspire more positive moods, to give listeners the feel-good vibes that they are looking for, when hearing a really good tune, that they can't forget. 


The Verdict

It lacks the happy, upbeat, energizing feeling that is the alternative to the mellow sounding voice in the music, behind the song.


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