Natural Beauty: How to Naturally Detox Your Pancreas

Natural Beauty: How to Naturally Detox Your Pancreas

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Detox cleanses are all the rage these days. If you are fully committed to your new Health & Wellness lifestyle, you should probably try one to see how it makes you feel. We like a good detox every now and then because of the way your body will function when you are done.Important Note: These aren’t diets. They’re meant for cleansing, not weight loss. For a sluggish metabolism, that tired, run down feeling that you can’t shake (or even explain), for problematic skin and general malaise, a cleansing detox can be a real pick me up. Although a bit of a shocker, when you are first getting started – No Coffee makes for less than playful puppies (GGRrrl…YIP!) – You will finish it feeling like a brand, new man or woman.

If you have become accustomed to a lifestyle that is high in toxins, or maybe you eat healthy, and do everything right, but you still like to hit the party on the weekends, we think a detox cleanse might be right for you. They are also a great wellness technique to introduce, in between seasons, because you sometimes just feel like your whole body needs a good cleansing – It’s a lot like a really, good facial treatment, but for the inside of your body. Let’s take a look at detoxing your pancreas, specifically. Your insides can be put under great distress, without you even noticing, and your body ends up working overtime, if you are doing things to it that it doesn’t agree with.

Your pancreas can suffer from the use of such things as drugs, alcohol and smoking. Improper nutrition can adversely affect this part of your body, as well. A detox cleanse will help you to eliminate toxins from your pancreas, and reduce stress to your internal organs, essentially, giving them a break. The Pancreas is a gland that is responsible for exocrine and endocrine function within your body. Its first function, exocrine functioning, involves the cells in the pancreas releasing enzymes that assist your body with digestion. Enzymes released in the pancreas are involved in the digestion of Fats, Carbohydrates and Protein. Its second function, endocrine functioning, is linked to your hormones. Both Insulin and Glucogen are secreted in the pancreas, and they are responsible for regulating blood sugar, helping to keep your energy levels stable. During a detox, then, it is important to take enzymes, to help your body with digestion.


Here are some VIVs (Very Important Vitamins) for detoxification of your Pancreas.

Calcium – For good bones, strong nails, and a great smile, choose Calcium. Calcium helps you to maintain a regular heartbeat, calm your nerves, and improve your cardiovascular functioning; A natural energizer, it can also serve to block toxins from being absorbed in your body, and it’s also good for your skin. Deficiencies in Calcium can lead to impaired brain functioning, affecting your memory, concentration and mood. This mineral, is especially important in terms of your Pancreas because it is involved in enzyme production (e.g. lipase, an enzyme responsible for breaking down fats).

Vitamin B – You’ve heard it before; this one’s always important to us! Good for your hair, skin, nails and eyesight, Vitamin B will also improve your liver functioning, assist you with maintaining muscle tone and improve your brain functioning. Vitamin B also improves symptoms of anxiety and depression. We recommend B12 for Vegetarians and Vegans, especially – You need it to prevent anemia! We know, we know, you hear this one from us all the time, but let’s examine what happens to your body when you are deficient in B12 – and if you aren’t eating meat, you probably are. B12 deficiency can lead to a no-funshakeable fatigue, frequent headaches, dizziness, moodiness, digestive problems, problems with your liver and even labored breathing! Honestly, when you’re off it, you forget how good it feels to be supplementing with it. B12 deficiencies will make you feel tired and week, for no apparent reason; Vegans, Vegetarians, it’s a very simple fix, just get on the B12. This Vitamin really isn’t found in many vegetables at all, so when you aren’t eating meat, you need to supplement. B12 Vitamins play an important role in your memory functioning, so please make sure you are taking it, especially if you aren’t eating meat. The End.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is an antioxidant that improves your circulation and repairs your body’s tissues. This vitamin is particularly great for athletes because it helps to promote muscle recovery following workouts, and it also helps alleviate pain. We also love this one because it’s great for your naturally, beautiful, healthy skin and hair.

Zinc – This is the stuff that clear skin is made of! If you are suffering from skin conditions or you have sensitive skin, with unexpected irritation showing up all over your beautiful visage, Zinc will help you! Zinc also supports healthy gland functioning, great reproductive health and proper immune system functioning – So we love it for this type of detox. This one is difficult to get through food intake; however, the RDA for Zinc is just 11 mg/day. And guess what?! Chocolate has 6.8mg, so it is with good reason, that we crave chocolate. If you have skin irritation, there’s your excuse to eat a couple of squares; the dark kind is best. Get the really good stuff.

Coenzyeme Q10  – Coenzyme Q10 is another good antioxidant, that is responsible for energizing the cells within your body. It improves immune system functioning, improves circulation and benefits your cardiovascular system. We also love it for its anti-aging properties.

