Vancouver Makes the Yuletide Bright: Capilano Canyon of Lights & World's Tallest Christmas Tree

Vancouver Makes the Yuletide Bright: Capilano Canyon of Lights & World's Tallest Christmas Tree

Dec 3, 2016, 9:03:33 PM Viral

Don’t you just love the holiday season, and all of the merriment and excitement that it brings? How about all of those glorious, Christmas Lights? Have you ever thought about the meaning of a Christmas Tradition like this? Why do we love the lights so much, and why do we all participate in this, beautiful, holiday delight? - We mean, despite the obvious reasons of it being a visual gift of artwork, put together by a community.


Here’s our take on what it’s all about.

Traditionally, candles were lit, representing advent, and the light reflected the days leading up to Christmas Eve. Now, however, lights are used during our Christmas festivities, and they are also put to work to illuminate buildings (think businesses, attracting holiday shoppers). We also see them lighting up neighborhoods by nightfall. Houses lit up in holiday, love light, line the streets, getting us all in the holiday spirit. Now, we’re seeing festivals of lights, becoming more and more popular. If you are religious, holiday lights can be used to represent the coming of Christ, like the Star of David, over the manger, lighting the way, where you’ll spend Christmas Day. And if you’re like us, you can become mesmerized while taking in a night time drive, amidst the myriad of glimmering, light displays all over the City.

We love the ambiance that all of the holiday lights bring.

Another thing that we love in our City of Vancouver (or other similar cities that are built up, with skyscrapers and condominiums) is patio lights; We think everyone should get festive and decorate a veranda. Just think how beautiful our buildings could look if we all participated in this type of holiday cheer, by stringing but a strand of lights to celebrate, this time of year.

Capilano Park has taken it a step further for you, and you can walk through a gorgeous display of lights, with all of the their main themes...

Lit to the Mitts!


Venture through Tree Tops, Climb atop the Canyon, and Regale, Holiday Tales from the Rainforest. You are right here, in the heart of all the merriment, with this beautiful display, where you can become a part of the holiday creation. Walk right through the dazzling lights with a loved one, and feel as treasured as a Christmas tree ornament or radiate the warmth of the holiday spirit, like the Angel atop the trees!

We don’t know the quantity of bulbs that line the Canyon, but it’s a whole lotta lights! You can even take a gander at the World’s Largest Christmas Tree. That’s right, we have the tallest, real, Christmas Tree in THE ENTIRE WORLD, right here in Vancouver. So, there’s your excuse to go see this event, right now. How many people get to say that about their City?

Only us.

We like the vast array of color and delightfulness that an event like this brings, and our hearts are lightened with feelings of anticipation, pending Christmas Day. It’s that special feeling that only the holiday season can bring.

Canyon Lights is on from now until January 8, and this is a great pick for a Vancouver Leisure gift, this holiday season. We love it because it only costs $40 or less, per ticket, and it’s sure to please anyone on your holiday gift list. What a unique way to surprise someone with a holiday adventure to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

You can also win a pair, by retweeting this item on our holiday Gift Giving Guide. Our draws will stay up for the next few weeks, with our winners being selected just in time for Christmas, and you can enter as many draws as you like, during the Holiday Season. 

Happy Holidays,

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