Win Free Christmas Gifts: Hurricane Irma Fundraiser

Win Free Christmas Gifts: Hurricane Irma Fundraiser

Dec 3, 2017, 10:50:45 PM Viral

On September 13, 2017,  Hurricane Irma swept through the beautiful Island of Anguilla, affecting everything in its path. Irma, a Cape Verde Hurricane, is the most powerful and disastrous storm type, causing catastrophe to the Island, formerly known as "Paradise" - A category 5 Hurricane - We haven't seen one like this since Hurricane Wilma, in 2005.

Vancouver Lux & Leisure is a resource for finding all of the hotspots in a City - a place for ideas and storeis about everything that's IN. Giving back this holiday season is IN - in our, humble opinion. We find great places to travel to, and great Perks from within your city, to encourage people to explore more, and we have a Holiday Luxe List, with Gift Guide Giveaways, twice per year (Christmas Holiday and Christmas in July). This year, we are doing something different - Remembering those in need.

As tourism is the main source of support for this region, we are using our campaign for furthering what's good and furhtering our giving. A portion of this event is being used to benefit the Island of Anguilla. It is estimated that it will take one to two years to restore it to its original state. They call this: "Paradise on hold."

For our campaign, money is being put back into resorts in Anguilla, to assist with damages and repairs, and encourage giving (from our followers) this holiday season. In 2018, we hope to encourage people to visit the Island, and continue giving - Explore the Island, and support local business. This creates more revunue for Islanders and you can also embark on charitable efforts, to help, while you are there. Be Creative; we are the inspiration.

For every $10 donated, you will receive an entry into our giveaways, and be elligible to win all of our prizes. Then, go to our page, and retweet our giveaways; Prizes will be revealed, one prize at a time. This event will end, one week, follwoing Christmas, and everyone who donates is entered into the draws. The more participation we have, the more we add to this event.

We have a modest goal:
$1 TIPPING POINT GOAL - We don't know where this campaign will lead us, and no Gift is too small. We want everyone to be able to partake in this Event, and we also have great giveaways on our page, so you can win by giving (there are both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards).  Anguilla is a small Island, with a major disaster. As well, their population is only approximately 15 000, which means that our contribution will make a huge difference. You can contribute however you like, and we will accept any denomination - $10 is recommended, however, so you can take part in the giveaways.

Please visit our Contributers' Page.

The first ten people to contribute $25 min. get a Free Gift!

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Holidays Heal - Give the Gift of Giving,

Vancouver Lux & Leisure

NB: Holidays Heal is an original campaign, created by Vancouver Lux & Leisure, and this idea cannot be replicated.

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