Grape Seed Extract – This is an awesome supplement for a pancreas detox because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also another, really, great, healthy oil! – Add it to your list. Grape Seed Extract is the Oil that is highest in linoleic acid, and the lowest in saturated fat. You can cook with these oils, but you should save them for stove top cooking, like frying (1 Tbsp. max) or sautéing veggies. When Oil of this type is heated to temperatures above 500 degrees, there are adverse effects (e.g. free radicals, carcinogens – so never coat your veggies in oil and then broil them – bad news). This Oil tastes like a nutty flavored addition to food. Get the cold pressed kind.

Acidophilus – Acidophilus is great for restoring the good bacteria in your digestive system. This is great for assisting your digestive system, and helping you to properly digest your food. Acidophilus is responsible for cleansing the digestive tract, allowing you to better absorb nutrients from your food. Taking acidophilus regularly, can help you to eliminate stomachaches, and can assist in clearing up your skin problems, as well. Refrigerate it!

Gentian – Gentian is a tincture that is produced by a beautiful flower! Don’t be fooled too much by its appealing presence, however; it tastes extremely bitter – like a pretty girl who’s tired of dating all the wrong people (or your ex-wife, for example). When you take the tincture, and you only need a few drops, just be sure to cover its taste with something sweet, like honey (Awe). We recommend having it in your tea. Gentian is a booster solution for this exact type of detox, with benefits including, improved digestion, better circulation and its ability to rid the body of parasites. It is directly related to pancreatic functioning and is known for assisting your body with gastrointestinal secretions. We highly recommend it for this cleanse!



Cedar Berries – Cedar Berries, a.k.a. Junipers! – are similar to cranberries. These berries are known to improve digestive symptoms, so they are great if you are detoxing. They are related to the pancreas, in that they help to stabilize blood sugar levels. In addition, they also improve kidney functioning, and they are a diuretic. So be sure to drink lots of water, if you are eating them; We love these for a cleanse. Eat them like cranberries.


The Plan – Detox Cleanse

Here’s your new Detox Diet Plan – How to Detox Your Pancreas Naturally. During this cleanse, we recommend that you don’t work out too strenuously because your body will be adjusting to the change. However, light to moderate exercise is good – Walking is great, and Yoga is wonderful too, especially if you also want to detox your mind. You might also want get out to explore the beautiful nature of the great outdoors, for extra stress relieving benefits. Nature is a natural stress reliever, so take the time to enjoy an easy to intermediate level hike. Save this part for the end.

For the first few days of the detox, we suggest trying a juice cleanse. Drink plenty of purified water (2L or 8 Cups per day min.), sip on herbal teas. For this detox, Dandelion and Licorice Tea (1 Cup/day max.) are your best options, but you can also include Green Tea, if you like it. – No Coffee. You can also enjoy three smoothies per day, in place of your meals. Here are some excellent ideas for smoothies.

Try these recipes; these drinks are your meals for the first three days. Just blend them.


Sweet Honey Smoothie

-1 Tbsp Honey

-1/4 Cup Oat Bran

-1 Container of Yogurt (snack size)

-2 Cups of Soy Milk (any flavor)

-2 bananas

-1 Scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder (use Rice, Veggie or Soy)


Honey Dewliscious Smoothie

1/2 of a Honey Dew Melon

-1 Container of Yogurt

-1 Tbsp Pistachio Pudding Powder

-1/2 Cucumber

-2 Cups of Coconut Water

-1 Scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder (use Rice, Veggies or Soy)


Dessert Smoothie

-1 Cup of Medium or Soft Tofu (broken into pieces)

-1 Container of Yogurt

-1 Cup of Strawberries or Mixed Berries (fresh or frozen)

-2 Cups of Coconut Water

-1/4 Cup of Oat Bran

-1 Tbsp Honey


Tea Drinks

Peach Juicer

-1/2 Cup 100% Real Cranberry Juice

-1/2 Cup Peach Juice (get as close to natural as possible – not a sugar/water blend)

-1 Cup of Dandelion Tea

-Add Ice


Iced Licorice Tea Latte (1 Cup of Licorice Tea per day max.)

-1 Tbsp Honey

-1 Cup Licorice Tea

-1 Cup Vanilla Soy Milk


Phase Two – Detox Days 4 & 5

Once you are done with the juice cleanse, you can reintroduce solid foods on days four and five – Hallelujah! You will be hungry for solid food, and we have really, hearty, healthy meals and recipes designed, specifically, for you. Eat your meals according to the plan laid out below, and you can add in Smoothies and tea drinks between meals (1 to 2/day for men, and 1/day for women). You can also drink as much water and plain tea, as you like, but only have 1 cup of Licorice Tea per day, as it stimulates the digestive system (eliminate completely if needed). Get started with a full, nutritious, delicious breakfast.


