Vancouver Festivities: VanDusen Holiday Garden Festival of Lights

VanDusen Botanical Garden is a local conservatory that is known as a leader in naturalistic beauty, conservation and biodiversity in this multicultural, equally diverse city. In a flora rich environment like Vancouver, it’s easy being green! We love the holiday season because every year, around this time, the Garden is transformed into a brilliant, Festival of Lights. This  event has been appropriately described as a magical, winter wonderland.

Over 1 million lights that dance, to the sound of music, make this display a Holiday Delight.We love the festivities in our City because we get to revel in holiday splendor, with most of the festivities lasting until after the holidays; this one ends in January (January 2nd, to be exact), leaving you with a full two days, after the holiday celebrations, to visit. So, these events make really great Christmas Gifts that are sure to please anyone on your list, both young and young at heart. The lights are displayed over a lake, while their reflection, literally, dances upon water. It’s gorgeous to watch – A definite must see this holiday season. The light show paints a beautiful picture, creating a wonderful work of art, just like a painting. 

Jack Frost has met his match!

Events like this in our City help to create the ambiance of magic that Christmas brings, warming us with the cozy, sentimental feeling of the holiday spirit. The beauty of our city and all of the kind-hearted people participating, are what make Vancouver come alive. Walk around the exhibit, and see if you can pick up on all the added details. Park benches for carolers to rest on, reindeer to remind us of the natural setting of the outdoor garden, and a brilliant sleigh of lights, to pull your heart and soul, right into the Christmas Spirit.

What else can you find?

Hidden gems like this make our city one of a kind.

See what you can find in these photos.

We love the mood and feeling that the Festival of Light brings. Like no other, we feel a spiritual element in this display, in its use of light; The artwork of the Garden is a heavenly delight.

Have you ever wondered why we put up a tree at Christmas Time? Most of us just get in the holiday spirit, and go along with all of the customary traditions, caught up in the merriment of the holidays, without giving it too much thought. There’s significance in the Christmas Tree though, as it represents the coming of Christ. It also serves as a symbol of eternal life.

Ever Green

The Festival of Lights is a mindful experience to illuminate the true meaning of Christmas and the nature of our lively city. We especially like this thought provoking, patriotic display of Canadiana – A subtle reference to what it means to live here.

No matter who you are or what your beliefs, the Garden, all dressed up in Holiday Cheer, is a symbolic reminder of all that’s important, as we reflect on the 2016 year.


Ticket Time!

VanDusen Botanical Garden is open every day, until Christmas. It reopens again on the 26th, and remains until January 2. Tickets to enter the gardens are less than $20, and we think it’s an event that everyone should see.

A good idea for a holiday gift: for kids, for colleagues, for much holly-jolly…

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