Viva L’Italia! - Federico’s Supper Club

Viva L’Italia! - Federico’s Supper Club

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With a 15 year reputation for entertaining guests on The Drive, Federico’s Supper Club is a traditional place to visit, when you want a ‘famiglia’l feel, accompanied by an old school (or old country) vibe. You definitely need to save up your appetite because it’s easy to get overserved at this place - They’re a go big or go home kind of deal. Seriously, I recommend a two day fast, prior to your visit, so you have enough room for all of the ‘ciao;’ They mean Vino and Italian Food! If you like to try new things, if you like live music and dancing, and if you have an affinity for the merrymaking, head to Federico’s, and you’ll feel right at home.


Federcio’s is unique because it’s not just a bar, lounge or restaurant, it’s a Supper Club. Those were all the rage back in the 30s and 40s, so it’s pretty awesome that we have this unique locale, a modern take on it, right here in Vancouver. A Supper Club is different from what most of you Sipsters are used to because it combines drinks and food with a little bit of 

majic <--- you made a mistake, lush puppy. And magical, it is!

This place turns into somewhat of a Vegas style show-room by night, and they even have a dance floor; so, after a few drinks, get your dancing shoes out, and you too can become a part of the entertainment! Federico’s features music and entertainment five nights a week. They have a line-up of musicians throughout the night, and Federico, himself, comes on and sings for you at 9PM. It kind of feels a little like “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” – very welcoming, very chatty, very lively.

Happiness and celebration!

Those are just two of the things the Italian culture is known for. National Italian Day is on July 12, so that’s a good date to go check out Federico’s on the Drive, and another important date for this place is May 4. That’s when you will be able do some light-savoring of cocktails off their brand, spanking, new drink menu – May the 4th be with you! I can tell you right now, the wine list is so extensive, you can’t even read through the entire thing (I’m still pouring over it) – with all the entertainment that goes on here, there isn’t enough time. They also have $6 martinis, with fitting names, like the Sinatra Martini and the Federico Martini, (I think they need a Brunella – go in and you’ll see why), and beer is just $4 a glass. Oh, and cocktails! - delicious and creative. We had the virgin CosNOs because there was already enough entertainment happening, I didn’t need to get myself all up on the dance floor like an inebriated cast member of “Zumanity.”

So, there’s a sneak peek for you, Show-Boys and Girls, but you need to go in to Federico’s and experience it for yourself. You will find even more drinkalinas while you’re there, as they have options-a-plenty. With food & drinks like this, and unique people to match, it’s no wonder they have established a crowd of regulars.



Federico’s Supper Club is located at 1728 Commercial Drive, and you should go check it out, frolic-holic. Vancouver is full of unique places like this, just waiting to be found (by you, my friend). So don’t be afraid to try new things.

You’re an original, Liqour-Slicker!

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