-1/2 Cup Beans (Guys, you can have 1 full Cup if you’re hungry – your caloric needs are higher)

-Fried Tomatoes (See Recipe)

-2 Cups Sauteed Spinach (use your cold pressed Grape Seed Oil)

Fried Tomato Recipe:

-1 whole Tomato – Cut into Slices

-1/4 cup Soy Milk (pour into a flat dish or container)

-1/4 cup Italian Bread Crumbs

-1 Tbsp. Parmesaan Cheese (the sprinkle kind, from the shaker)

Directions: Dip each tomato slice into the milk. In a separate dish, mix the bread crumbs with the Parmesaan Cheese. Take the tomato slice from the milk dish, and place it in the crumb dish to coat. Place in frying pan with the remaining oil from the sautéed spinach. You want to brown the slices on both sides, until they are crispy.



-1 Cup of Steamed Brown Rice (use a steamer, or prepare it on the stove)

-1 Tbsp. Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil

-1 Green Pepper

-1/4 of an Onion, sliced into rings

-1/4 container of Soft Tofu

Directions: In a frying pan, add the pepper and the onion to the oil. Fry until soft. Remove from pan, and set aside. Add in the soft tofu, and scramble fry – it should be easily separating, and dry, but not browned. Remove from pan, and top your rice with it (this is a good substitute for scrambled eggs, by the way, and it’s better for your skin). Top the rice with your veggies, and drizzle 1 Tbsp. of honey over top.




Kelp Noodle Bowls


-Prepare 1 Cup of Kelp Noodles, according to package directions

-1 Cup of Lettuce (Sliced or Grated)

-1/2 Cucumber (Sliced and then quarter the slices)

-Peri Peri Tofu – Have you tried Peri Peri Sauce from Nando’s? Get lost with this stuff! You need to try it. Get some so you can make Peri Peri Tofu. Just coat some medium tofu pieces in it, and pan-fry until crisp. It’s spicy, but you can get different temps.

You will need about ¼ to ½ block of tofu, depending on how ravenous you are, by this point.

To make your Noodle Bowl, all you do is put the noodles in, top with the veggies, and pour the oil over top. Then, add your Tofu, and you can put a little take-out package of Sweet & Sour Sauce over it – or 1 Tbsp. if you’re not a single person who only uses take-out sauces. P.S. That’s totally how we learned to make Peri Peri Tofu, take-out sauce from Nando’s.


Phase Three – Detox Days 6 & 7


-1 Package of Oatmeal – use the variety pack, they’re tasty and fun!

-1 Snack Container of Yogurt (there’s Vegan yogurt too, about $5 for a full container) – your choice



-1 handful of pumpkin seeds

-1 handful of Cedar Berries

-mix these together in a small container, and eat them combined – Tastes better, More fun.



Meal Size Salad

-2 cups of Spinach, or mixed salad greens

-1/2 tomato

-1/8 cup black olives (sliced)

-croutons – you can just add as many as you like, you won’t put too many. We trust you.

-Sprinkle with Parmesaan Cheese (out of the shaker bottle)

-Dressing – 1 Tbsp. of Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil, 1 tsp. Dijon Mustard, 1 tsp. Vinegar

Toss and Eat – Done and Done.


Hummus Toasts

-2 Sheets of Rye Vita (there are all different kinds, get whichever flavor you like)

-A super, generous serving of hummus, to top the toasts. You don’t need to measure, you can have lots, without having to worry about adding too much. You won’t – not possible.



-Baked Sweet Potato

-Faux Chicken Cutlets – those are the kind that are made from Soy, and you get them in your freezer aisle. Have one with dinner.

-Chilled Soup – You can have this out first; it’s nice.


Chilled Green Soup Recipe (Prepare Ahead of Time)

This recipe gives you just enough for this detox because we dislike those detoxes where you buy out the whole, produce section of the grocery store, make a vat of yuck, and then throw it out after your detox is over – So dumb. This one tastes good, and you have just enough for the days you need it – No wasting food.


-1 bunch of Asparagus

-1 Avocado

-1 small package of mushrooms – any kind, but button ones are cuter

-1 small onion

-3 Tbsp of Oil – Use your Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil, that’s why you bought it!

-2 Cups of low sodium chicken or vegetable stock

-2 Cups of water

-Salt and Pepper to Taste

Directions: Saute the mushrooms and onions in 1 Tbsp. of the oil, until soft. Meanwhile, steam the asparagus in about 1 inch of water or use a steamer. When it’s soft, drain the water. Save the avocado. You never heat avocado because it changes the flavor. Add 1 Cup of water, 1 Cup of stock and all of the veggies to a food processor – blend until smooth. It should be a thick puree, so you can pulse it to get the texture just right. Add the rest of the liquid to a pot, and add in the puree. Boil for about 10 min. Remove from stove.

Once it’s cooled, scoop out 1 Cup of the soup, and add it to your blender with the scooped out avocado. Whip this, to get your creamy texture, and add it back into your soup. Stir to mix thoroughly and blend. Store in a sealed container in the fridge. Chill overnight – Serve Cold.


Cleansing Thoughts

Specifically designed to help detox your pancreas, you should start to feel healthier and more energetic as a result.

Take Care of yourself,

Feel Better!

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