Ten Ten Tapas - Paint the Town Red

Ten Ten Tapas - Paint the Town Red

Aug 12, 2017, 7:26:45 PM Viral

You’ve heard our stories about Ten Ten Tapas before, and if you’ve been reading with us, then you know the significance of the address 1- 0 -1 -0. If you haven’t been reading with us, you should catch up so you can find out about all of the hotspots in your city - and now, some other cities too. Our website launch is happening this month too, so you will be able to find all of the exciting things to see and do, wherever you are - Recommended by us, for special guests like you.

In case you aren’t familiar with Ten Ten Tapas: Patio by the Sea, here is a little recap for you. This patio by the Sea was one of our first picks for places to be in Vancouver. We really like this locally owned, family run business, and we love the family who run it too, Derek and his Mom – Awe.

We like the setting too – right along the False Creek Waterfront, and we like the way they treat you - like a valued guest. The waiters and waitresses here are really great people, and so are the managers (see above). You will get treated to good conversation and good drink recommendations, all within a quiet, dimly lit setting with wine-lined walls and candlelight, to set the mood. On Friday, your tired, weary eyes and overextended mind will thank you – Relax, you’re on auto-pilot, for three days! Or a little longer if you’re a teacher, hallelujah! Now that summer is in full swing, we recommend sitting out on the patio, as the False Creek Waterfront Views are almost mesmerizing this time of year, especially enjoyable with a wine pairing – Ask your waiter – Il S’appelle Claude.

David Martin will be your Chef for the evening, and somebody else will play you music. Don’t worry, you’re only responsible for enjoying the Merry-Making Festivities! Thank goodness someone is thinking of you, first. Hard work pays off at the end of the work-day or week, at Ten Ten Tapas.

Look at all of the Tapas! That’s five times two equals ten – or maybe more, we can’t do math on Fridays. And no one expects you to perform math calculations whilst drinking and imbibing.

They have wine walls


To keep you in good spirits

For this rainy city of Vancouver, the Bar-ometric pressure is wonderful here - Bar-nacles welcome. You are on the Sea Wall, after all.

These Tapas are awesome, and you get three for $18, or you can order all ten for a discount. Bring friends, and order a bunch. Our waiter kept the drinks coming, and we didn’t even have to order; we suggest letting them make suggestions, so you can try new suggestions.

This is the Tapas Menu. There are only ten, so you should try different ones every time:

-Marinated Olives

-Tomaotos with Herbs

-Tiger Prawns

-Seared Tuna

-Charred Octopus

-Mushroom Toasts

-Chorizo Toasts


Nope-wait those are just the special features; Here are the Ten Ten Tapas:



-Fried Cauliflower






-Mussels (with Fries)


-Baby Back Ribs


-Chef’s Pasta


-Steak Fries – Those are strips of steak derived from Angus Striploin. You get Potatoes & Asparagus too.


-Roasted Eggplant – Vegetarians are treated well here too; they didn’t forget about you.


-Catch of the Day – That’s you, Bar-racuda!


Don’t be offended, here’s what you really look like when you drink.


They do breakfast here too, complete with Mimosas! Ask you waiter, this is a nice blend of orange juice, mixed with Champagne.

They also have live entertainment, and we got serenaded. - It’s all about you here.

And we like it because They have additional treats like this.

Whoops, not that one – Expadron. Ex-Pardon, we meant; The music is mostly Latin, and we’ve had one too many Cervezas.

They have live music on most nights, and the entertainment is modelled after the Jazz Bars in Montreal, where Derek drew the original idea for the restaurant from - What a concept!

Here’s the type of thing you have to look forward to at the end of your day. It really is a great place to flee to, when you want the perfect environment, for a well-deserved break from your every-day life in the City.


Paint Party, Por Favor?

They also have something new, which we would like to share with you – Paint Night! Developed by MAB Studios, now you can Paint, Dirnk and Be Merry – You’ll be sharing some Tapas too, but learn a new skill, and relax in an artistically rich environment, while you’re at it. This event is a singles’ night, and is being hosted in support of Cancer.

It’s Painting, with a Purpose.

On Sunday, August 27, from 5:00 – 8:30 PM, Ten Ten Tapas is hosting Paint Night with MAB Studios, in support of a family with a child in need. In order to help raise awareness, and in support of this event, Vancouver Lux & Leisure is giving away two tickets to this event, and we hope that you will invite more friends. Paio by the Sea, is the place to be, and this a very worthwhile event in Vancouver – Retweet & Follow if you agree.Vancouver Lux & Leisure

We’re doing it on purpose

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