Natural Beauty: Natural Cures for Dandruff

Bad Hair & Skin is Rough: Natural Cures for Dandruff

Dandruff is a pesky problem that keeps coming back again and again, no matter what you do! This is a skin condition, and it is linked to the oil producing glands, so you want to make sure you are ingesting good, clean oils on a regular basis. There’s tons of info. about that here on our website, and there are a variety of different kinds of oils to try. Don’t buy into the diet hype that low fat means no fat; healthy fats, like Sesame Seed and Safflower Oils are good, and necessary – So, use them.

Dandruff is also attributed to a variety of deficiencies. Vegetarians, get on the B12! We can’t recommend it enough. It’s very important because you need it to feel your best. Otherwise, you get tired, run-down, and you can even become anemic – No Fun. You also need to get on a good Multi-Vitamin, and take it daily. Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Acidophilus (Quick Notes: Refrigerate this one) are all important too. Biotin is another, wonderful discovery that dramatically improves the condition of your hair and skin, in only a week. Continued use is recommended, and you will often see your skin clearing up, within a few days, even, especially if you’re sensitive.

We know all about how irritating skin problems can be when they show up, and if you have sensitive skin, it can be really difficult to manage; Dandruff falls into this category. One thing about having sensitive skin though, is that it reacts quickly, which can be a negative or a positive. A good thing to remember is this: Sensitive skin reacts easily to bad, but responds quickly to good. Look on the bright side! There’s always an upside. Having sensitive skin can be a very good thing because you can make it healthy and beautiful, if you have all the right tips and tricks, and you know what works best.

With Balance Me Beautiful as your health & wellness resource, you don’t have to worry too much. You can find a lot of ways to get relief, within our articles. We recommend trying a few ideas at once, to get quick results and noticeable differences that heal you from the inside out, in a very short time. A wholistic approach is best, rather than just looking at once piece of the puzzle. Your body is complex and needs attention in a variety of areas. Health & wellness is a lifestyle that keeps you on a steady path of self-improvement and prevention of reactions and illnesses, rather than just a quick fix – Although, you can find a few tricks for that here too!

Your diet can also make a big difference. We’ve included lots of delicious recipes for you to try, so you can integrate some new, healthy ideas into your daily routine. Treat yourself! Cook some fabulous dinners in the upcoming weeks. Healing doesn’t have to mean boring and bland


What to Avoid:

Eggs and chocolate – avoid these if you are sensitive. Chocolate is a trigger for many sensitive people. If you’re not overly sensitive, however, it’s fine and healthy to indulge once in a while. Here’s the deal with eggs, and why you should use them sparingly, if you’re prone to skin problems. Remember earlier when we said Biotin is good? Eggs bind to biotin and lessen its effects, so you can still have a deficiency, even while you’re supplementing. Instead, add in  other healthy sources of protein like low-fat cottage cheese, fish or nuts and seeds. You might even want to consider avoiding Eggs altogether if you have irritation in your skin, especially if you are supplementing with Biotin. In fact, if you are very sensitive, you might consider switching to a Vegetarian or Vegan diet. Don’t go cold turkey and quit meat overnight, but you can gradually change to a more plant based diet, over time. Try not eating meat on alternate days, then increase to most days of the week. Finally, see if you can do it for all but 1 day of the week. Have you heard of the flexitarian lifestyle? This is a good start, and over time, you will likely find that you aren’t really missing meat anymore. Even on your off day of the week, you will find that you don’t really crave it as much anymore, and you may even be turned off of it, completely. You can also use this pattern to make the switch from a Vegetarian to a Vegan lifestyle, if that’s one of your goals. Whatever works for you, we support it.


Food For Thought

Yogurt – Eating yogurt can help you to restore good bacteria in your system, which will be reflected in the condition of your skin. Yogurt cups also make for a really good, quick snack. We like it to have it for breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal – also good for your skin.

Gluten – If you are suffering from recurring dandruff, you might consider adjusting your diet to eliminate or reduce gluten. Try a gluten free diet, temporarily, to see if you notice a difference. If you notice an improvement in your skin and hair condition, this may be a trigger for you, and you can think about modifying your food choices.



Hair Care

A good hair care routine is really important. If you have dandruff, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t taking care of yourself. However, there a few things that you might be missing, that can help to improve the condition of the skin beneath your hair. Wash with moisturizing hair care products, and be sure you check the labels first. If alcohol is listed as one of the top 3 products in your shampoo or conditioner, ditch it, and get something new. Try Argan or Moroccan Oil, for really rich, deep moisture or read on for some other great hair health tips. Using more natural and gentle products can be beneficial as well – Try “Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.”


