Vancouver Fashion Week S/S18: Ona Chan Designer Jewelry Line

Vancouver Fashion Week S/S18: Ona Chan Designer Jewelry Line

Oct 11, 2017, 6:07:55 AM Viral

Vancouver Fashion Week was held during the second, last week of September - September 22 marks the official beginning of Fall, which is great timing because we love new beginnings! It also marks the beginning of a new designer to look out for in Vancouver, with a new collection of designer jewels. We spoke with designer, Ona Chan, to talk about the bright, bold colors in her collection, that match the vibrant colors of the season of change, and we found a jewel of a personality too. The full interview will be published in print - more to follow or message us for details - for now, read on to learn about the creation of unique accessories for men and women in Vancouver. 


Chan is well traveled, having lived in four, different countries, and she describes this as the inspiration behind her designs. You do get a sense of liveliness mixed with newness, that sparks curiosity about her timeless pieces, and it's hard to pick our favorite, when reflecting on everything we saw. She explains her trip to Vancouver Fashion Week as a great event for connecting with industry professionals, and in keeping with her happy feet, she recollects similar experiences at New York and London Fashion Weeks, when comparing her positive experience, here in Vancouver:


"I am impressed to see that Vancouver is developing its own identity with regards to fashion"

-Ona Chan-


Each, unique design in her luxury line is succinctly described as: a finishing touch. Styles are unique in shape and structure, while delicate in detail. We love the gold-toned earrings, that dangle alongside an elegantly polished face. Her line is classy and adventurous, not daring.Chan designs bold styles that showcase confidence. The bright colors in the line create a feel-good vibe. These are perfect for the eclectic mix of people living in Vancouver, and they are practical for everyday wear.  

Chan on the importance of creating fashion jewelry in Vancouver:

"It leaves me wistful to see people buying anything cheap.Good design doesn’t have to be expensive. I like to see quality in every design, and if the design is good, it will last."

Ok, this one might be our favorite - She has a similar piece that will quickly become known as her "signature" design. See if you can find it (Hint: It matches her logo).

The Ona Chan Collection is a unique expression of visual art. Visit her store online, and explore this creatively styled artwork. It's a joyful array of color, reflective of different places, different faces and different experiences. Create your own, personal, experience - We recommend it - The entire collection can be viewed online at:


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Ona Chan, in high demand

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