Westin Bayshore: The Luxury & Leisure Stay

Westin Bayshore: The Luxury & Leisure Stay

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Located in the picturesque, quiet neighborhood of Coal Harbor, the Westin Bayshore is the hotel to book into, to get the best of both worlds. In the City of Vancouver, this is the best place to be. The Bayshore is located within steps of the business district, and set away from the rest of the city, on the edge of downtown Vancouver. Overlooking beautiful, harbor views, and the incredible nature that surrounds you, it’s especially peaceful, with its charming neighborhood. The area is also a very safe place to stay, especially if you are walking.

When you check in to the Bayshore, ask for a Harbor View Room Secret Code: “HARBOURM.” Your eyes and mind will thank you; The city views are almost mesmerizing, and you can get caught up in gazing out over the waterfront for hours. This is what Vancouver is all about - Beautiful nature in an urban environment, and it’s one of the few cities that offer this together, without having to travel to find it. As we like to say, The West Coast is the Best Coast!

Even better, it’s a close as you can be in the city to the Lion’s Gate Bridge, which takes you over the Burrard Inlet, to the North side of the City – another dazzling view, and a calm drive, with more impressive, natural views, on the other side of the bridge (e.g. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park). If you venture North from here, we highly recommend taking in some of the hiking trails, if you’re into the leisure in this city. Here’s a sneak peek at what we mean by this.

What’s unique about this hotel is that it comes Kid Approved. We don’t really point to these features in our articles; however, this one is definitely worth mentioning because it’s cute and unique! Anyone who goes above and beyond like this to accommodate families, gets our approval, and we like to share perks like these with our readers.

For those of you with children, Westin Bayshore, lets kids join you at dinner for free, and you can treat them to a “grown up” stay – adjoining rooms are available for 25% off, the cost of the second room at the time of booking. They will enjoy the harbor views, with the vast array of Sailboats, right outside their window.

For you, there are plenty of options for stays, and we love the luxury suites that you will find at the Westin Bayshore, complete with breathtaking views of the city. If you stay anywhere, downtown, water views are best, and they can’t be beat. Rooms at the Westin Bayshore start at approximately $400 per night, beginning with traditional rooms, with a variety of choices in between, and ending with the most luxurious, penthouse suite, with wrap-around balcony and harbor views (See International Suite).


Harbor View Room

Our advice – Always book the harbor view room, if you are just booking in for a basic stay (i.e. Sans Suite). You will be treated to a beautiful upgrade, and get spoiled with the best views of the city, from your juliette balcony, which is better than just a window view. Views like these can make you feel like you’re out on the water; it a glorious, optical illusion.


Special Features

-Views over Coal Harbor

-Mini Bar

-Office Desk

-Chaise Lounger

-In Room Bath Robes

-Complimentary White Tea

Lavamenities include Aloe Vera infused products, especially soothing if you are spending your days out in the Vancouver Sun.

Lanai Suite

Lanai is a fancy word for veranda – a fancy word for balcony. It’s also the name of an Island off of Maui, and Maui is an Island off of Hawaii. What do Vancouver and Hawaii have in common? - They are both located on the Pacific Ocean. And when you stay in the Lanai Suite, you are treated to panoramic views of Coal Harbor, which is the next best thing to being out on the Pacific Ocean (the larger body of water where the harbor, ultimately, flows from). Lanai is known for its hospitality, and so is the Westin Bayshore, and you are known for your recent trivia quirks - Treat yourself to the corner suite, with the beautiful views.


Special Features

Features include everything listed above, with a few, extra, special, finishing touches

-Panoramic Harbor Views

-Modern décor with Living Room

-Floor to Ceiling Windows


International Suite

Everything is included here too, plus a few extra enhancements.

International Suites host international guests, and the like, for example your friend Lanai from Lanai, Hawaii. This is the Penthouse Suite, with a spacious layout, spanned over 4000 square feet. Take in the breathtaking views, from the top floor of the Westin Bayshore, overlooking Coal Harbor, from your wrap-around balcony – A nice place for drinks during summer nights, just far enough away from the City.


Special Features

-Master Bedroom with Closet and In-Suite Sitting area

-Family Room

Rooms offer luxury to guests, while the environment, situated right in the heart of all of the nature of the city, offers lovely views and exciting opportunities for leisure. The Westin Bayshore meets both of our requirements for luxury and leisure, and that’s why it’s one of the best choices for stays in downtown Vancouver. The Bayshore property owns a private dock, and guests can book in for harbor charters via yacht, or spend dinner out on the water, while cruising through the naturalistic setting of the area.

The Westin Bayshore hotel is located at:

1601 Bayshore Drive

Vancouver, BC

V6G 2V4


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Our first choice for stays downtown

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