New York Bridal Fashion Week S/S18: Michal Medina Laced with Love

New York Bridal Fashion Week S/S18: Michal Medina Laced with Love

Oct 20, 2017, 11:49:00 PM Life and Styles

New York Bridal Fashion Week was a lovely event, filled with dress designs, inspired by highly creative minds. We saw a variety of modern updates on tradition, embroidery and embellishments to accentuate everlasting love, and brand new gowns that left us marveling at the thoughtfulness and planning that goes into each and every style – the perfect match for the planning that goes into the main event. Michal Medina is a standout in bridal fashion, and this designer label is all about the lace. We call this, laced with love. Stella Kim creates a lookbook of the event through her photos.

Dresses in this collection are timeless, with free-flowing hemlines that make a graceful entrance, as brides make their first appearance, dressed in one of the most important details of the day. We love the fuller ball gown styles in this line, and appreciate that not every dress is pure white; color is subtle, but deviates from pure white - think, sparkling champagne.

Dresses like these draw inspiration from the Victorian era, and are designed in Israel. Michal Medina is a female, fashion designer, and these dresses are feminine, the kind you find yourself dreaming about when you think about your future, as a young woman. We love the emotion Medina creates through fabric choice, alone. This is something very unique that we haven’t seen being done before. Her signature is the beautiful lace she designs with.

Details in her lace looks are very intricate and precise. Tiny, jewel accents are used to highlight geometric, lace patterns, while maintaining simplicity and elegance. This is difficult to do, without making things flashy and dramatically glamorous, and Medina does this exceptionally well - Less is more.

Destination weddings aren’t difficult to style with a variety of light weight selections like this. Lace is the perfect look. Everything is flowly and youthful, reflecting a low maintenance, fun-loving bride, and she will have a multitude of choices when vising the showroom. Cool and carefree are the best dress styles for getting married on the beach, and if you are planning a wedding in a land far away, then you are closer to finding your dress than you might think.

Feel like you’re already there.

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Bridal by Michel Media... Pretty as a ballerina

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