Seek Medical Advice

If you’ve tried everything under the sun, and you still can’t get rid of the problem, in other words, you have a Chronic Case of Dandruff, please be sure to consult your doctor to find the underlying, root problem. A dermatologist can help you too, if you need prescription strength hair care products, to help clear up a persistent problem.


Natural Remedies

We have another natural wellness product that you probably haven’t tried yet. Read on to find out How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Rid of Dandruff.



We recommend trying a cleanse for at least one day out of the month. For added benefits, you can extend the duration (e.g. 1 week – 3 weeks). Here are some healthy, detox drink recipes to get you started.


Detox Tea

    1 large Cup of Steeped Green Tea (let it sit for about 15min.) For added cleansing benefits,    

      you can use 2 tea bags

    2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar.

    Squeeze in the juice of 1 Lemon

    1 tsp Cinnamon (or you can use a cinnamon stick while it’s steeping)

    1 tsp Nutmeg

    1 Tbsp. of honey

Drink this in the morning to help kick-start your day. It’s also good to have in the evening, after dinner. You can also use this tea to give you a midday boost, on your lunch break. Bring everything with you in your lunch bag, and you’re set for your afternoon recharge. Pair it with a healthy lunch, and you will be energized for the rest of the work day.


Red Clover Tea

Known for its antibiotic properties, Red Clover Tea is good for the circulatory system, stress relief, and reducing inflammation. It’s also great for cleansing, as it prevents UTIs and gives your immune system a boost. Red Clover Tea helps with dandruff, and it’s great for your skin too! Prepare your tea by adding 1.5 Tbsp of loose tea leaves to a tea diffuser, and add in your Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar.


Fruit Juicers

Try these great fruit juicers – just like cocktails – and integrate them into your cleanse. Both of these recipes contain Cranberry Juice, which is also good for you (prevents UTIs).


Pomegranate Juicer

-1 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar

-1 Tbsp of Lemon Juice

-1 Tsp sugar

-1 Cup of Pomegranate Juice

Mix it all together. If you want, you can use ½ Cranberry Juice and ½ Pomegranate Juice.


Berry Juicer

-2 Tbsp mixed berries

-1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

-Squeeze in the juice of a lime

-1 Tbsp. honey

-1 Cup of Cranberry Juice

Put everything into the glass, except the berries, and mix it together with a spoon. Then, top with your berries, or put them in there all fancy-like with a little umbrella, so you can feel like you’re drinking, even though you’ve committed yourself to this cleanse.

It’s only Temporary.




Try a Raw Foods Diet – A raw food diet is recommended to help clear up any skin problems you may have, including dandruff. We suggest trying it for a week, and seeing if your symptoms improve. Here is a really great recipe to help you get started. You’ll wonder why you never got turned on to the Raw Food Craze yet – These Veggies make it easy to eat raw!

Marinated Veggies – These are veggies are SO GOOD – Real, Fresh, Delicious. Make this up ahead of time, and you can snack on them all day. Cut up a bunch of Carrots (1 Cup), Cauliflower (2 cups) and Broccoli (2 cups), Put them all together in a bowl, and then pour the salad dressing over top. Put a lid on it, and shake it up. Let it sit in the fridge overnight, marinating them inside the bowl – Flip the bowl upside down to get the most flavor. Here’s how to make your dressing.


Salad Dressing Marinade:

-½ cup olive oil

-2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar

-1 Tbsp. wine vinegar

-2 tsp sugar

-½ tsp salt

-½ tsp dry mustard

-1 clove garlic


Make Caesar Salad – the vegetarian kind! Skip the bacon bits, and just go far all of the really good, creamy texture and Caesar flavor. We’re so turned on by all the food, we forgot we were talking about Dandruff! You need a recipe that calls for Apple Cider Vinegar. Here it is!


-3 cloves of garlic (but not on date night)

-1 Tbs. Dijon mustard

-2 Tbs. lemon juice

-2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce (if you don’t have this you can use soy sauce)

-2/3 cup of olive oil

-¼ cup Apple Cider Vinegar

-1 tsp. sugar

-½ cup grated parmesan cheese (no one ever knows what that means – do we sprinkle it? Do we grate it? For this part of the recipe, you sprinkle it – Right out of the shaker bottle)

-Salt and pepper


For the Salad, just use 2 heads of romaine lettuce, throw some croutons in (you can use up to 2 cups, but you know what you like. You don’t have to be so uptight about it), ½ cup grated parmesan cheese (this time it means to grate it on top, from the block of cheese).

