Rock the Little Boat: Music by Ajay

Rock the Little Boat: Music by Ajay

May 12, 2018, 8:01:32 AM Entertainment

Ajay Mathur brings us a new album called, "Little Boat," a mix of music and a variety of songs - and also a Grammy Award winning album, from earlier on, that won him praise in 2017. We like the unique, eclectic mix of music he brings us, a new(er) artist in the North American market, creating his songs from Switzerland - it's a new kind of Rock music.

We like the live performances that we can attend via his website, and uploaded content on YouTube, that makes you feel like you are a part of the audience -  a reminder of what it was like to see the live band who would be playing when you attended your favorite bar, back in the day - a bit of a surprise, where you never know what you are going to get.

We like it.

It reminds us a bit of the music that you are treated to, when you go to dinner or drinks with a few friends, in the underground resto-lounges in Toronto, Ontario.


Best memory of a song ever heard in an underground bar in Toronto, Ontario:

The music just gives you a welcoming feeling, and you never want to leave. In a busy city, music of this kind can be the break that you need - it's relaxing and hopeful at the same time. The live versions of the songs make it all the more better - see what we mean, when you watch the song played live again, here - it's a good song, and you have time:

Trivia: Who's song is this one, anyway?

"Here's the love from "Little Boat" is the new song we are listening to, and it reminds us of other Country/Rock/Blues bands that are easy to listen to -good listening for good spirits. We hear the optimism in the singer's voice, and that's always a good sign, for new musicians . It's the sound we like to hear, that brings us back for more.

Mathur has become known in the European music market, and his singles have made the charts, along with acknowledgement of his band, Mainstreet, from his earlier days in the music scene. Their music made top 20 in Switzerland, and they could be seen (their music heard) in Hard Rock Cafe - Tokyo - They have seen some International success, and are now being introduced into mainstream media.

We are reminded of other Country/Rock artists, especially those hailing from Toronto, as noted above, like Blue Rodeo, for example -the band who's lead singer was dating an acting student, while he was just making his music. Songs like these are well known in Canada, and we're taking a trip through memory lane, with songs like this:


Still wondering?

Waiting for a Miracle - original song (lyrics and music) by Bruce Cockburn, 1987. Later sung by Jerry Garcia - Recorded in 1990 on the Jerry Garcia Band album.


Ajay Mathur - "Little Boat" - we like this music better live, and we would want to see better videos for marketing of the music. We recommend you go see them, or check them out on Spotify.

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