New York Bridal Fashion Week S/S18: Julie Vino, Dresses, Gowns and Dressing Gowns

New York Bridal Fashion Week S/S18: Julie Vino, Dresses, Gowns and Dressing Gowns

Oct 22, 2017, 12:59:22 AM Life and Styles

New York Bridal Fashion Week was a beautiful event, filled with gorgeous bridal gowns, layers upon layers of creativity and dashing designs. Julie Vino, a dress designer from Tel Aviv with experience in both the Canadian and U.S. markets, brought a new look to the event with her dresses, gowns and dressing gowns – our favorite part. Getting ready is half the fun, and her dressing gowns are beautiful – a very nice gift for the bridesmaids that you are celebrating with. This entire collection, by Julie Vino, is inspired by fabrics and accessories. Photos of this event were radiantly captured by Stella Kim, who sees everything beautiful about the business.

Flattering fabrics, slimming silhouettes and tailoring to accentuate curves and enhance the female form, are what this line is all about. The dressing gowns are all made from luxurious silk/satin fabric with plenty or iridescent shine. Hair and make-up are a breeze, when you are wrapped in a second skin feeling that skims your body, in a loose, airy, figure flattering style. This sets the mood for the day, and helps you to relax before any event. Dressing gowns like these are a necessity for every woman as she gets ready because your hair and make-up are left completely untouched, after undressing – Be careful with the new outfit, but hair and make up are picture perfect, getting ready wrapped in silk.

Pale shades of pink and white set the mood for love and thoughts about things to come – anticipation for the main event, with a calm, cool and collected feeling. If you don’t have one, try it; you can contribute to the emotion of the evening as early as you think about going out. We recommend a glass of Vino too, as the designer name suggests.

Floral printed patterns are a cute look too – the mood behind this dressing gown gives anticipation with a passion for fashion.

We love this idea for setting the stage before the main event.

Of course, the wedding dresses and wedding gowns are the real show stoppers.

Brides in this collection do not come here to be covered. Vino celebrates women’s bodies, to highlight her shape. Lean looks fit easy and fall effortlessly – while shape is the main focus of the designs in this line, structure is not a part of the tailoring. These are free-flowing, light weight dresses that highlight a bride’s, natural form.

Ball Gown skirts are fitted and flared, and tailoring is added to tops, for very unique styles. The two-piece designs in this line remind us of the 80s, looking classy and high fashion – think 80s, night time soap series with glamorous costumes.

And the accessories are a big part of this designer’s creative mind.

Really full skirts, and full trains are the looks to love in this line, and subtle, shimmering accents give the hint of glitz that we remember so well from 80s fashions.

Add a wink to pink, in case you don’t feel like being 100% innocent – These dresses are just as pretty, too.


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