Then for bacon bits, don’t hurt any animals -Use the Facon kind. You can get this in the veggie section at the grocery store. Just fry it like bacon, break it up, and sprinkle it over your salad. It tastes really good.

And that’s it!

Just mix it all together, and have a big serving of about 2 cups. This is a good, light dinner, that will make you feel really full. We recommend dinner sized salad, instead of having just a little bit on the side. It’s so good and healthy for you, that we think it should always be the meal, not the side.


Apple Topped Salmon (for 1)

This recipe is delicious! Salmon is so good for you, and it’s great for your skin too. Integrate this tasty treat into your diet, and you will start to see an improvement in your hair and skin; You’ll look gorgeous – ‘Kiss the cook!’ If you’re a bachelor or bachelorette, living on your own in a condo, this is dinner for one. Here’s your recipe.

-1 individual size serving of Salmon

-1/2 an Apple

-1 full slice off an onion

-1 Tbsp of Ranch Dressing or you can use the Caesar Dressing from your Salad

-If you’re using Ranch, mix in 1 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar


Cut the onion slice in half so you have half-rings. Section the Apple into pieces – You know how we do. Mix the Salad Dressing in with the apples and onions, and top the Salmon. Cook it until the Salmon turns white-ish, and breaks away easily with a fork. The apples should be tender, when tested with a fork, like Apple Pie filling.


Kelp Noodles

Kelp is really good for eliminating Dandruff, and the good news is, these bad boys are also Gluten Free! Use them to make a colorful pasta salad. You can just buy them from a health food store.

Pasta salad – For this recipe you need 1 shredded cabbage. You can shred all one kind, or you can do ½ green and ½ red to make it more fancy – Use a grater. If it’s just for you, use one kind, but if you have people coming over that you want to impress, get out the fancy plates and use 2 kinds!

You also need…

-1 onion

-3 cups of Kelp noodles

-1 can of Water Chestnuts

-1/3 cup flax seeds

-1/3 cup sunflower seeds

-¼ cup oil (your choice, choose a healthy variety)

-¼ cup soy sauce

-1 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar (we recommend tossing the cabbage in it first, let sit during prep)

-Lemon pepper seasoning

-Parsley 1 tbs.

-Paprika 2 tbs.

-1 clove garlic (grate this on the side of the grater with the smallest holes)

Chop the onion and add it with the water chestnuts to your cabbage. Cook the Kelp noodles according to package directions (just like pasta). That’s your Salad. Put the noodles down first, top with the cabbage, and then add the dressing. All the remaining ingredients are your salad dressing, so just blend them all together and pour it over the top. Add Salt & Pepper to Taste. Toss, Eat, Enjoy! You did something good for yourself.


Hair Care

Beta Carot Shampoo

Beta Carotene, found in Carrots, really helps to improve the overall condition of your hair and prevents damaging free radicals; It’s also good if you have fine or thinning hair. The benefits of beta carotene include treating difficult to manage skin conditions, such as, dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. Applied topically, it has been known to clear up skin problems, so add in your Apple Cider Vinegar (1 Tbsp) to your shampoo, while you have it in the palm of your hand, and it will improve the overall condition of your hair.


Derma E – Vitamin A Moisturizing Gel

This cream is meant for your face, but it can also help to restore the skin cells, underneath your hair. You shouldn’t use a lotion or skin cream in your hair on a daily basis; however, it’s great as a conditioner when you run out, or used as a treatment, monthly. Your hair will come out really soft and well hydrated – Try it. We like this idea because you can also use the cream on your face, afterwards, and it’s good for all skin types. Simply rinse your hair with your Apple Cider Vinegar, and then follow up with the gel, as a treatment for your scalp. We recommend leaving it in. If you slick your hair back into a braid or low-swept ponytail, it will work it’s wonders all day, and no one will even know you have it in your hair.

So there are some ideas to get you started. Combine a variety of strategies, and you should notice a change within a week or so. You can also get creative with your hairstyle, and eliminate heat, until you have managed to gain control over your hair and skin. Heat can exacerbate a dandruff problem, so think about alternative styling methods, and keep your hair looking beautiful!

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