Silver Reef: Stress Relief

Delightful Décor, Creative Confections and Gleeful Gaming Ups the Ante.

Silver Reef Hotel & Casino is just across the border and almost equal distance between Vancouver and Seattle. If you are heading to Seattle for the weekend – Bravo! This is the perfect trip interlude as well as the final curtain call; Play on the way there, rest on the way back.

Did you know that moderate, responsible gambling serves as a good distraction?

It does.

So, if you’ve had a hard work week or you are feeling co-operationally violated again because your boss is off her rocker (a.k.a. her meds) you should take a break from the useless whining and moaning, that you’ve had enough of already, and replace it with fun! Side Note: Germans only work 26hrs. per week, so don’t forget that you have rights too. Just a short, leisurely drive South is where you’ll find this nearest little Lux retreat, and it’s SO worth it!


Gambling Benefits

Here is a concise list of the things you need to get done at the casino, by the end of your trip:

Improve your mood - As long as your gambling’s not a problem, we're all for it!

Socialize - Gaming is a good, healthy, social activity. Have fun! Meet new people!

USE YOUR HEAD! – Gambling utilizes all of your magnificent, mental skills, like memory, concentration and problems solving skills – See? You’re Smart. If you win, there’s proof!

Relieve Stress – Good gaming promotes arousal, which leads to a more positive disposition. As long as you don’t develop a future problem, all of your former problems will be solved! 

Research proves that gambling promotes the good old fashioned, feel-good vibes, for all of the reasons noted above. So cross each one of them off the to-do list - Beating the odds is a great escape from the stress of your daily life.

Everyone’s a winner here! Silver Reef is a regional Casino, as opposed to the larger, lavish casinos of Vegas, but it’s nice because it gives you a more inclusive, personal feel in a friendly environment, where you will be treated like a regular. The front desk staff are extremely professional, calm and relaxed, just like the peaceful, comfortable ambiance of your room. Basically - They’re Nice.


The Diamond Club

Glimmer like a Diamond! Ask the staff, and they’ll show you how to get the added luxuries that go along with staying and playing here. You can bet on the Diamond Dividends Card to get you upgraded to the Diamond Suites.

Located on the very top floor of the hotel, secluded in a separate wing of the amusement-multiplex, is the Diamond Lounge. Only members have exclusive access to this floor - the penthouse score! The rooms are beautiful with modern, finishing touches to complete the overall experience and feeling that you receive. The furnishings are classy and understated, with a 3-way in every room - That’s a column shower, oh just another, stylish, classy detail of the resort. You also get treated to a small sampling from the spa, with salon-quality  lav-amenities, like a hair-mask that will leave your locks luscious, giving you the feeling of having a professional in-suite hairstylist. The Diamond Club provides you with a super comfy, lux look and feel, with added perks that make it hard to leave the room. Seriously - I had the best sleep ever here, and I didn’t want to go home.


And the perks don’t end there, either - All these little luxuries are included too…

You get free breakfast, with more options than you are able to deal with in the morning, and complementary coffee, the rich, specialty blends – get the cappuccino – so delicious! Another thoughtful detail is the beautiful array of artwork displayed in the confections case. I didn’t try any of these, but the experience is visually stimulating enough on its own; it’s fun to look at, and probably just as fun to eat. Creative confections like these can serve as a form of therapy, symbolizing creativity and offering the same type of feeling that you get from gazing at art. This too can provide stress relief, leaving you with a sense of calm.


They have it for kids, aussi – check out these ginormous cookies!



Indoors, on the lower level of the hotel you will find a beautiful pool area, in a gorgeous, relaxing atmosphere, while all the fun happens on the other side, in the brightly-colored, gaming lounge, where the casino is located. Even the outside of this place provides tranquility, with its beautiful garden-like feel; Nature too, is a natural relaxer. You will want to make sure you take it all in to get the full feel for the overall experience. Indulge in luxury; revel in leisure.

Silver Reef is a must-stay vacay on the way home from Seattle where you can relax and unwind from the excitement of your trip, so that you feel rested when returning to your routine schedule.  Restore your energy and your good vibes, and arrive, calm, cool and collected, so that you can contribute to a more positive atmosphere, refreshed and recharged - even if those around you still haven’t picked up on the secrets of emotional liberation.

And for the boss - bring her back a gift voucher - Maybe she needs a trip to the spa; Get her a massage or something. See if you can find her one of those gigantic, oversized bottles at the duty free shop – A gift for the person in your life who likes to magnify small problems into something 90 times bigger. 

For you, there’s Silver Reef - The place you can return to again and again. It’s so close to the border, you can get in frequent, quick escapes on recurring, weekend-whims.

Add this one to the lux list…

It’s a vacation on its own, or a vacation from your vacation, on the way home from vacation. Who cares what your excuse is? You work hard, and you dserve it!

Published by Jennica B.

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